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Pronunciation: /ˈiːzəli; ˈiːzɪli/


  • 1 1.1 (without difficulty) fácilmente, con facilidad they won easily ganaron fácilmente or con facilidad or [familiar/colloquial] fácil it's easily done es fácil que suceda eso the campsite is easily accessible el camping es de fácil acceso he's easily persuaded/fooled es fácil de convencer/engañar it's easily obtainable se consigue sin problemas driving didn't come easily to me aprender a manejar or (Esp) conducir no me fue or no me resultó fácil languages come easily to him tiene facilidad para los idiomas 1.2 (readily) [break/stain/cry] con facilidad you gave up much too easily te diste por vencido demasiado pronto
    More example sentences
    • I'm just one of that new brand of consumer - the one with a very short attention span, who bores quickly and easily.
    • Fibreglass was commonly used in public sculptures some years ago but it was found to break easily and colours faded quickly on it.
    • I blush very, very, very easily, frequently for literally no reason.
    1.3 [move/speak] con soltura
    More example sentences
    • This keeps this information together and easily accessible with minimal effort and time.
    • She said these areas if developed and easily accessible would surpass in its attraction any known tourist spot in the state.
    • The disused railway line makes the bog and surrounding areas easily accessible from both ends.
  • 2 2.1 (by far) con mucho, fácil [familiar/colloquial], (de) lejos (AmL) [familiar/colloquial] he's easily the best es fácil or con mucho or (AmL) (de) lejos el mejor there's easily enough for everybody hay de sobra para todos easily our worst year since 1976 con mucho nuestro peor año desde 1976 2.2 (at least) por lo menos, fácil [familiar/colloquial], tranquilo (Méx) [familiar/colloquial] it must have cost easily $100 debe de haber costado por lo menos $100
    More example sentences
    • The number of busts for hard drugs within the British army has doubled in two years and now easily exceeds positive tests for cannabis.
    • In modern politics style is substance, manner is meaning, and a look is easily worth a thousand words.
    • What happened there last week was easily the gravest event since the group's attack in New York.
    More example sentences
    • These were several sentences providing significant insight into future events that could easily have been missed.
    • Events could easily overtake the proposed policies displayed in its pages.
    • Apparently, signals can easily crisscross and become confused.
  • 3 (very conceivably) perfectamente, fácilmente it could easily have been me podría haber sido yo perfectamente or fácilmente

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