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Pronunciation: /feɪθ/


  • 1 uncountable/no numerable (trust) faith (in sb/sth) confianza (feminine) or fe (feminine)(en algn/algo) to have faith in sb/sth tener* confianza or fe en algn/algo, tenerle* a algn/algo confianza or fe to put one's faith in sb/sth confiar* en algn/algo to act in good/bad faith [Business/Comercio] actuar* de buena/mala fe to keep/break faith with sb they promised to help and they kept faith with me prometieron ayudarme y cumplieron con su palabra in disclosing information to our rivals you broke faith with the company has sido desleal con la compañía al dar a conocer información a la competencia
    More example sentences
    • He said the general public had lost faith in politics and politicians and the forming of deals that exclude a section of the public from the political process.
    • Many people have given way to despondency and helplessness, having lost faith in leaders and politicians.
    • Since the public has lost faith in ideology, politicians must now use fear in order to maintain their hold over the masses.
  • 2 [Religion/Religión] 2.1 uncountable/no numerable (belief) fe (feminine) 2.2 countable/numerable (religion) fe (feminine) the Christian/Islamic faith la fe cristiana/musulmana
    More example sentences
    • Today's service assembles representatives of a wide range of religions and faiths.
    • Putting all religions or faiths into one hat and saying that they are all like this is untrue and a bit naive.
    • We live in the days of pluralism, when all faiths and religions are of equal worth.
    More example sentences
    • Christianity in particular has praised those whose belief is founded on faith, rather than proof, as the story of doubting Thomas shows.
    • I am a person of deep faith, strong religious convictions and an optimistic view of our world as one where love abounds and peace is held up as the common vision of the majority.
    • Delia had a strong religious faith and an inherent belief in providence and that things would work themselves out eventually.
    More example sentences
    • Consider a faith, a belief system, as a theory about how the universe works.
    • This at least is the assumption of many writers and readers, and in Latin America it amounts to something like a political faith.
    • Arthur had a strong faith and belief in Rome and what it stood for, but that changes in the movie.

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