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American English: /ɡlæd/
British English: /ɡlad/

Translation of glad in Spanish:

adjective comparative gladder superlative gladdest

  • 1 (happy, pleased) (predicative) to be glad (about something)
    alegrarse de algo
    oh good, I'm so glad
    ¡qué bien! ¡cuánto me alegro!
    to be glad (that)
    alegrarse de que followed by subjunctive
    I'm glad you like it
    me alegro de que te guste
    I'm glad you've told me
    me alegro de que me lo hayas dicho
    to be glad to + infinitiveI'm so glad to meet you
    encantado de conocerla/conocerlo
    mucho gusto
    would you give me a hand? — glad to
    ¿me daría una mano? — con mucho gusto
    I'm only too glad to help
    es un placer poder ser útil
    you'll be glad to hear that …
    te alegrará saber que …
    Example sentences
    • Working with such great folks, from our authors to the other editors to all the readers, is a true pleasure and I'm glad to have been given the opportunity.
    • He was glad to hear complains about the perfect Sabina.
    • I am so glad people are finding pleasure from what I have accomplished.
  • 2 (grateful) (predicative) to be glad of something (British) I'd be very glad of your help
    agradecería mucho tu ayuda
    I was glad of his advice
    agradecí que me hubiera aconsejado
    Example sentences
    • The two intrepid cyclists would be very glad of sponsorship.
    • There's a snowball fight in the street out front, and I'm very glad of my flasks of soup.
    • He gathered his cloak about him and settled himself on the sheepskin that padded the saddle, and was very glad of that, too.
  • 3 (showing happiness) (before noun)
    de alegría or felicidad
    Example sentences
    • But when he returned to his room to give his other half the glad tidings, the housekeeper, who was listening to the story, interrupted to tell them that she knew of plenty of empty rooms.
    • In other news, I went back to work for a few hours, sharing the glad tidings with my coworkers in such detail that one of my students asked me if someone had had a baby.
    • About mid-morning the London agent handling the new flat woke up and gave us the glad tidings that the rental will be available from tomorrow afternoon.
  • 4 (causing happiness) [literary] (before noun) (occasion)
    fausto [literary]
    glad tidings (archaic or humorous)
    buenas nuevas (feminine plural) [literary]
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