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American English: /fækt/
British English: /fakt/

Translation of fact in Spanish:


  • 1 countable (something true) the fact that she didn't mention it
    el hecho de que no lo mencionara
    the fact of her coming here shows …
    el (hecho de) que haya venido demuestra …
    the fact is that she is a great writer
    el hecho or lo cierto es que es una gran escritora
    if it wasn't for the fact that he's my son …
    si no fuera porque es mi hijo …
    I know for a fact that …
    sé a ciencia cierta que …
    it's a well-known fact
    todo el mundo lo sabe
    it cost $5,000 — is that a fact?
    costó 5.000 dólares —¡no me diga!
    our magazine gives you all the facts and figures on sport
    en nuestra revista encontrará la información deportiva más completa
    she got her facts right/wrong
    su información era correcta/incorrecta
    what are the facts of the case?
    ¿qué se sabe en concreto sobre el caso?
    I want hard facts
    quiero datos concretos
    the facts about Hollywood are as fascinating as the legends
    la verdad or realidad de Hollywood es tan fascinante como la leyenda
    to face (the) facts
    aceptar la realidad
    Example sentences
    • So go and see it with your own eyes and discover for yourself if it is an historical fact.
    • It is a sad fact that when a litter of pigs is born, it is quite normal to have one or two born dead.
    • It is a fact that most of those who are on the street have an addiction to drugs or alcohol.
  • 2 2.1 uncountable (truth, reality) this novel is based on fact
    esta novela está basada en hechos reales
    fact or fiction?
    ¿realidad o ficción?
    in fact she wasn't pleased; in fact she was extremely angry
    no le hizo mucha gracia; de hecho or en realidad se puso furiosa
    as a matter of factI do know her, as a matter of fact she's one of my best friends
    sí que la conozco, (de hecho) es muy amiga mía
    I don't suppose you have it — as a matter of fact I do
    me imagino que no lo tendrás — pues sí lo tengo
    in point of fact the fact of the matter is (that) …
    2.2 countable (criminal event) (Law)before/after the fact
    antes/después de los hechos
    Example sentences
    • The Ombudsman is the sole judge of fact and he can only be corrected on errors of law.
    • We would then have an opportunity for questions on a point of fact or a clarification.
    • If the comment amounts to a statement of fact then it must be proved to be true or privileged.
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