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American English: /feɪs/
British English: /feɪs/

Translation of face in Spanish:


  • 1 countable 1.1 (of person, animal) his face was badly scarred
    tenía la cara llena de cicatrices
    she has a thin/oval face
    tiene la or una cara delgada/ovalada
    her whole face lit up
    se le iluminó la cara or el rostro or el semblante
    if your face doesn't fit …
    si no le/les caes bien …
    face down(ward)/up(ward)
    boca abajo/arriba
    I'm not just a pretty face, you know!
    no te creas que soy tan tonta
    there were a few red faces about it
    más de uno se puso colorado por eso
    a más de uno se le cayó la cara de vergüenza por eso
    I must put my face on or do my face [humorous]
    tengo que maquillarme or pintarme
    she put on a brave face for the funeral
    se mantuvo compuesta para el funeral
    to feed or stuff one's face [colloquial]
    atiborrarse de comida
    to slap somebody in the face
    darle una bofetada a alguien
    darle una cachetada a alguien (Latin America)
    cruzarle la cara a alguien
    in the face of somethingin the face of stiff opposition
    en medio de or ante una fuerte oposición
    it's hard to maintain standards in the face of rising costs
    es difícil mantener los niveles de calidad con los costos en aumento
    to blow up in somebody's face
    salir mal
    to fall flat on one's face
    caerse de bruces
    (blunder) darse de narices
    to fly in the face of something to laugh on the other side of one's faceyou'll laugh on the other side of your face when you're fired!
    ¡se te van a acabar las ganas de reír(te) cuando te despidan!
    to somebody's face
    a or en la cara
    I told him to his face
    se lo dije a or en la cara
    to set one's face against somebody/something
    oponerse decididamente a alguien/algo
    to show one's face she never showed her face all evening
    no le vimos el pelo or no apareció en toda la noche
    he'll never dare show his face here again
    no va a atreverse a aparecer por aquí
    to stare somebody in the facethe book/solution was staring me in the face
    tenía el libro/la solución delante de las narices
    ruin was staring him in the face
    estaba a un paso de la ruina
    to talk/argue/shout until one/somebody is blue in the face
    hablar/discutir/gritar hasta cansarse
    Example sentences
    • My voice broke and the tears fell down my face as I wrapped my arms around his solid torso.
    • It would be interesting to know is whether people with symmetrical faces have longer life expectancies.
    • In his dream he looked upon the moon and saw the face of the goddess looking down upon her people.
    1.2 (person) a new face
    una cara nueva
    always the same (old) faces!
    ¡siempre las mismas caras (conocidas)!
    a familiar face
    una cara conocida
    I'd know that face anywhere!
    esa cara la reconocería en cualquier sitio
    I know that face from somewhere
    me parece cara conocida
    I never forget a face
    no se me borra una cara
    nunca olvido una cara
    1.3 (expression) you should have seen her face
    tendrías que haber visto la cara que puso
    a face as long as a fiddle
    cara larga
    he had a face as long as a fiddle
    andaba con cara larga
    to have a face like a funeral
    tener cara de entierro or de velorio
    to keep a straight faceI could hardly keep a straight face
    casi no podía aguantarme (de) la risa
    to make or (British also) pull a face
    poner mala cara
    the children were making faces at each other
    los niños se hacían muecas
    she pulled a long face to put a brave or bold face on somethingshe put a brave or bold face on it
    (le) puso al mal tiempo buena cara
    to put the best face on somethingthey decided to put the best face on her misdemeanors
    le restaron importancia a su mal comportamiento
    Example sentences
    • I watched some pretty serious faces as shooters battled it out for 15th or 20th place in a category.
    • I looked around the room, watching the girls' faces change from looks of accusation to pity and understanding.
    • I joked, watching as their faces twist with frustration, annoyed that I was avoiding the subject.
  • 2 2.1 (appearance, nature) (no plural) the changing face of America/society
    la cambiante fisonomía de América/la sociedad
    on the face of it
    Example sentences
    • Here was a problem that amounted to rather more than an unsightly flaw on the face of the splendid facade of classical physics.
    • These mountain are most assuredly another of the distinctive four faces of Algeria.
    • Although alcoholism remains the number one dependency problem among judges and lawyers, the face of addiction continues to change.
    2.2 countable (aspect) the many faces of industry
    las muchas caras de la industria
    socialism with a human face
    socialismo de rostro humano
    2.3 uncountable (dignity) to lose face
    quedar mal
    to save face loss of face
    2.4 uncountable (insolence) [dated]to have the face to + infinitive
    tener la desfachatez de + infinitive
  • 3 countable (in geometry)
    Example sentences
    • To solve the problem, Vinson opted to use polyhedra that have more vertices than faces.
    • The faces of the polyhedron appear to consist of two equilateral triangles and six somewhat irregular pentagons.
    • This time, it had the shape of a trapezoid on four faces, making it look like a thimble with four right angles.
  • 4 countable 4.1 (of coin, medal)
    Example sentences
    • But high returns and high risk are two faces of the same coin.
    • He drew a quick rendition of the two faces of the coin the Lujar had shown him.
    • The poet's eye can see the two faces of the coin simultaneously.
    4.2 (of clock, watch)
    Example sentences
    • And I love how one of the clock faces of the Fendi Secret Dual Time watch is always very subtly covered.
    • Watch faces, found at flea markets and removed from their bands, are arranged precisely on a tray.
    • Here, traditional analogue clocks with crisp modern faces sit within achingly fashionable hoods.
    4.3 (of building)
    Example sentences
    • The glazed faces of the building terminate campus circulation routes.
    • The four distinct faces of the building force a process of scanning and mental reassembly at the scale of the whole wall.
    • The windows on these faces look into narrow protected alleys or the small courtyard between the houses.
  • 5 countable 5.1 (of mountainside, cliff)
    Example sentences
    • These have produced scarps with vertical cliff faces up to 800 meters high.
    • Springs can occur in uplands if zones of perched water extend laterally to cliff faces or other steep slopes.
    • Such people were the first to leave the cave and see what was on the other side of the cliff face.
  • 6 (surface) the face of the moon
    la cara de la luna
    to disappear off the face of the earth
    desaparecer de la faz de la tierra

transitive verb

  • 1 (be opposite) she turned to face him/the wall
    se volvió hacia él/la pared
    he was sitting facing the wall
    estaba sentado en frente de la pared
    the children lined up facing each other
    los niños formaron dos filas frente a frente
    the illustration facing page nine
    la ilustración que está frente a la página nueve
    this wall faces the square
    esta pared da a la plaza
    the hotel faces the sea
    Example sentences
    • But if the same side of the Moon always faces Earth, there should be no lunar tides.
    • On the bungalow the porch faces the ocean.
    • Frankie sat facing the door that opened onto the back porch.
  • 2 (confront)
    enfrentarse a
    the two teams will face each other in June
    los dos equipos se enfrentarán en junio
    I don't know how I'll face him when he finds out
    no sé cómo le podré dar la cara cuando se entere
    to be faced with something
    estar or verse frente a or ante algo
    we are faced with a serious problem
    estamos or nos vemos frente a or ante un grave problema
    se nos plantea un grave problema
    let's face it, we have no alternative
    seamos realistas, no nos queda otra alternativa
    they're right, let's face it
    tienen razón, hay que reconocerlo
    Example sentences
    • I am delighted that Scotland on Sunday is forcing society to face up to the crisis in our schools.
    • We must not be afraid to face up to and express the cause and nature of those fears.
    • It has been an ordeal, but sometimes, we just have to face up to things, ya know?
  • 3 3.1 (be presented with)
    enfrentarse or hacer frente a
    I face that problem every day
    todos los días me encuentro con or me enfrento a un problema así
    we face heavy increases next year
    el año que viene tendremos que hacer frente a fuertes gastos
    Example sentences
    • Hence, humanity is faced with a different warfare that of spiritual and moral warfare.
    • That's the bottom line city councillors were faced with this week as they continued along the 2004 budget path.
    • In the past, novice readers who hoped to understand a classic text were faced with having to negotiate layers of annotation.
    3.2 (contemplate willingly) I can't face going through all that again
    no podría volver a pasar por todo eso
    I don't think I could face another bowl of rice
    creo que si me dan otro plato de arroz me muero
    he couldn't face a future without her
    no se sentía capaz de enfrentar el futuro sin ella
    3.3 (lie ahead of) several problems face us
    se nos presentan or se nos plantean varios problemas
    defeat faces us unless we act at once
    si no actuamos inmediatamente nos espera la derrota
  • 4 4.1 (Building)
    the front of the house is faced in/with stone
    el frente de la casa está recubierto de piedra
    Example sentences
    • Dining room and kitchen cabinets and drawers are faced with predominantly gray and blue laminate.
    • The pedestal or ground floor of the main building is faced with granite from Little Cottonwood Canyon.
    • If you turn off Tottenham Court Road onto Chenies Street you will see in front of you a building faced with a stone which reflects like a mirror on a sunny day.
    4.2 (Clothing)
    forrar (por fuera)
    the cuffs were faced with velvet
    los puños eran de terciopelo

intransitive verb

  • the house faces north(ward)/east(ward)
    la casa está orientada or da al norte/este
    the balcony faces out over the square
    el balcón da or mira a la plaza
    she walked facing into the wind
    caminaba contra el viento
    I was facing the other way
    miraba para el otro lado
    about face!
    ¡media vuelta!
    right face/left face!
    ¡a la derecha/izquierda!
    Example sentences
    • This building faces onto Blaxland road and Lane Cove road.
    • Although most rock shelters open on three sides, the Eagle Rock site faces north and is open on only one side.
    • A breakfast room, which has recently been added onto the kitchen, faces onto the courtyard through a French door.

Phrasal verbs

face about

1verb + adverb (turn)
dar media vuelta
2verb + object + adverb (cause to turn)
mandar dar media vuelta a

face down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
hacerle frente a

face out

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
hacer frente a

face up to

verb + adverb + preposition + object
hacer frente a
we have to face up to the fact that …
tenemos que aceptar or reconocer que …
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