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American English: /frəm/
British English: /frɒm/
, /frəm/

Translation of from in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (indicating starting point)
    (indicating origin) de
    from the beginning
    desde el principio
    a call from New York
    una llamada de Nueva York
    the arrival of the flight from Madrid
    la llegada del vuelo procedente de Madrid
    I'm from Texas
    soy de Texas
    the bus leaves from the marketplace
    el autobús sale del mercado
    from here you can see the river
    desde aquí se puede ver el río
    T-shirts from $15
    camisetas desde or a partir de $l5
    Example sentences
    • She got a bad feeling in her stomach as she slowly got up from her bed and walked back to the stairs.
    • Amazingly, it took only five months for the Altea to make the journey from prototype to showroom.
    • The main journey I make is from Woodthorpe to Rawcliffe, where my girlfriend lives.
    1.2 (indicating distance) 2cm from the edge
    a 2cm del borde
    15km from the coast
    a 15km de la costa
    we're still three hours from Tulsa
    todavía faltan tres horas para llegar a Tulsa
    Example sentences
    • He said they were now staying a short distance from their home in a flat on the Down's Road.
    • The car was seen by police a couple of hours later only a short distance from Mr Graiezevsky's road.
    • We often go to Hohai lake, which is walking distance from here and part of the old imperial grounds.
  • 2 2.1 (after) from today
    a partir de hoy
    desde hoy
    from the moment we met/the age of 12
    desde el momento en que nos conocimos/los 12 años
    50 years/an hour from now
    dentro de 50 años/una hora
    Example sentences
    • If we have a scale from one to ten, what are we going to do if we meet someone who is a twelve?
    • With prices ranging from a few rupees to a few hundred, the lamps make for a memorable buy.
    • Injuries range from serious lacerations to major fractures and head and spinal injuries.
    2.2 (before) we are only minutes from takeoff!
    ¡estamos a pocos minutos del despegue!
    we're still years from a cure
    van a pasar años antes de que se encuentre una cura
  • 3 (indicating source) a letter from my lawyer
    una carta de mi abogado
    a friend from school
    un amigo del colegio
    she drank straight from the bottle
    bebió directamente de la botella
    I was surprised to hear that from her
    me sorprendió escuchar eso de boca de ella
    that's enough from you!
    you can tell him that from me!
    ¡puedes decírselo de mi parte!
    have you heard from her?
    ¿has tenido noticias suyas?
    we heard from Sam that …
    nos enteramos por Sam de que …
    a quotation from the Bible
    una cita (tomada) de la Biblia
    a drawing from life
    un dibujo del natural
    the movie is adapted from the novel by Horace Greenbaum
    la película es una adaptación de la novela de Horace Greenbaum
    Example sentences
    • I am not in a position to indicate what roads will be funded from that source in the year.
    • I must agree with Mr Derbyshire that clean energy from renewable sources is the way forward.
    • They have to get funding from somewhere, these sources for funds have to be big, and so have to be noticed.
  • 4from … to … 4.1 (in place) they flew from New York to Lima
    volaron de Nueva York a Lima
    they stretch from Derbyshire to the borders of Scotland
    se extienden desde el condado de Derbyshire hasta el sur de Escocia
    from house to house
    de casa en casa
    from door to door
    de puerta en puerta
    4.2 (in time) we work from nine to five
    trabajamos de nueve a cinco
    I'll be in Europe from June 20 to 29
    voy a estar en Europa desde el 20 hasta el 29 de junio
    4.3 (indicating source) with love, from Sue to Jane
    para Jane. Cariñosamente, Sue
    from generation to generation
    de generación en generación
    4.4 (indicating range) from $50 to $100
    entre 50 y 100 dólares
    the shades range from deep blue to very pale yellow
    los colores van desde un azul oscuro hasta un amarillo muy claro
    Example sentences
    • AgriPower has developed a ‘virtual landfill’ system that can produce electricity and heat by burning anything from nuts to old tires.
    • Activities at the youth group include everything from sporting events to weekends away.
    • The exhibition features all things foodie from specialist ranges to top booze.
  • 5 5.1 (as a result of) his eyes were red from crying
    tenía los ojos rojos de tanto llorar
    he suffers from insomnia
    sufre de insomnio
    this comes from being careless with money
    esto es lo que pasa cuando no se tiene cuidado con el dinero
    Example sentences
    • How are you supposed to tell if a neurotic dog feels it has benefited from its treatment?
    • Surgery is an option for the minority of women who get little benefit from medical treatment.
    • It was nominated by people who have benefited from its work and seen the positive effect on the community.
    5.2 (on the basis of) from experience/observation I would say that …
    según mi experiencia/por lo que he visto, diría que …
    Example sentences
    • We read that what's on and where can be obtained from the tourist information centre.
    • She was allowed to obtain information from the patient and her medical notes.
    • Up to now much of your farming knowledge was gleaned from your parents and teachers.
  • 6 6.1 (out of, off) from the cupboard/shelf
    del armario/estante
    6.2 (Mathematics)5 from 10 is 5
    10 menos 5 es 5
    if you take 5 from 10
    si le restas 5 a 10
  • 7 (with preps & advs) from above/below
    desde arriba/abajo
    blessings from above
    bendiciones del cielo
    the lady from across the street
    la señora de enfrente
    he crawled out from under the table
    salió gateando de debajo de la mesa
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