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American English: /drɪŋk/
British English: /drɪŋk/

Translation of drink in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (any liquid) food and drink
    comida y bebida
    Example sentences
    • Visitors will also be able to relax with a refreshing drink and snack in the dining room.
    • It is important to avoid constantly snacking on sugary foods or sipping fizzy drinks.
    • However, if you enjoy the taste of herbs as a garnish to your food, why not enjoy their refreshing and health-giving properties in refreshing summer drinks.
    Example sentences
    • She took a long drink of water, swallowing it slowly as she looked around the courtyard.
    • Cliff nodded, washing down his mouthful with a drink of pale liquid that smelled heavily of mangos.
    • She was distressed and had to be given several drinks of water.
    1.2 (alcohol) to drive somebody/to take to drink
    llevar a alguien/darse a la bebida
    it's enough to drive you to drink! [humorous]
    ¡te saca de quicio!
    to be the worse for drink
    estar bebido
    (before noun) he has a drink problem (British English)
    bebe demasiado
    Example sentences
    • He told the meeting that there would be no consumption of drink at the museum.
    • Like many successful Irish events, Dublin football games are bound up with the vast consumption of drink.
    • He describes the extravagant body language, the noise, the excessive consumption of food and drink.
  • 2 countable 2.1 (amount drunk, served, sold) See examples: have a drink of water/milk
    bebe or (especially Latin America) toma un poco de agua/leche
    I'm thirsty, may I have a drink?
    tengo sed ¿me das algo de beber or (especially Latin America) para tomar?
    would you like a hot drink?
    ¿quieres beber or (especially Latin America) tomar algo caliente?
    cold drinks
    bebidas frescas
    (before noun) drinks dispenser o machine
    máquina (feminine) de bebidas
    2.2 (alcoholic) to have a drink
    tomar una copa
    the drinks are on me!
    ¡yo invito!
    to go for a drink
    salir a tomar una copa
    salir a tomar algo
    we're invited for drinks
    nos han invitado a tomar algo or a tomar unas copas
    (before noun) drinks cabinet
    mueble-bar (masculine)
    drinks party
    Example sentences
    • The bartender poured a drink into a shot glass, and gave it to him.
    • There are a number of young people who think that if they drink out of a bottle rather than a glass, their drink will not be spiked.
    • Smith, the mother of a young son, had been persuaded to go for a drink and thought a glass of wine would leave her system in an hour.
  • 3 [slang] (sea) See examples:the drink
    el agua
    el or la mar
    Example sentences
    • She was known as a ‘forgiving’ boat, allowing her crew to make mistakes without tossing them into the drink.
    • When I stepped off my boat I found that after weeks at sea I could hardly stand - as soon as I stepped onto the jetty I almost fell straight backwards into the drink again.
    • Me and Keith got caught by an alarmingly large gust of wind and ended up in the drink.

transitive verb past tense drank past participle drunk

  • give me something to drink
    dame algo de beber or (especially Latin America) para tomar
    they drank the bar dry
    se lo bebieron or (especially Latin America) tomaron todo
    I'll drink your good health
    ¡a tu salud!
    to drink a toast to somebody
    brindar por alguien
    Example sentences
    • I can distinctly remember wondering how anyone could bring themselves to drink this disgusting liquid.
    • He nodded wordlessly and then thirstily drank the water she offered.
    • He added that his greatest concern was about how they would be able to persuade Johnny to drink liquids after his procedure.

reflexive verb past tense drank past participle drunk

  • to drink oneself stupid
    ponerse como una cuba
    he drank himself to death
    lo mató la bebida

intransitive verb past tense drank past participle drunk

  • 2 2.1 (consume alcohol) I don't drink
    no bebo
    no tomo (alcohol) (Latin America)
    don't drink and drive
    si tomas, no manejes (Latin America)
    si bebes, no conduzcas (Spain)
    drinking and driving (British English) drunk driving
    2.2 (toast) See examples:to drink to somebody
    brindar por alguien
    let us drink to our hostess
    brindemos por nuestra anfitriona
    they drank to his health
    brindaron por su salud
    bebieron a su salud
    I'll drink to that!
    ¡brindo por que así sea!
    Example sentences
    • We can save a small fortune by simply dropping bad habits like smoking, drinking and gambling.
    • It plans to target a core group of 15 homeless people with chronic alcohol problems who drink on the city's streets.
    • Ryan said he spent much of the time drinking and had consumed eight or nine pints and a number of shorts.

Phrasal verbs

drink in

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
plants drink in water through their roots
las plantas absorben el agua a través de sus raíces
she drank in every word he said
estaba pendiente de cada una de sus palabras
we drank in the fresh air
respiramos el aire puro
I drank in the beauty of the scenery
me empapé de la belleza del paisaje

drink up

1verb + adverb
bebérselo or (especially Latin America) tomárselo todo
terminar su ( or mi etc) copa ( or leche etc)
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
tomarse (especially Latin America)

Definition of drink in:

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