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Pronunciation: /ɪmˈplɔɪmənt/


  • 1 u 1.1 (work) trabajo (m) he is not in regular employment no tiene (un) trabajo fijo to seek employment buscar* empleo or trabajo when would you be available to take up employment? (esp BrE) [formal] ¿cuándo podría empezar a trabajar? the conditions/place of employment las condiciones/el lugar de trabajo (before n) employment agency agencia (f) de trabajo or colocación 1.2 (availability of work) empleo (m) full employment pleno empleo (m) the Department of Employment (in (UK) ) el Ministerio/la Secretaría de Trabajo (before n) [legislation] laboral employment opportunities oportunidades (fpl) de empleo employment statistics estadísticas (fpl) del desempleo
    More example sentences
    • But does this responsibility not also extend to parents in paid employment?
    • But why do we think it beyond the capabilities of students to take on paid employment while studying?
    • The number of people in paid employment has more or less doubled since 1990.
    1.3 (hiring, taking on) contratación (f)
    More example sentences
    • We recommend also that the members resolve to consider the employment of a full-time solicitor.
    • Interviews must be conducted with care and an understanding of employment discrimination laws.
    • There was also a positive change in employment of young people below 30 registered over the month.
  • 2 u (use) utilización (f), empleo (m)
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    • Not only does fortification preserves their combat potential but also improves combat employment of weapons and equipment.
    • World War II offers ample material for a study of the combat employment of mountain troops.
    • Understanding these benefits and limitations is critical to the proper employment of space forces.
  • 3 c (pastime) [formal] pasatiempo (m)
    More example sentences
    • Psychological tests, widely used in a variety of sensitive employments, would be deemed forbidden by the Constitution if a judge thought them ‘unreasonable.’
    • This means trading and professional income together with income from non-pensionable employments.
    • After running for state legislature and losing, he took up a variety of employments, from blacksmith to shop keeper.

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