Translation of flame in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /fleɪm/


c and u
  • 1.1 llama (feminine) to be in flames estar* (envuelto) en llamas to go up in flames incendiarse a wall of flame una barrera de fuego or llamas to be shot down in flames he/his plan was shot down in flames by his boss su jefe lo demolió/demolió su plan the plane/pilot was shot down in flames el avión/piloto cayó envuelto en llamas
    More example sentences
    • Residents are directed to guard against the threat of fire as flames continue to engulf many areas in New South Wales.
    • He died instantly, before flames engulfed his body, which was identified from jewellery and dental records.
    • However, it had steps in front of doors, fire escapes exposed to flames, inadequate balcony stairways, and no exit signs.
    1.2 (passion) llama (feminine) the flame(s) of love/jealousy la llama del amor/de los celos he's an old flame of mine es un antiguo enamorado mío
    More example sentences
    • Now if any band are ready to make it they are, there is a flame burning inside them that no one is going to extinguish.
    • A flame of passion burned within me at his touch, and I only lusted more.
    • Even though he ignored her at school the flame of hope that burned in her heart hadn't gone out yet.
    1.3 [colloquial/familiar] [Computing/Informática] (abusive e-mail, posting) flame (masculine) ([ cualquier mensaje ofensivo que llega por Internet en respuesta rápida a otro mensaje ])
    More example sentences
    • I post my thoughts on a blog that anyone can read and don't worry in the least that my public declarations will cause me any lasting harm, except for the occasional flame from a commenter.
    • It also created the culture of flames - abusive emails.
    • The social dynamics are very different; you think more before responding instead of posting a quick flame.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1.1 (blaze) [light/jewel] refulgir*; [fire] arder her anger flamed (up) again as she reread the letter volvió a montar or a arder en cólera al releer la carta 1.2 (glow) [sun] encenderse*, enrojecer* her cheeks flamed with anger/embarrassment se le encendieron las mejillas de (la) ira/vergüenza 1.3 [colloquial/familiar] [Computing/Informática] publicar* un flame

transitive verb/verbo transitivo

  • [colloquial/familiar] [Computing/Informática] [person] to flame sb mandarle un flame a algn

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