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American English: /ˈɛləmənt/
British English: /ˈɛlɪm(ə)nt/

Translation of element in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (component part) it may be an element in her decision
    puede que haya sido un elemento or factor que influyera en su decisión
    the element of surprise
    el factor sorpresa
    Example sentences
    • All the elements of a good dark comedy are here: a murder, a dysfunctional family, someone in a clown suit and so on - but they should be tweaked further.
    • There are all the elements of dance and theatre combined with the visceral thrill of watching metal meet metal again and again until, finally, metal meets actor.
    • But it was also the subject of prosecutions under orthodox 19th century criminal law, all the elements of which survive.
    1.2 (small amount) an element of chance/doubt/sarcasm
    algo de suerte/duda/sarcasmo
    there's an element of truth in what he says
    hay algo de verdad en lo que dice
    1.3 (distinct group of people) lawless/extremist elements in society
    elementos (masculine plural) rebeldes/extremistas de la sociedad
    Example sentences
    • There has even been speculation that some rogue elements within the British Army tried to sabotage Stevens' light aircraft last year.
    • I don't rule out that some rogue elements within, say, one unit might misbehave, but that does not make it at all a policy.
    • Muslim leaders in Britain agree that there are extremist elements within their communities but they disagree on how to tackle them.
    also: elements plural
    (rudiments) the basic elements of self-defense
    los principios elementales de la defensa personal
    we have the elements of an agreement/a solution
    tenemos las bases de un acuerdo/una solución
  • 2 2.1 (Chemistry)
    Example sentences
    • He called atoms of the second group isotopes, atoms of the same element with different atomic weights.
    • Early in 1999 synthesis of the element with atomic number 114 was reported.
    • He postulated that all the atoms of the same element have the same atomic mass, while the atoms of a different element have a different atomic mass.
    2.2 (earth, air, fire, water) the four elements
    los cuatro elementos
    Example sentences
    • It was a story he recognised could only be told in terms of the four fundamental elements: earth, air, fire, water.
    • She controlled the four master elements: Fire, Water, Earth and Air.
    • I believe that there are four elements: earth, fire, water, and air.
  • 3
    also: elements plural
    (weather) [literary]the elements to brave the elements
    enfrentarse a (la furia de) los elementos
    Example sentences
    • In the first part of the second half both sides had to defy the elements of wind and rain storms.
    • Life is still much the same: a constant battle against the elements, as wind and sleeting rain batter the coal-mining land to black slush and mud.
    • Palmer and his associates struggle through the elements wrapped in heavy furs, their breath freezing in the air.
  • 4 (preferred environment) politics/the outdoors is her natural element
    la política/la vida al aire libre es lo suyo or es su elemento
    to be in one's element
    estar en su ( or mi etc. ) elemento
    estar como pez en el agua
    Example sentences
    • Larkham was in his element in his country's victory over Romania as he constantly probed for breaks against a brittle defence.
    • I do believe he was in his element last night as a country singer, but his performance just really annoyed me.
    • He used to sit in the pub in Greek Street, next to our office, surrounded by admirers, and he was in his element.
  • 6
    also: elements plural
    (Religion)the elements
    las especies eucarísticas or sacramentales
    Example sentences
    • Both the consecrated elements and the church simply are the body of Christ.
    • The non-divine, but human-made Eucharistic elements of bread and wine can affect only the material body.
    • It is a sacred meal in which the minister consecrates the elements by asking God to set them apart from their normal and common uses.
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