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American English: /fild/
British English: /fiːld/

Translation of field in Spanish:


  • 1 (Farming)
    (for crops) campo (masculine)
    a field of corn/wheat
    un maizal/trigal
    there are two fields under oats and one fallow
    hay dos campos sembrados de avena y uno en barbecho
    the flowers of the field
    las flores del campo
    pasture 1 2
    Example sentences
    • As she walked past pastures and small fields of crops she could not bring herself to imagine her own life coming to that.
    • The project will reforest old crop fields and pastures and an abandoned rock quarry that has degraded over the years.
    • The country side was woods/swamps for the most part with open farm fields of wheat and corn, that was about three feet high.
  • 2 (Sport) 2.1 (area of play) football/baseball field
    campo de fútbol/béisbol
    campo de futbol/béisbol (Central America) (Mexico)
    cancha de fútbol/béisbol (Latin America)
    cancha de futbol/béisbol (Latin America) (Central America) (Mexico)
    a true sportsman on and off the field
    todo un caballero dentro y fuera del terreno de juego
    to take the field
    salir al campo
    salir a la cancha (Latin America)
    Example sentences
    • It's this talent, he argues, that has enabled them to maximise the potential playing area of a football field.
    • Usftl games are typically played on Sunday mornings on regulation football fields with 12-minute quarters.
    • I don't want to see injuries happen to anyone on the football field, but they are a part of the game.
    2.2 (competitors) (+ singular or plural verb) Brown was leading the field
    Brown iba a la cabeza de los participantes ( or corredores etc. )
    Brown llevaba la delantera
    the whole field set off after the fox
    toda la partida salió tras el zorro
    our products lead the field
    nuestros productos son los líderes del mercado
    there's a strong field of applicants for the job
    hay una buena selección de candidatos para el puesto
    to play the field [colloquial]
    tantear el terreno [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • West got away, followed by one other rider, with the rest of the field contesting a very close and tactical bunch sprint in Ramsey town.
    • Craig was head and shoulders above the rest of the field beating his nearest rival by over a minute.
    • At 11, she won Hawaii's most prestigious women's event - beating the rest of the field by nine strokes.
  • 3 (Military) also field of battle the field of honor [literary]
    el campo del honor [literary]
    Example sentences
    • But while vanquishing the enemy on the field of battle is necessary, it is not sufficient.
    • I wondered if my classmates and I could make such a sacrifice for our country on the field of battle.
    • It would have been better if they had fallen on the field of battle.
    Example sentences
    • Rupert made himself conspicuous during our Civil War in many a bloody field.
    • All these were slaughtered in savage fields for the faith and fell beside the standard of the Cross, breathing loyalty to God and man in their last agonies.
  • 4 (of study, work)
    (of activities) esfera (feminine)
    she's an expert in her field
    es una experta en su campo
    my field is 20th century poetry
    mi especialidad es la poesía del siglo XX
    what field is he in?
    ¿cuál es su campo or especialidad?
    to be first in the field (Business)
    ser el líder del mercado
    Example sentences
    • When traveling to a destination with large mammals you should learn about their behavior before going out in the field.
    • Getting out in the field over and over is the best way to build up knowledge.
    Example sentences
    • His main fields of interest include the study of labor markets and social stratification.
    • This curious publication listed its fields of interest as ‘magic, fortune telling, palmistry, graphology and spiritualism’.
    • According to the teacher, other factors that are at play when it comes to advising the students on career paths include studying skills and the passing of interest tests for specific fields.
  • 5 (of practical operations) workers in the field
    personal (masculine) de campo or sobre el terreno
    it has been tested in the field
    se ha probado sobre el terreno
    (before noun) (research/survey)
    de campo
  • 7 (range, space) field of vision field of fire
    ángulo (masculine) de tiro
    Example sentences
    • Cassini is now close enough to Enceladus that the moon does not fit within the camera field of view.
    • Identification of the situs is often better made by MRI because of the wider field of view.
    • Integral has a large field of view, enabling it to scan our Milky Way galaxy for neutron stars and black hole activity.
  • 8 (Physics) field of force electric/magnetic field
    campo eléctrico/magnético
    Example sentences
    • This approach describes how electrons are influenced by the fields produced by others in the Fermi sea.
    • They argue that quantum effects (such as intense radiation fields at the funnel) may close the Einstein-Rosen bridge.
    • In addition, possible polarization effects due to large external steady state electrical fields have been neglected.
    Example sentences
    • What is to protect us then from the pathological possibilities of strong gravitation fields?
    • Generating and detecting x rays in the strong fields used for magnetic resonance is difficult, but it can be done.
    • It agrees with the Newtonian theory for low speeds and weak gravitational fields, but differs from it at high speeds and strong fields.
  • 9 (Computing)
    Example sentences
    • A PRM can be thought of as a Bayesian network whose variables are fields in a relational database.
    • Buffer overflows are also a major vulnerability and happen when too much data is input into a field.
    • You can create a collection of database fields that have unique values for each drawing in the set.
  • 10 (in heraldry)
    Example sentences
    • The protesters were rounded up underneath the fluttering white cross and red field of Denmark's flag.
    • It was a flag bearing thirteen stars on a blue field with red and white bars.
    • The Czech flag consists of a lower red field and an upper white field with a blue wedge reaching from the flagpole side of the flag to its center.
    Example sentences
    • In the coat of arms of Amsterdam, the field of the escutcheon (heraldic shield) is red.
    • The first field (top left corner) of the escutcheon shows the national arms.

transitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (Sport)
    interceptar y devolver
    Example sentences
    • First baseman Jack Clark fielded the ball and threw to pitcher Todd Worrell who was covering first.
    • Ruhle fielded the ball and threw to first for an apparent double play.
    • Orioles right fielder Ken Singleton fielded the ball off the wall and threw to his cutoff man Rich Dauer who in turn fired the ball home.
    Example sentences
    • The other day, fielding questions about her aversion for holding press conferences, she openly admitted to her feeling that media exercises may not yield the desired results.
    • He's fielding questions from young people around the world.
    • Mr. Curtis will not be fielding any questions after his remarks, and we kindly request that you respect the family's wishes.
  • 2 2.1 (Sport)
    Example sentences
    • Under new Olympic rules, only the top 16 nations are allowed to field teams at the games.
    • One is that he fielded a weakened team and then won the Challenge Cup final, so I'm sure he feels it was justified.
    • With nine men and five women this is the first time Great Britain has fielded a full team at a World Cup event.
    Example sentences
    • All three main political parties are also fielding candidates in these elections, as are the Greens.
    • The Socialist Equality Party is fielding candidates in the federal election to lay the basis for a mass political movement of the working class that will fight for this perspective.
    • ALL three major political parties have fielded candidates for the forthcoming by-election for the Ogbourne ward of Kennet District Council.

intransitive verb

  • (in baseball, cricket)
    interceptar y devolver la pelota
    Example sentences
    • First, he took his eyes off the ball while fielding at short leg, and failed to notice that Sarwan had lobbed an attempted pull over his right shoulder.
    • He was a brilliant fielder preferring to field in the deep, where he took some outstanding catches, to close in fielding.
    • In spite of the soaking wet ball, Joiner also fielded well, as befitted one who, though it was never likely to be his berth in the senior game, was in his schooldays a 1st-XV full-back.
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