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American English: /ˈərli/
British English: /ˈəːli/

Translation of early in Spanish:

adjective -lier, -liest

  • 1 (before expected time) See examples: her early arrival took us by surprise
    su llegada anticipada or antes de tiempo nos tomó por sorpresa
    I was early
    llegué temprano
    we were 20 minutes early
    llegamos con 20 minutos de adelanto
    the baby was a week early
    el niño se adelantó una semana
    the bus was early
    el autobús pasó ( or salió etc) antes de la hora
    your report is early for once
    por una vez entregas el informe antes de tiempo
    I was early getting to work this morning
    esta mañana llegué al trabajo antes de la hora
    to be early for somethinghe was early for his appointment
    llegó a la cita antes de la hora
  • 2 2.1 2.2 (before normal time) See examples: I had an early breakfast
    desayuné temprano or (in Spain also) pronto
    let's have an early night
    acostémonos temprano
    Easter is early this year
    (la) Pascua cae temprano este año
    it sent him to an early grave
    lo mató antes de tiempo
    an early death
    una muerte temprana or prematura
    2.3 (first, far back in time) See examples: she was an early advocate of the free market
    fue una pionera en la defensa del mercado libre
    early reports from the area
    los primeros informes de la zona
    his earliest memories
    sus primeros recuerdos
    the earliest train we can catch
    el primer tren que podemos tomar
    at an early stage
    en una etapa temprana
    if detected in the early stages
    si se detecta en sus comienzos
    at an earlier stage
    en una etapa anterior
    it's too early to tell
    es demasiado pronto para saber
    Example sentences
    • This early sequence, without a trace of dignity or sensitivity, sets the tone for the entire film.
    • The early chapters are strong on narrative and pace but the ending sort of fades.
    • A penniless writer used to sit here all day, writing the early draft chapters of her now famous novel.
    2.4 (in morning) See examples: we're early risers
    somos madrugadores
    you won't find anyone up at this early hour
    no vas a encontrar a nadie levantado tan temprano or a estas horas
    in the early hours of the morning
    en las primeras horas de la mañana
    de madrugada
    to get o (in British English also) make an early start
    salir temprano
    I went for an early swim
    me fui a nadar temprano
    I asked for an early morning call
    pedí que me despertaran por la mañana temprano
    Example sentences
    • Twenty-five pensioners enjoyed a free lunch as an early Christmas present from their local pub.
    • Just to really stoke things up, we arrived at Lyneham to find that we'd been booked an early lunch in the canteen.
    • Monday was an early lunch of homemade mince pie, chips and veg at Via Veneto.
    2.5 (toward beginning of period) (before noun) in the early afternoon
    a primeras horas de la tarde
    in early June
    a principios or a comienzos de junio
    the early 20th century
    los comienzos del siglo XX
    the Early Middle Ages
    la Alta Edad Media
    the early Church in early childhood
    en la primera infancia
    he spent his early life in India
    pasó sus primeros años en la India
    from an early age he was in his early twenties
    tenía poco más de veinte años
    an early goal
    un gol temprano or (Mexico) tempranero
    an early Picasso
    un Picasso de la primera época
    Early American style (Architecture)
    estilo (masculine) colonial americano
    Example sentences
    • It was early morning and he had been parking his van near a site where he was working as a labourer, when he and a co-worker saw the fire.
    • It was early in the morning and the sun was just beginning to show its lovely face from the horizon.
    • The early goal in that second period helped lift us, gave us something to hold on to, and from then on we played well.
    Example sentences
    • The Islamic expansion of the early medieval period was not waged for glory, or any of the other factors I listed at the top of this op.
    • As we get into the post-Roman / early medieval period we have a series of bows from Denmark and Germany.
    • During the early post-war period, however, there was a marked turn towards a more analytical style.
    Example sentences
    • However, for early crops in the south of the country, disease outbreak can be much earlier.
    • Two types of monad pollen are present in early orchids, namely that with pollenkitt and that with elastoviscin.
    • Many of the early maturing varieties are best when ripened under relatively cool conditions.
  • 3 (in near future) we should appreciate an early reply
    agradeceríamos una pronta respuesta
    an earlier date would be preferable
    una fecha más cercana sería preferible
    at the earliest possible moment
    lo antes or lo más pronto posible
    at your earliest convenience (in letters)
    a la brevedad [formal]

adverb -lier, -liest

  • 1 (before expected time) come early if you want to get a seat
    ven temprano si quieres conseguir asiento
    the baby arrived two weeks early
    el niño se adelantó dos semanas
    she was released earlier than expected
    la pusieron en libertad antes de lo esperado
  • 2 2.1 (before usual time) we had dinner early
    cenamos temprano or (in Spain also) pronto
    2.2 (in morning) I get up early every morning
    me levanto temprano or (in Spain also) pronto todas las mañanas
    Example sentences
    • In Beijing the announcement was put out early on the morning of the 30th.
    • The Israel Defence Force (IDF) said it had been responding to rocket fire early yesterday.
    • Although not a morning person whatsoever Ari forced herself out of bed early every morning so she could start to get ready.
    2.3 (toward beginning of period) See examples: early in the morning
    por la mañana temprano
    early in the afternoon/evening
    por la tarde/noche temprano
    early in the week/year
    a principios de semana/año
    early one Tuesday evening
    un martes a primeras horas de la noche
    early (on) in her career
    al principio de su carrera
    earlier that night
    antes or más temprano esa misma noche
    book early
    haga su reserva cuanto antes
    2.4 (long ago) See examples: it was known as early as 200 BC
    ya se sabía en el año 200 A.C.
  • 3 (soon) as early as possible we can't come earlier than Friday
    no podemos venir antes del viernes
    they won't be here till nine at the earliest
    por temprano que lleguen no estarán aquí antes de las nueve
    when is the earliest you can start?
    ¿cuál es la primera fecha en la que podría empezar?
    Example sentences
    • People are advised to book tickets early as it is expected that the show will sell out very quickly.
    • Today I left work early to watch them play their deadly rivals St Hugo's at home and caught the second half.
    • Today we woke up early and decided to see as much of the city as we could on foot.

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