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American English: /ɡoʊ/
British English: /ɡəʊ/

Translation of go in Spanish:

intransitive verb 3rd person singular present goes past tense went past participle gone

  • 1 1.1 (to move, to travel) there she goes
    allá va
    who goes there? (Military) are you going my way?
    ¿vas hacia el mismo sitio que yo?
    we can discuss it as we go
    podemos hablarlo en el camino
    can't you go any faster?
    ¿no puedes ir más rápido?
    keep going till you come to …
    siga hasta llegar a …
    we were going at 80 mph
    íbamos a 80 millas por hora
    the bus goes to the airport
    el autobús va al aeropuerto
    the clothes go around and around in the machine
    la ropa da vueltas y vueltas en la máquina
    she knows where she's going
    sabe lo que quiere
    where do we go from here?
    ¿y ahora qué hacemos?
    Example sentences
    • Clara, still with no idea where she was going, went to ask the boy for directions.
    • I had a two-hour break between classes and went to the pub - I drank three pints and went home and crashed on the couch.
    • We said hi and then they went on their way, and I got on my bus and went home.
    1.2 (to start moving, acting) go when the lights turn green
    avanza cuando el semáforo se ponga verde
    dale cuando el semáforo se ponga verde [colloquial]
    ready, (get) set, go!
    preparados or en sus marcas, listos ¡ya!
    let's go!
    here goes!
    ¡allá vamos ( or voy etc. )!
    hold on tight and away or off we go
    agárrate fuerte que allá vamos
    here we go with the first question
    aquí va la primera pregunta
    here we go again, what's he complaining about this time? [colloquial]
    otra vez con la misma historia ¿y ahora de qué se queja?
    there you go [colloquial]
    (handing something over) toma or aquí tienes
    (something is ready) ya está or listo
    don't go telling everybody [colloquial]
    no vayas a contárselo a todo el mundo
    go to or for it! [colloquial]
    ¡manos a la obra!
  • 2
    past participle gone/been
    2.1 (to travel to) to go to France
    ir a Francia
    she's gone to France
    se ha ido a Francia
    she's been to France
    ha estado en Francia
    I have never been abroad
    no he estado nunca en el extranjero
    where are you going?
    ¿adónde vas?
    where has she gone?
    ¿adónde se ha ido?
    to go by car/bus/plane
    ir en coche/autobús/avión
    to go on foot/horseback
    ir a pie/a caballo
    to go for a walk/drive
    ir a dar un paseo/una vuelta en coche
    the phone's ringing — I'll go
    está sonando el teléfono — voy yo
    to go to the bank/office/dentist
    ir al banco/a la oficina/al dentista
    to go to + infinitive
    ir a + infinitive
    they've gone to see the exhibition
    (se) han ido a ver la exposición
    they've been to see the exhibition
    han visitado la exposición
    han estado en la exposición
    to go and + infinitive
    ir a + infinitive
    go and see what she wants
    anda or vete a ver qué quiere
    go fetch me the hammer (US)
    anda or vete a buscar el martillo
    Example sentences
    • She regularly goes to the movies and attends film festivals.
    • This isn't surprising, though, since attending church is like going to the theatre.
    • More often than not, she attends opening ceremonies, goes to parties, meets people and takes part in charity work for the local community.
    2.2 (to attend) to go to something
    ir a algo
    to go to a lecture/concert/play
    ir a una conferencia/a un concierto/al teatro
    to go to work/school/church
    ir a trabajar/a la escuela/a la iglesia
    to go on a training course
    hacer un curso de capacitación
    to go on a diet
    ponerse a régimen
    to go -ing
    ir a + infinitive
    to go swimming/hunting
    ir a nadar/cazar
    2.3 (to visit the toilet) [euphemistic]
    ir al baño or al lavabo [euphemistic]
    Example sentences
    • You may notice that you need to pass water more often; have very little warning before you need to go, and sometimes do not reach the lavatory in time.
    • ‘Why can't you control yourself?’ ‘How can you, when you want to go? I'm sorry.’
    • She has also developed a device for older children that reminds them to wash their hands after going to the loo.
  • 3 (to attempt, to make as if to)to go to + infinitive
    ir a + infinitive
    I went to open the door and …
    fui a abrir la puerta y …
  • 4
    (to leave, to depart) (visitor)
    marcharse (esp Spain)
    I thought he'd never go
    creí que no se iba a ir nunca
    well, I must be going the boss will be sorry to see you go
    el jefe va a lamentar que te vayas
    what time does the bus go?
    ¿a qué hora sale el autobús?
    Example sentences
    • The next day Phil phoned me asking what had happened as he'd blanked out in the pub and when he came round everyone had gone.
    • After some time, he came over to me and said that we must be going now - we had to meet someone.
    • I really must be going, but before I do there are some things you need to know.
  • 5 5.1 (to elapse)
    the years of plenty have well and truly gone
    no cabe duda de que se ha acabado el tiempo de las vacas gordas
    it's just gone nine o'clock (British)
    son las nueve pasadas
    Example sentences
    • Will was alarming me more and more with every second that went past.
    • Anyway, this week went by fairly smoothly.
    • With just over four minutes gone it was again level at 24 apiece.
    (to wear off, to disappear) (headache/fear)
    pasarse or irse followed by me/te/le etc
    has the pain gone?
    ¿se te ( or le etc. ) ha pasado or ido el dolor?
    where has respect for one's elders gone?
    ¿dónde está el respeto a los mayores?
    my briefcase has gone!
    ¡me ha desaparecido el maletín!
    Example sentences
    • Those golden days, if they ever existed, are long gone in most professional sports.
    • The days of a manager commanding respect from his players simply because of who he is are long gone if they ever existed at all.
    • The a la carte menu's gone and she now serves traditional, home-cooked grub.
    (to be used up) acabarse
    (to be spent) (money/food)
    what do you spend it all on? — I don't know, it just goes
    ¿en qué te lo gastas? — no sé, se (me) va como el agua
    the money/cream has all gone
    se ha acabado el dinero/la crema
    to go on somethinghalf his salary goes on drink
    la mitad del sueldo se le va en bebida
    $150 a week goes on food
    150 dólares semanales se van en comida
    all gone!
    ¡ya está!
    Example sentences
    • The money had gone in excessive compensation and unapproved bonuses, fees and loans.
    • Perhaps that is the reason why no one knows where the billion dollars in aid money went.
    • But what if you don't have a say about where your tax money goes?
  • 6 6.1 (to be disposed of) that sofa will have to go
    nos vamos ( or se van etc. ) a tener que deshacer de ese sofá
    presumably this partition will go
    supongo que esta mampara va a desaparecer
    either the cats go or I go
    o se van los gatos o me voy yo
    if she goes I go
    si la echan a ella, yo también me voy
    Smith must go!
    ¡fuera Smith!
    6.2 (to be sold)
    the bread has all gone
    no queda pan
    el pan se ha vendido todo
    the painting went for £1,000
    el cuadro se vendió en 1.000 libras
    going, going, gone
    a la una, a las dos, vendido
    sorry, but the room has gone
    lo siento pero la habitación ya está alquilada
  • 7 7.1
    (to cease to function, to wear out) (bulb/fuse)
    her memory/eyesight is going
    le está fallando or está perdiendo la memoria/la vista
    the brakes went as we …
    los frenos fallaron cuando …
    the brakes have gone
    los frenos no funcionan
    my knee has gone again
    ando mal de la rodilla otra vez
    my legs went (from under me)
    me fallaron las piernas
    suddenly, the picture went
    de repente desapareció la imagen
    these jeans are going at the knees
    estos vaqueros tienen las rodillas gastadas
    Example sentences
    • The house did not suffer any structural damage but when the lightning hit the house there was an enormous bang, the fuses blew and the power went.
    • I was riding my scooter down a steep hill, with a pillion passenger on the back, when the brake cable went.
    • The electricity is gone, and food and water are running out.
    7.2 (to die) [colloquial] we've all got to go sometime
    a todos nos llega la hora
    Example sentences
    • I think possibly his death might have been a little easier to handle because I was young and I didn't quite understand but when my grandfather went it hit me like a ton of bricks just because I was that bit older and I know he wasn't coming back.
    • But when I'm gone it will be taken from my estate.
    • Long after I'm gone, some kid can walk into a place and see an image of me and read what I did in the NFL.
  • 8to go 8.1 (remaining)only two weeks to go till he comes
    solo faltan dos semanas para que llegue
    I still have 50 pages to go
    todavía me faltan or me quedan 50 páginas
    Example sentences
    • But something other than money, even vast piles of it, keeps Bond going.
    • All cooking was done over an open fire, which also their source of heat and which was kept going all the year round.
    • The organisation promotes physical activity and health through country walking, and the money will keep it going for the next year.
    8.2 (to take away) (US) two burgers to go
  • 9 (to turn out, to proceed, to progress) if everything goes well
    si todo va or marcha or sale bien
    how are things going?
    ¿cómo van or andan las cosas?
    how did the interview go?
    ¿qué tal estuvo la entrevista?
    ¿cómo te ( or le etc. ) fue en la entrevista?
    how goes it? [colloquial]
    ¿qué tal? [colloquial]
    so it goes
    así son las cosas
    Example sentences
    • Then I went off to do my gig in Bristol, which went pretty well.
    • His meeting must have gone well because he looked a whole lot happier now then when he left.
    • Things are going smoothly at the moment.
  • 10 (Games) (to have a turn) you go first
    tú vas or juegas primero
    te toca a ti primero
  • 11 11.1 (to lead)
    Example sentences
    • We opened the bridge that goes across the river so people can go back and forth.
    • The mirror went all the way up to the ceiling and was just as wide as it was tall.
    • Her black hair went down to her shoulders and looked as though she had her own person stylist come in and do it every morning.
    11.2 (to extend)
    (roads/railroad lines)
    it only goes as far as Croydon
    solo va or llega hasta Croydon
    to go from … to …
    ir de … a … or desde … hasta …
    the first volume goes from A to K
    el primer tomo va or abarca de la A a la K
    the belt won't go around my waist
    el cinturón no me da para la cintura
  • 12 12.1 (to contribute to)to go to + infinitive everything that goes to make a good school
    todo lo que contribuye a que una escuela sea buena
    todo lo que hace que una escuela sea buena
    that just goes to prove my point
    eso confirma lo que yo decía or prueba que tengo razón
    it just goes to show: we can't leave them on their own
    está visto que no los podemos dejar solos
    esto demuestra que no los podemos dejar solos
    Example sentences
    • Much of Murray's efforts have gone towards trying to raise money from the private sector.
    • All proceeds from the venture are going towards the new Community Centre in Loughglynn.
    • The income goes towards maintaining the buildings and the estate.
    12.2 (to be used)to go toward something/to + infinitive all their savings are going toward the trip
    van a gastar todos sus ahorros en el viaje
    the money will go to pay the workmen
    el dinero se usará para pagar a los obreros
  • 13 13.1 (to function, to work)
    the radio was going full blast
    la radio estaba puesta a todo volumen
    to have a lot going for one
    tener muchos puntos a favor
    to have something goinghe had something going with one of his students
    tenía algo con una de sus alumnas
    we've got a good thing going here
    esto marcha muy bien
    Example sentences
    • If you plan to keep the car until it won't go anymore, it doesn't matter if you get a 2003 or a 2004. Just buy something you like enough to drive for 10 years or more.
    • Ok Bobby, keep the engine going and I'll be back in a few minutes.
    • But for the past week I have struggled to get this clock to go.
    13.2to get goingthe car's OK once it gets going
    el coche marcha bien una vez que arranca
    I find it hard to get going in the mornings
    me cuesta mucho entrar en acción por la mañana
    once he gets going on politics, there's no stopping him
    cuando se pone a hablar de política, no hay quien lo pare
    it's late, we'd better get going
    es tarde, más vale que nos vayamos
    we tried to get a fire going
    tratamos de hacer fuego
    we need some music to get the party going
    hace falta un poco de música para animar la fiesta
    to get somebody goingall this stupid nonsense really gets me going
    estas estupideces me sacan de quicio
    a few jokes should get the audience going
    con unos cuantos chistes, seguro que el público se anima
    only a black coffee gets me going in the morning
    yo necesito un café por la mañana para entrar en acción
    13.3 (to continue to function) to keep going
    (to continue without stopping) seguir
    if we can keep going until December, sales may pick up again
    si podemos aguantar hasta diciembre, puede ser que las ventas repunten
    keep going, we're nearly there to keep a project going
    mantener a flote un proyecto
    I tried desperately to keep the conversation going
    intenté por todos los medios que no decayera la conversación
    it's only your love that keeps me going
    es tu amor lo que me da fuerzas para seguir (adelante)
  • 14 (to continue, to last out) the noise was still going after four hours
    a las cuatro horas, todavía seguía el ruido
    the club's been going for 12 years now
    el club lleva 12 años funcionando
    this strike's already been going for too long
    esta huelga ha durado ya demasiado
    how long can you go before you need a break?
    ¿cuánto aguantas sin descansar?
    we can go for weeks never seeing a soul
    podemos estar or pasar semanas enteras sin ver un alma
    camels can go for weeks without water
    los camellos pueden pasar or resistir semanas sin agua
  • 15 (to be worded)
    … as the old saying goes
    … como dice or reza el refrán
    … or so the story goes
    … o eso dicen
    their argument goes as follows …
    ellos argumentan lo siguiente …
    how does the song go?
    ¿cómo es la (letra/música de la) canción?
    Example sentences
    • There's an old Jefferson Airplane song that goes something like ‘Don't you want somebody to love’.
    • Stop the funding, the theory goes, and the projects won't happen.
    • Education, so the argument goes, is about empowerment - about increasing students' confidence by making them feel good about themselves.
  • 16 16.1 (to sound)
    Example sentences
    • This is due to an unfortunate event affecting our home computer - basically, it went bang.
    • They used a flash grenade, it went bang and the whole place lit up.
    • The elevator went ping and the doors opened.
    16.2 (to make a sound, a movement) ducks go quack
    los patos hacen 'cuac, cuac'
  • 17 17.1 (to become) to go blind/deaf
    quedarse ciego/sordo
    to go crazy to go mouldy (British)
    to go sour
    ponerse agrio
    to go pale
    ponerse pálido
    her face went red
    se puso colorada
    the bread's gone hard
    el pan está duro
    my sister has gone vegetarian/punk
    mi hermana se ha hecho vegetariana/punk
    everything suddenly went quiet
    de repente se hizo un silencio total
    the phone suddenly went dead
    de repente se cortó la comunicación
    the city has gone Democratic
    la ciudad se ha volcado a los demócratas
    17.2 (to be, to remain) to go barefoot/naked/armed
    ir or andar descalzo/desnudo/armado
    they went hungry
    pasaron hambre
    it'll go unnoticed
    va a pasar desapercibido
    it goes by the name of Surfax
    se conoce con el nombre de Surfax
  • 18 18.1
    (to have a place) ir
    (to fit) caber
    where does this chair go?
    ¿dónde va esta silla?
    the piano won't go through the door
    el piano no va a pasar or caber por la puerta
    see also → go in, → go into
    Example sentences
    • We've sent them E-mails explaining what goes where.
    • My cases go in the cupboard under the stairs.
    • Glasses go right side up in the cupboard.
    Example sentences
    • On the corner Agnes, Will, and Casper were waiting by a large mailbox and Agnes was trying to fit her head through the tiny slot where the mail goes.
    • Slowly pour the liquid until the reservoir is close to full (basically to the point where no more liquid goes in).
    • ‘It's like a key to a door,’ he says. ‘You're sure you've got the right key. But it just won't go in the damned lock.’
    18.2 (to be divisible) 5 into 11 won't or doesn't go
    11 no es divisible por 5
    8 into 32 goes 4 (times)
    32 entre 8 cabe a 4
  • 19 19.1 (to be available) (only in -ing form) I'll take any job that's going
    estoy dispuesto a aceptar el trabajo que sea or cualquier trabajo que me ofrezcan
    is there any coffee going?
    ¿hay café?
    what will you have? — whatever's going
    ¿qué quieres tomar? — lo que haya or lo que me ofrezcas
    at the time it was the best treatment going
    en ese momento era el mejor tratamiento que había
    19.2 (to be in general) it's not expensive as dishwashers go
    no es caro, para lo que cuestan los lavavajillas
  • 20 20.1 (to be permitted) anything goes
    todo vale
    cualquier cosa está bien
    20.2 (to be obeyed, believed) what the boss says goes
    lo que dice el jefe, va a misa
    20.3 (to match, to suit) that shirt and that tie don't really go
    esa camisa no pega or no va or no queda bien con esa corbata
    see also → go together, → go with
    Example sentences
    • Its aroma is very full-bodied and complex, and it went deliciously well in this soup.
    • Salmon and pasta really go well together - once again, it's a texture thing.
    • Acidic foods and acidic wines often go well together; like a salad and Beaujolais.
    Example sentences
    • Who says that art and commerce don't go together?
    • Drum, who holds a journalism degree from California State University, admits to ‘some doubt about whether blogging and professional journalism can go together’.
    • For adults the back to school date signals an end to summer and all that goes with it - normality has returned.
  • 21to let or [colloquial] leave go let go! you're hurting me!
    ¡suelta or suéltame, que me haces daño!
    to let or [colloquial] leave go of something/somebody
    soltar algo/a alguien
    let go of my hand
    suéltame la mano
    let go of me!
    to let something/somebody golet me go or I'll scream!
    ¡suéltame o grito!
    my parents wouldn't let me go to the party
    mis padres no me dejaron ir a la fiesta
    we'll let it go this time
    por esta vez (que) pase
    por esta vez lo pasaremos por alto
    she's really let the garden/her French go
    ha descuidado mucho el jardín/su francés
    tiene el jardín/su francés muy abandonado
    Davis Corp has let its entire research department go [euphemistic]
    Davis Corp ha despedido a todo el departamento de investigación
    he's really let himself go since his wife died
    se ha abandonado totalmente desde que murió su mujer
    we all have to let (ourselves) go once in a while
    a todo el mundo le hace bien soltarse la melena de vez en cuando [colloquial]

transitive verb 3rd person singular present goes past tense went past participle gone

  • 1 1.1 (in cards)
    ir con
    I'll go two hearts
    voy con dos corazones
    1.2 (to bet)
  • 2 (to say) [colloquial] that's enough of that, he goes
    —ya está bueno —dice
    Example sentences
    • I was still sat there when this cop comes up and goes, ‘You best be clearing off and getting home son.’
    • Then this punk is like talking to his teacher, and the teacher goes, ‘You've got no grip on reality do you boy?’
    • So I kind of went ‘yeah, good to meet you’, and he turned around and I never said another word to him; he couldn't have cared less!
  • 3 (to work hard) [colloquial] to go it
    darle duro [colloquial]
    (go fast) (British) [dated]
    pegarle fuerte [colloquial]

auxiliary verb only in -ing form 3rd person singular present goes past tense went past participle gone

  • 1 (expressing intention)to be going to + infinitive
    ir a + infinitive
    I'm going to buy a new shirt
    me voy a comprar una camisa nueva
    I was just going to make some coffee
    iba a or estaba por hacer café
    don't deny it! — I wasn't going to
    ¡no lo niegues! — no pensaba hacerlo
    we've been going to buy a new car for years
    llevamos años diciendo que nos vamos a comprar un coche nuevo
  • 2 (to express the near future)
    ir a + infinitive
    I'm going to be sick
    voy a devolver
    this peace is not going to last
    esta paz no va a durar
    there's going to be trouble when he finds out
    cuando se entere, se va a armar lío

noun plural goes

  • 1 countable 1.1 (attempt) he emptied the bottle at or in one go
    vació la botella de un tirón or de una sentada [colloquial]
    she succeeded in lifting it at the third go
    consiguió levantarlo al tercer intento
    the engine started (at the) first go
    el motor arrancó a la primera
    go at something/-ingit's my first go at writing for radio
    es la primera vez que escribo para la radio
    have a go
    prueba a ver
    I want to have a go at learning Arabic
    quiero intentar aprender árabe
    here, let me have a go
    trae, déjame que pruebe yo
    I had several goes at persuading her to stay
    intenté varias veces convencerla de que se quedara
    I've had a good go at the kitchen
    le he dado una buena pasada or un buen repaso a la cocina
    it's no go
    es imposible
    to give something a go (British)
    intentar algo
    to have a go at somebody [colloquial]she had a go at me for not having told her
    se la agarró conmigo por no habérselo dicho [colloquial]
    we were itching to have a go at the enemy
    estábamos deseando enfrentarnos con el enemigo
    to make a go of something
    sacar algo adelante
    she's making a go of the business
    está sacando adelante el negocio
    Example sentences
    • What with it being a double roll-over on Saturday I had had a couple of goes and when I checked my numbers on Sunday I realised my lucky dip line had won me ten pounds.
    • It is something I have always wanted to have a go at and the noise it makes is fantastic.
    • I worked for a while as a deputy manager of a leisure centre, but then I decided to have a go at what I always wanted to do, becoming a police officer.
    1.2 (turn) whose go is it?
    ¿a quién le toca?
    it's my go
    me toca a mí
    you have to miss two goes
    tienes que estar dos vueltas or turnos sin jugar
    Example sentences
    • I listened… for a while… then kinda got tired so I zoned out a bit until it was my go.
    • If the next person cannot play then the person whose go it is must pick up.
    • You can have a go on the swings in the village.
    1.3 (chance to use) can I have a go on your typewriter?
    ¿me dejas probar tu máquina de escribir?
  • 2 uncountable (energy, drive) it was all go at the office as usual
    aquello era de locos como siempre en la oficina [colloquial]
    (to be) on the goI've been on the go all morning he's got three jobs on the go (British)
    está haciendo tres trabajos a la vez
    to keep somebody on the go
    tener a alguien en danza [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Physically, he is a wonderful man…very wiry, and full of energy and go.
    • The Yaris is a young driver's car and one that will please both the boy-racers and the ladies who expect their city car to have a bit of go and a bit of show.
    • I'm looking for people with a bit of go about them, who enjoy an adventure, are fit and motivated to work and who are prepared to use their initiative.


  • (predicative) all systems go
    todo listo or luz verde para despegar
    Example sentences
    • Eat less than 1,200 calories a day - the minimum amount most women need to keep all systems go - and you will likely burn lean muscle mass instead of fat.
    • It is all systems go here in Dublin. We have moved into new premises and are commencing our advertising and marketing campaign.

Phrasal verbs

go about

1verb + adverb 1.1go around 1 1, → go around 1 2 1.2 (Nautical) 2verb + preposition + object 2.1 (tackle, deal with) you'll be able to persuade them if you go about it the right way
los vas a poder convencer si encaras las cosas bien
you're going about it the wrong way: lift this end first
lo estás haciendo mal, levanta esta punta primero
to go about -inghow would you go about solving this equation?
¿cómo harías para resolver esta ecuación?
2.2 (occupy oneself with) to go about one's business
ocuparse de sus ( or mis etc. ) cosas

go after

verb + preposition + object
1 (pursue, chase)
dar caza a
2 (compete for)
tratar de conseguir
ir a por (Spain)

go against

verb + preposition + object
oponerse a
ir en contra de
ir contra
if things go against his wishes
si las cosas no salen como él quiere
the decision went against them
la decisión les fue desfavorable or fue en su contra

go ahead

verb + adverb
1 (proceed, begin) may I ask you a question? — go ahead!
¿le puedo hacer una pregunta? — por supuesto
¿le puedo hacer una pregunta? — pregunte nomás (Latin America)
to go ahead with something
seguir adelante con algo
2 (in race, contest)
ponerse en cabeza
tomar la delantera
Calypso Prince has just gone ahead of the favorite
Calypso Prince acaba de tomarle la delantera or acaba de adelantarse al favorito

go along

verb + adverb
1 (accompany, be present) I might go along if the weather's nice
puede ser que vaya, si hace buen tiempo
2 (proceed, progress) he whistled as he went along
iba silbando
we were going along at 100 kph
íbamos a 100 km/h
the project/patient is going along quite nicely
el proyecto/paciente va or marcha bastante bien
I usually make corrections as I go along
normalmente hago correcciones sobre la marcha
3 (cooperate, acquiesce)to go along with something/somebodythe committee has decided to go along with Bobby's proposal
la comisión ha decidido secundar la propuesta de Bobby
I'll go along with that
estoy de acuerdo con eso
you shouldn't just go along with everything he says
no deberías decir amén a todo lo que él diga

go around

(British also) go round
1verb + adverb 1.1 (move, travel, be outdoors) we were advised to go around in twos or threes
nos aconsejaron que anduviéramos en grupos de a dos o tres
he went around to different publishers
fue a ver a varios editores
she goes around in a Cadillac
anda por ahí en un Cadillac
to go around with somebody
andar con alguien
he goes around with some funny characters
anda con gente muy rara
to go around -ing
ir por ahí + gerund
you can't go around saying things like that!
¡no puedes ir por ahí diciendo esas cosas!
1.2 (circulate)
it's a bug that's going around
es un virus que anda (por ahí)
1.3 (be sufficient for everybody) there are enough forks to go around
hay tenedores (suficientes) para todos
there aren't enough to go round
no alcanzan
no hay suficientes
she added some water to it to make it go around
le agregó agua para que diera or alcanzara para todos
1.4 (revolve)
dar vueltas
I have this idea going around in my head
le estoy dando vueltas a esta idea
1.5 (visit) I'll go around and see him
iré a verlo
we went around to Arthur's last night
anoche fuimos a casa de Arthur
2verb + preposition + object 2.1
(turn) (corner)
dar la vuelta a
dar vuelta (Southern Cone)
2.2 (avoid, make detour)
2.3 (visit, move through)
in the afternoon we went around the castle
por la tarde visitamos el castillo
to go around the world
dar la vuelta al mundo
he went around the house looking for defects
recorrió la casa buscando defectos
he went around several companies trying to sell his idea
fue a or recorrió varias compañías tratando de vender su idea

go at

verb + preposition + object
he went at it as if his life depended on it
acometió la tarea como si le fuera la vida en ello
we'll just have to keep going at the problem until we find a solution
tendremos que seguir dándole al problema hasta encontrar una solución
no, no, you're going at it the wrong way
¡que no, así no es como hay que hacerlo!

go away

verb + adverb
1 (depart, leave)
tell them to go away
diles que se vayan
I went away from the meeting feeling disappointed
me fui or salí decepcionada de la reunión
he went away with completely the wrong idea
se fue con or se llevó una idea totalmente equivocada
2 (from home) they've gone away to Australia
se han ido a Australia
se han marchado a Australia (Spain)
we didn't go away last year
el año pasado no salimos or no fuimos a ningún lado de vacaciones
gone away (British)
(se escribe en el sobre de una carta que se devuelve al remitente, para indicar que el destinatario se ha mudado)
a going-away party/present
una fiesta/un regalo de despedida
(disappear, fade away) (smell)
pasarse or irse followed by me/te/le etc
my headache won't go away
no se me pasa or no se me va el dolor de cabeza
this problem will not go away
el problema no se va a resolver solo

go back

verb + adverb
1 1.1 (return, go home) I had to go back for my umbrella
tuve que volver a buscar el paraguas
tuve que regresarme a buscar el paraguas (Latin America)
I'd like to go back to Germany sometime
me gustaría volver a Alemania alguna vez
to go back to work
volver al trabajo
I shall never go back to that dentist!
¡no vuelvo nunca más a ese dentista!
she won't go back to him
no quiere volver con él
go back!
¡vuelve atrás!
there's no going back now
ya no se puede ( or no nos podemos etc. ) volver atrás
1.2 (in lecture, discussion, text) to go back to what I was saying earlier …
volviendo a lo que decía antes …
let's go back and examine those ideas more closely
volvamos atrás y examinemos más detenidamente esas ideas
1.3 (be returned) this dress'll have to go back
voy ( or vas etc. ) a tener que devolver ese vestido
2 2.1 (date, originate)
it goes back to the beginning of the century
se remonta a principios de siglo
we go back a long way [colloquial]
nos conocemos desde hace mucho
lo nuestro viene de muy atrás
2.2 (return in time, revert)to go back to something
volver a algo
we decided to go back to the old system
decidimos volver al sistema antiguo
3 (extend back)
the garden goes back 40 feet
el jardín tiene 40 pies de largo

go back on

verb + adverb + preposition + object
I am not going back on my promise
no voy a dejar de cumplir mi promesa
you can't go back on your word
no puedes faltar a tu palabra

go before

1verb + preposition + object (appear before)
presentarse ante
2verb + adverb, verb + preposition + object (happen, live previously) [literary]everything that had gone before
todo lo que había sucedido antes
those who have gone before us
aquellos que nos precedieron [literary]

go below

verb + adverb

go beyond

verb + preposition + object
ir más allá de
I don't think I can go beyond what Mr Brown has already said
no creo que pueda añadir nada a lo que el señor Brown ha dicho ya

go by

1verb + adverb 1.1 (move past) 1.2 (elapse) (days/years)
transcurrir [formal]
as time went by …
a medida que pasaba el tiempo …
tales of days gone by
cuentos de antaño [literary]
in years gone by people used to …
antes or antiguamente la gente solía …
we mustn't let the occasion go by without a celebration
no podemos dejar pasar la ocasión sin celebrarlo
2verb + preposition + object 2.1
(act, judge in accordance with) (instinct)
dejarse llevar por
to go by appearances
juzgar por las apariencias
they used to go by the position of the sun
se guiaban por la posición del sol
I am just going by what I was told
yo simplemente me atengo a lo que se me dijo
if previous experience is anything to go by
a juzgar por lo que ha sucedido en otras ocasiones
2.2 (be wasted) (US) the opportunity went right by him
perdió or dejó pasar la oportunidad

go down

verb + adverb
1 1.1 (descend)
(curtain) (Theatre)
going down! (in elevator)
to go down on one's knees/hands and knees
ponerse de rodillas/a gatas
I went down through the list
recorrí la lista
1.2 (fall)
1.3 (sink)
dejar de funcionar
descomponerse (Latin America)
1.5 (be defeated)to go down (to somebody)Italy went down 2-1 to Uruguay
Italia perdió 2 a 1 frente a Uruguay
to go down fighting
2 2.1 (decrease)
(temperature/exchange rate)
to go down in price
bajar de precio
to go down in value/weight
perder valor/peso
to go down to somethingI'm willing to go down to $500
estoy dispuesto a bajar hasta 500 dólares
I went down to 110 pounds
adelgacé hasta pesar 110 libras
her voice went down to a whisper
su voz se redujo a un susurro
2.2 (decline)
the street has gone down
la calle ha perdido categoría
she's gone down in my estimation
ha perdido or bajado mucho en mi estima
she's gone down a lot since you last saw her
ha empeorado ( or envejecido etc. ) mucho desde la última vez que la viste
2.3 (abate, subside)
his temperature's gone down
le ha bajado la fiebre
my knee has gone down
la hinchazón de la rodilla me ha bajado
2.4 (deflate)
perder aire
3 (extend)to go down to somethingthis road goes down to the beach
este camino baja a or hasta la playa
the skirt goes down to her ankles
la falda le llega a los tobillos
4 4.1 (toward the south)
ir (hacia el sur)
I'm going down to Atlanta for a few days
voy a ir a pasar unos días a Atlanta
4.2 (to another place) (British) I'm going down to the shops
voy a las tiendas
4.3 (British) (from university)
(at end of term) volver a casa para las vacaciones (desde Oxford o Cambridge)
(after graduating) terminar la carrera
egresar (Latin America)
4.4 (go to prison) [slang]he went down for five years
le cayeron cinco años [colloquial]
5 5.1 (be swallowed) it just won't go down
no me pasa
no lo puedo tragar
drink some water to help it go down
toma un poco de agua para ayudar a pasarlo
a coffee would go down nicely
un café me caería de maravilla
a crumb has gone down the wrong way
se me ha ido una miga por el otro camino
5.2 (present/proposal/remarks)how did the announcement go down?
¿qué tipo de acogida tuvo el anuncio?
¿cómo recibieron el anuncio?
the jokes went down well with the audience
al público le gustaron or le hicieron gracia los chistes
that won't go down too well with your father
eso no le va a caer muy bien a tu padre
6 (be recorded, written) all these absences will go down on your record
va a quedar constancia de estas faltas en tu ficha
that must go down as a wasted opportunity
deberemos recordarlo como una oportunidad desperdiciada
to go down in history or in the history books as somebody/something
pasar a la historia como alguien/algo

go down on

verb + adverb + preposition + object
chupársela a [vulgar]
mamársela a [vulgar]
hacerle la miné a [vulgar]

go down with

verb + adverb + preposition + object (British)
to go down with flu
caer en cama con gripe
to go down with food poisoning
sufrir una intoxicación
to go down with hepatitis
caer enfermo de hepatitis

go for

verb + preposition + object
1 1.1 (head toward, reach for) when she gets home, she goes straight for the gin
en cuanto llega a casa, se va derechito a la ginebra
he went for the finish line as if seven devils were after him
se lanzó a la meta como si lo persiguieran los demonios
se lanzó a por la meta como si lo persiguieran los demonios (Spain)
he went for his gun
fue a echar mano de la pistola
1.2 (attack) go for him, boy!
¡a por él! (Spain)
¡chúmbale! (Río de la Plata)
¡ucha! (Colombia)
he went for Bill
se le echó encima a Bill
in his speech he really went for the Prime Minister
en el discurso arremetió contra or le tiró a matar a la Primera Ministra
they went for each other with all sorts of accusations
se lanzaron todo tipo de acusaciones
2 2.1 (aim at)
ir tras
ir a por (Spain)
he's going for gold
va tras la medalla de oro
va a por la medalla de oro (Spain)
go for it!
¡haz la tentativa!
¡a por ello! (Spain)
2.2 (like, prefer) I don't really go much for Chinese food
a mí no me gusta mucho or no me entusiasma la comida china
2.3 (choose)
decidirse or optar por
designers have gone for a romantic look this year
los diseñadores apuestan por or se han decantado por un estilo romántico para este año
3 (be applicable to) and that goes for you too
y eso va también por or para ti
this goes for all of the halogens
esto es válido para todos los halógenos

go forth

verb + adverb (archaic or literary)
1 (stride onward) go forth and preach the gospel
id y predicad el evangelio
to go forth into an uncertain future
avanzar hacia un futuro incierto
2 (be issued) a decree went forth
se promulgó un decreto

go forward

verb + adverb
1 (progress)
the winners go forward to the final
los ganadores pasan a la final
2 (proceed, go ahead) the loan can now go forward
ahora se puede efectuar el préstamo
we are going forward with construction work as planned
vamos a poner en marcha las obras de acuerdo a lo planeado
3 (be proposed, passed on)
ser presentado
I allowed my name to go forward
permití que se me propusiera como candidata

go in

verb + adverb
1 (enter) 2 (fit)
the big case will not go in
la maleta grande no cabe
3 (be obscured)
4 (go to work)
ir a trabajar
5 (be learned, accepted)
entrar (en la cabeza)
6 (attack) (Military) the police went in to break up the demonstration
la policía intervino para dispersar a los manifestantes

go in for

verb + adverb + preposition + object
(enter) (race/competition)
participar en
tomar parte en
presentarse a
2 (take up, practice) is she going in for arts or sciences?
¿va a estudiar or ha elegido letras o ciencias?
he'd thought of going in for teaching
había pensado dedicarse a la enseñanza
I've never gone in for sports much
nunca he practicado mucho deporte
she goes in for alternative medicine
es partidaria de la medicina alternativa
more and more companies are going in for fidelity insurance
cada vez más compañías están optando por el seguro de infidelidad
we don't go in for that sort of thing in this establishment
ese tipo de cosa no tiene cabida en nuestro establecimiento

go into

verb + preposition + object
1 1.1 (enter)
entrar en
entrar a (Latin America)
1.2 (collide with)
chocar contra
1.3 (fit into)
entrar en
1.4 (be divisible into) 5 into 11 doesn't go
11 no es divisible por 5
2 2.1 (start, embark on)
entrar en
to go into an explanation
ponerse a dar explicaciones
2.2 (enter certain state)
entrar en
to go into a coma/a trance
entrar en coma/en un trance
he went into hysterics/a fit
le dio un ataque de histeria/un ataque
she went into a deep sleep
se durmió profundamente
cayó en un profundo sueño
2.3 (enter profession)
entrar en
she wants to go into publishing
quiere meterse en el mundo editorial
to go into the Church
entrar en religión
hacerse sacerdote ( or religioso etc. )
3 3.1 (discuss, explain)
entrar en
to go into details
entrar en detalles
I don't want to go into that
no quiero entrar en ese tema
in his article he goes into the reasons why …
en el artículo analiza las razones por las cuales …
she refused to go into why she resigned
se negó a explicar por qué había dimitido
3.2 (investigate, analyze)
4 (be devoted to) after all the money/work that has gone into this!
¡después de todo el dinero/trabajo que se ha metido en esto!
so much time and energy goes into keeping the place tidy
lleva mucho tiempo y esfuerzo mantenerlo todo ordenado

go in with

verb + adverb + preposition + object
I'll go in with you on Dad's present
voy a medias contigo en el regalo de papá

go off

1verb + adverb 1.1 (depart)
marcharse (esp Spain)
to go off with something
llevarse algo
she's gone off with my husband
se ha largado con mi marido [colloquial]
1.2 (end work, duty) 1.3 (leave stage, field of play) 1.4 (become sour, rotten)
echarse a perder
1.5 (decline in quality) (British)
she used to be very pretty, but she's gone off
antes era muy bonita, pero se ha echado a perder or se ha puesto fea
(make explosion) (bomb/firework)
1.7 (make noise)
1.8 (turn out) the party went off very well
la fiesta salió muy bien
1.9 (stop operating)
1.10 (wear off) (British)
pasarse followed by me/te/le etc
my headache's gone off now
se me ha pasado el dolor de cabeza
1.11 (enter certain state)to go off into somethingshe went off into hysterics she went off into a trance
entró en un trance
he went off into a long story about …
empezó a contar un largo cuento acerca de …
1.12 (go to sleep)
quedarse dormido
2verb + preposition + object (lose liking for) (British) I've gone off beer
ya no me gusta la cerveza
me ha dejado de gustar la cerveza
I've gone off him
ya no me gusta
ya no me cae bien
I've gone off the idea
ya no me atrae la idea
she's gone off men completely
no quiere saber nada de hombres

go on

1verb + adverb 1.1 (go further)
(without stopping) seguir
(after stopping) seguir
proseguir [formal]
we're going on to Florence in the morning
por la mañana seguiremos viaje hasta Florencia
I can't go on, I'm too tired
no puedo más, estoy muy cansado
1.2 (go ahead) you go on, we'll follow
tú vete que nosotros ya iremos
he went on ahead to look for a hotel
él fue antes or delante para buscar hotel
1.3 (last, continue) the discussion went on for hours
la discusión duró horas
the festival goes on until August 21st
el festival dura or continúa hasta el 21 de agosto
the fight goes on
la lucha continúa
the meeting just went on and on
la reunión se alargó interminablemente
we can't go on like this
no podemos seguir así
so it went on
y así siguió la historia [colloquial]
if you go on like this, you'll have no money left
como sigas así, te vas a quedar sin dinero
to go on -ing
seguir + gerund
I went on reading until 11 o'clock
seguí leyendo hasta las 11
I don't want to go on being exploited
no quiero que me sigan explotando
to go on to + infinitivehe went on to become President
llegó a ser presidente
she went on to explain why …
pasó a explicar por qué …
to go on to somethinghe may now go on to even greater things
puede que le esperen triunfos aún mayores
let us go on to victory
sigamos hasta triunfar
I'll go on to that subject in my next lecture
pasaré a tratar ese tema en mi próxima charla
to go on with something
seguir con algo
go on with what you were doing
sigan con lo que estaban haciendo
that's enough to be going on with (British)
eso alcanza por el momento
go on! (encouraging, urging)
¡venga! (Spain)
(expressing surprise, incredulity) [colloquial]
¡venga ya! (Spain)
1.4 (continue speaking)
proseguir [formal]
furthermore, he went on, …
—además —continuó …
—además —siguió diciendo …
—además —prosiguió … [formal]
1.5 (talk irritatingly) [derogatory]she does go on (British)
¡mira que habla … !
¡se pone de pesada … !
he went on and on
siguió dale que dale [colloquial]
siguió dale que te pego (Spain) [colloquial]
to go on about something
hablar de algo
what on earth is she going on about?
¿de qué diablos está hablando?
she keeps going on at me to get my hair cut
me está siempre encima or siempre me está dando la lata para que me corte el pelo [colloquial]
1.6 (happen) what's going on?
¿qué pasa?
there's a war going on the struggle that is going on for the leadership of the party
la lucha que está teniendo lugar por el liderazgo del partido
there's an argument going on next door
en la casa de al lado están discutiendo
is there anything going on between you two?
¿hay algo entre ustedes dos?
¿hay algo entre vosotros dos? (Spain)
how long has this been going on?
¿desde cuándo viene sucediendo esto?
there's something fishy going on here
1.7 (pass, elapse) the weather deteriorated as the morning went on
el tiempo empeoró a medida que avanzaba la mañana
1.8 (progress) the work's going on well
el trabajo marcha bien
(onto stage) salir a escena
(onto field of play) salir al campo
1.10 (fit, be placed) the lid won't go on
no le puedo ( or podemos etc. ) poner or colocar la tapa
the wheels go on last of all
las ruedas se ponen or colocan al final
my gloves wouldn't go on
no me entraban los guantes
1.11 (be switched on)
prenderse (Latin America)
2verb + preposition + object 2.1 (approach) he's going on 80
va para los 80
she's 16 going on 17
tiene 16 para 17
está por cumplir 17
it's going on 11 o'clock
van a ser las 11
son casi las 11
2.2 (base inquiries on) we can only go on what we know for certain
solo podemos basarnos en or guiarnos por lo que sabemos a ciencia cierta
all we have to go on is a phone number
lo único que tenemos es un número de teléfono
we don't have much to go on
no tenemos muchos datos ( or muchas pistas etc. ) en que basarnos

go on for

verb + adverb + preposition + object
(approach) (British) she's going on for 65
tiene cerca de 65
anda por or ronda or anda rondando los 65
it's going on for 11 o'clock
van a ser las 11
son casi las 11

go out

verb + adverb
1 1.1 (leave, exit) I went out for some fresh air
salí a tomar el aire
nobody is to go out of the building
que nadie salga del edificio
some of the old spirit has gone out of him
ha perdido un poco del empuje que tenía
to go out hunting/shopping
salir de caza/de compras
they went out looking for him
salieron a buscarlo
let's go out for a walk
salgamos a dar un paseo
to go out to work
trabajar fuera
the doctor's gone out on an urgent call
el médico ha salido a hacer una visita urgente
1.2 (socially, for entertainment) I'm going out to a concert tonight
esta noche voy a un concierto
to go out for a meal
salir a comer fuera
1.3 (as boyfriend, girlfriend)to go out (with somebody) how long have they been going out (together)?
¿cuánto hace que salen (juntos)?
2 (be issued, broadcast, distributed) invitations have gone out to several dignitaries
se ha cursado invitación a varios dignatarios
a warrant has gone out for her arrest
se ha ordenado su detención
the redundancy notices have gone out
se han despachado las notificaciones de despido
this program is going out live
este programa se emite en directo
3 (be extinguished)
4 (travel abroad)
irse (al extranjero)
6 6.1 (be eliminated)
ser eliminado
6.2 (in card game)
7 7.1 (become outmoded)
pasar de moda
7.2 (come to an end) the year/the week went out in spectacular style
el año/la semana terminó de un modo espectacular

go out to

verb + adverb + preposition + object
my heart goes out to you (in sympathy)
lo lamento muchísimo
(on somebody's death) te acompaño en el sentimiento

go over

1verb + preposition + object 1.1
(inspect, check) (text/figures/work)
1.2 (dust, clean) I'll just go over the bedroom with a duster
voy a darle una pasada or un repaso al dormitorio con un trapo
1.3 (revise, review)
I'd like to go over your essay with you
quisiera que viéramos or analizáramos tu trabajo juntos
I went over the incident in my mind
repasé mentalmente el incidente
I don't want to go over all that again
no quiero volver otra vez sobre eso
1.4 (draw, ink over)
2verb + adverb 2.1 (make one's way, travel) I went over to the window
fui hasta la ventana
me acerqué a la ventana
she went over to Jack and took his hand
se acercó a Jack y le tomó la mano
I'm going over to the States next week
la semana que viene me voy a Estados Unidos
we went over by boat/plane
fuimos en barco/avión
2.2 (Radio, Television) we're going over to our New York correspondent
conectamos ahora con nuestro corresponsal en Nueva York
2.3 (change sides)
to go over to the other side/the enemy/the competition
pasarse al otro bando/al enemigo/a la competencia
people are going over to their way of thinking
la gente está adoptando su forma de pensar
2.4 (fly overhead)
2.5 (be received) his jokes didn't go over well
sus chistes no cayeron muy bien

go past

verb + adverb, verb + preposition + object
the bus went right past (me) without stopping
el autobús pasó de largo
the 65 goes right past our house
el 65 pasa por la puerta de casa

go round

go around

go through

1verb + preposition + object 1.1 (pass through)
pasar por
the phase she's going through
la etapa por la que está pasando or que está atravesando
he went through school without passing a single exam
terminó el colegio sin aprobar ni un examen
the contract went through five different drafts
hubo cinco borradores distintos del contrato
el contrato pasó por cinco versiones diferentes
1.2 (undergo) (test/interview)
ser sometido a [formal]
1.3 (perform) let's go through the procedure once more
repitamos otra vez todos los pasos del procedimiento
we went through the funeral service without much conviction
cumplimos con las formalidades del funeral sin mucha convicción
1.4 (endure)
(ordeal/hard times)
pasar por
it's something we all have to go through
es algo por lo que todos tenemos que pasar
I've gone through a great deal on your behalf
lo he pasado muy mal por tu culpa
1.5 (search)
revisar (Latin America)
I've gone through all the files and I still can't find it
he buscado en todos los archivos y no lo puedo encontrar
1.6 (consume, use up) she went through a month's salary in two days
se gastó el sueldo de un mes en dos días
se liquidó el sueldo de un mes en dos días [colloquial]
he goes through ten shirts a week
ensucia diez camisas por semana
she can go through a pair of shoes in a month
es capaz de acabar con or de destrozar un par de zapatos en un mes
1.7go over 1 3
2verb + adverb 2.1 (be carried out, approved)
ser aprobado
when his divorce goes through
cuando obtenga el divorcio
the deal didn't go through
el trato no se llevó a cabo or no se concretó
2.2 (Sport)to go through to the final/next round
pasar a la final/a la siguiente etapa
they need only to draw to go through (British)
con solo empatar se clasifican
2.3 (to office, surgery) (British) 2.4 (become threadbare) my sweater has gone through at the elbows
tengo agujeros en los codos del suéter
el suéter se me ha gastado en los codos

go through with

verb + adverb + preposition + object
llevar a cabo
we went through with it for appearances' sake
lo hicimos por el qué dirán

go to

verb + preposition + object
(see, consult) (police)
ir a
acudir a
I want to go to a specialist
quiero ir a ver a un especialista
I'm going to the manager about this
yo voy a ir a hablar de esto con el gerente
to go to the people (Politics)
consultar al electorado
the program enables us to go to any file instantly
este programa nos permite acceso inmediato a cualquier archivo
2 (be awarded to)
ser para
… and the prize goes to …
… y el premio se lo lleva …
I think the cup will be going to France
creo que Francia se va a llevar la copa
3 (incur) I don't want you to go to too much trouble
no quiero que te tomes tantas molestias
we went to great expense to give her a good send-off
gastamos muchísimo para darle una buena despedida
they'll go to any lengths to prevent publication
harán todo lo que sea necesario para impedir que se publique

go together

verb + adverb
1 1.1 (be compatible) (colors/patterns)
pegar [colloquial]
lamb and mint sauce go well together
el cordero queda muy bien con salsa de menta
religion and the consumer society do not go together
la religión no va con la sociedad de consumo
1.2 (be normally associated) love and marriage do not necessarily go together
el amor y el matrimonio no van siempre de la mano
2 (be romantically attached) [colloquial]
salir juntos

go under

verb + adverb
(submerge, sink) (ship)
2 (fail, go bankrupt)
irse a pique

go up

verb + adverb
1 1.1
(ascend) (person)
ascender [formal]
(curtain) (Theatre)
we went up onto the roof
subimos al tejado
going up! (in elevator)
a cloud of dust went up
se levantó una nube de polvo
1.2 (approach)to go up (to somebody/something)
acercarse (a alguien/algo)
1.3 (toward the north) 1.4 (to another place) (esp British) I'm going up to London/town
voy a Londres/a la ciudad
1.5 (British) (to university)
(at beginning of term) ir a la universidad
(to begin studying) empezar la carrera (en Oxford o Cambridge)
2 2.1
(increase) (temperature/price/cost)
eggs are going up again
vuelven a subir los huevos
to go up in price
subir or aumentar de precio
to go up in value
to go up to something
subir a algo
I went up to 140 lbs
engordé hasta llegar a pesar 140 libras
2.2 (improve)
she's gone up in my estimation
ha ganado en mi estima
3 (extend)to go up to somethingthe socks go up to my knees
los calcetines me llegan a las rodillas
the road only goes up as far as Brigville
la carretera va or llega solo hasta Brigville
4 4.1 (be built, erected) a church has gone up on that site
se ha levantado una iglesia en aquel terreno
4.2 (be put up) a notice has gone up in the hall
han puesto un anuncio en el hall
(burst into flames) prenderse fuego
(explode) estallar
to go up in flames
6 6.1 (be switched on)
prenderse (Latin America)
6.2 (be uttered)
alzarse [formal]

go with

verb + preposition + object
1 1.1 (be compatible with) this sauce goes well with hamburgers
esta salsa queda muy bien con hamburguesas
choose a tie to go with your shirt
elija una corbata que quede bien or que combine con su camisa
1.2 (accompany, be associated with) the house goes with the job
la casa va con el puesto
this book should go with the novels over there
este libro debería ir ahí con las novelas
the problems that go with owning a car
los problemas que trae tener coche
Christmas and all that goes with it
la Navidad y todo lo que conlleva
2 (have attachment) [colloquial] he's been going with her for quite a while now
hace tiempo que sale con ella

go without

1verb + preposition + object (do without)
pasar sin
see how long you can go without a cigarette
a ver cuánto tiempo puedes pasar or estar sin fumar
the prisoners are continuing to go without eating
los presos siguen sin comer
we can go for weeks without seeing a soul
podemos estar or pasar semanas sin ver a un alma
2verb + adverbthere's no coffee left, you'll just have to go without in order to feed her children she herself often went without
para darles de comer a los niños a menudo pasaba privaciones
3verb + preposition + object (pass without) this fact cannot go without recognition
no podemos ( or pueden etc. ) dejar de reconocer este hecho
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