Translation of gap in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /gæp/


  • 1 (space) espacio (masculine) leave a gap between the desks deja un espacio entre los escritorios leave a generous gap between the bulbs plante los bulbos bien espaciados, deje bastante espacio entre los bulbos look out for a gap in the traffic espera a que no pase nada the light filtered in through a gap la luz se filtraba por una rendija a gap in the hedge un claro or un hueco en el seto she has a gap between her front teeth tiene los dientes de adelante separados
    More example sentences
    • Select a tree that is uniformly shaped on all sides without gaps or holes where branches are broken or missing.
    • The metal work done on the aft booms was of poor quality, with putty applied in an attempt to cover over gaps around screw holes.
    • He watches carefully where he treads so as to avoid some of the bigger holes and gaps between the half-rotten floorboards.
  • 2 2.1 (in argument, knowledge) laguna (feminine) 2.2 (in time) intervalo (masculine), interrupción (feminine) in the gaps between mouthfuls entre bocado y bocado 2.3 (disparity) distancia (feminine), brecha (feminine) the gap between supply and demand la distancia or la brecha entre la oferta y la demanda to bridge the gap salvar la distancia 2.4 (void) vacío (masculine) her death left a terrible gap in my life su muerte dejó un terrible vacío en mi vida to fill o plug a gap in the market llenar un vacío or un hueco en el mercado
    More example sentences
    • However a lapse of almost two years since the last scheme has left a gap in continuity.
    • What struck him while interviewing him were the gaps in his life story.
    • For example, when a nurse cares for two or more patients and must divide attention between them there is a potential for gaps in the continuity of care.
    More example sentences
    • How many times over the years has the music industry played up records bridging the gap between jazz and hip hop?
    • But his chances of bridging the gap with only five racing days to go are virtually non-existent.
    • Employers are ditching company schemes, yet no-one seems to be bridging the gap with private savings.
  • 3
    (spark gap)
    [Cars/Automovilismo] [Electricity/Electricidad] separación (feminine) entre los electrodos

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