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American English: /ˈizi/
British English: /ˈiːzi/

Translation of easy in Spanish:

adjective easier, easiest

  • 1 1.1 (not difficult)
    it's an easy problem to solve
    es un problema fácil de resolver
    it's as easy as ABC
    es facilísimo or es un juego de niños
    it's within easy reach of Washington
    está muy cerca de Washington
    to take the easy way out
    optar por el camino fácil
    you aren't making this very easy for me
    no me lo estás poniendo muy fácil
    no me estás facilitando las cosas
    that's easy for you to say
    se dice muy fácil
    es fácil hablar
    I'm easy to please
    soy fácil de contentar
    she's easy to get along with
    es de trato fácil
    es fácil llevarse bien con ella
    Spanish made easy
    Español sin esfuerzo
    Example sentences
    • It will not be easy for Lin to achieve his aim, but setbacks just seem to spur him on.
    • Reivin was dodging using very little effort, as if this was all far too easy for him.
    • He said it was easy for politicians to make spending promises but more difficult to find the money.
    he was easy game or (British) meat for a woman like her
    era fácil presa para una mujer como ella
    Example sentences
    • So often the local authorities are an easy target for criticism, sometimes unfair and unjustified.
    • They concluded that the generators would be an easy target for a terrorist attack of enormous consequence.
    • Being slow does make them easy targets and one RAAF aircraft has come under attack in Baghdad.
    1.3 (by a large margin) she was an easy winner
    ganó sin problemas
  • 2 2.1 (undemanding) at an easy pace
    sin prisas or con tranquilidad
    easy terms (Business) to be easy on the eye/ear
    ser agradable a la vista/al oído
    our prices are easy on your pocket
    nuestros precios le van bien a su bolsillo
    Example sentences
    • Bristol is an easy weekend trip from Scotland, and city-centre hotels at the right price do not come much better than this one.
    • It won't be an easy summer for Ridsdale, but unlike the next manager, he can be sure he'll be there this time next year.
    • Now that competition has been introduced into the tertiary system, the easy days are over.
    2.2 (not painful)my throat feels much easier now
    me duele mucho menos la garganta ahora
    my conscience is easy
    2.3 (unconstrained)
    no forzado
    they chatted with easy familiarity
    charlaron con espontaneidad
    we were on easy terms with them
    estábamos en confianza con ellos
    Example sentences
    • He is so easy with it that like a general who has always won battles, he has won loud applause from the audience after each show.
    • There are kids riding horses and dogs chasing sticks yet we're all easy like Sunday morning.
    • I'm easy, either way, just so long as we don't have to go back and live in Wales again.
  • 3 3.1 (lenient) (boss/marker)
    poco exigente
    poco severo
    barco (Mexico) [colloquial]
    to be easy on somebody
    ser poco exigente or severo con alguien
    ser indulgente con alguien
    3.2 (sexually available) [slang] she's easy
    es una chica fácil
    a woman of easy virtue
    una mujer de vida airada [formal]
    una mujer ligera de cascos
    Example sentences
    • They thought she was easy, that they could buy her a drink and then get into her pants at the end of the night.
    • Yet she wasn't easy like some of the girls hanging out around Soho at that time.
    • Nobody is going to think you're easy, in fact they will probably think you are sensible and cautious.
    3.3 (without strong opinion) (esp British) [colloquial] (predicative) I'm easy
    me da igual or lo mismo
  • 4 (Finance)copper prices are easier today
    hoy han cedido ligeramente los precios del cobre


  • 1 (without difficulty)languages come easy to him such skill doesn't come easy
    esa habilidad no se adquiere fácilmente
    esa habilidad no se adquiere así nomás (Latin America)
    easy come, easy go
    así como viene se va
  • 2 2.1 (slowly, calmly)
    con calma
    easy now, don't rush it
    despacito or con calma or tranquilo, no te apresures
    easy does it
    despacito (y buena letra)
    con calma y nos amanecemos (Mexico)
    to take it/things easy
    tomárselo/tomarse las cosas con calma
    take it easy! there's no need to get upset
    ¡cálmate! no es para ponerse así
    Example sentences
    • It was the first time she ever gave me a real compliment, and I was surprised how easy it came to her lips.
    • We were playing basketball just dribbling it easy along the graffiti lot.
    • He found the looking glass easy enough, though why it was intact he couldn't say.
    2.2 (sparingly)go easy on or with the sugar, we don't have much left
    no te pases con el azúcar, que queda poco [colloquial]
    llévatela suave con el azúcar, que queda poco (Mexico) [colloquial]
    go easy on the eye shadow
    que no se te vaya la mano con la sombra de ojos
    2.3 (leniently) go easy on him, he didn't mean to do it
    no seas muy duro con él, no lo hizo a propósito
  • 3 (British) (Military)stand easy!
    ¡en descanso!
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