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grave 1


  • 1 as quiet o silent as the grave
    como una tumba
    inside, the place was like a grave
    dentro había un silencio sepulcral
    to dig one's own grave
    cavarse su ( or mi etc) propia tumba
    to turn in one's graveyour father must be turning in his grave
    si tu padre levantara la cabeza …
    Example sentences
    • With the other executed rebels, his body was put into a mass grave with no coffin.
    • Most of the missing are believed to be buried in mass graves, and several mass grave sites have already been found and exhumed.
    • Marking graves with stones was one of the characteristics that continued through centuries and religions.
  • 2 (death) [literary]that's a secret she'll take to the grave
    ese es un secreto que se llevará a la tumba
    a voice from beyond the grave Waterloo was the grave of Bonapartist hopes
    en Waterloo quedaron enterradas las esperanzas bonapartistas
    Example sentences
    • It is often at the graveside that people's ears and hearts strain to hear a word that carries beyond death and the grave.
    • They have made a covenant with Death and the grave.
    • He had no hope beyond the grave; he mocked at death; he was in his seventy-seventh year.
    Example sentences
    • In the Seetalsee across the border in Austria a further £500m in ingots is said to repose in a watery grave.
    • Even a minute crack on the submarine's surface can lead to a watery grave.
    • Apparently not; the painstakingly hand-tended wooden form of my Jordan 193 now lies in a watery grave in the river at a former factory site.
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There are 2 entries that translate grave into Spanish:

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grave 2

American English: /ɡreɪv/
British English: /ɡreɪv/

adjective graver, gravest

  • 1 1.1 (serious, momentous)
    of the gravest importance
    de la mayor gravedad
    you do me a grave injustice
    estás cometiendo una grave injusticia conmigo
    Example sentences
    • As we have seen, those structures can distance and muffle even the pleas of parents who are concerned about grave danger to their children.
    • Referring to the situation in the state the statement expressed grave concern over the continuing violence by the insurgents.
    • Furthermore, the conviction of a registered medical practitioner for offences of violence is a matter of grave concern.
    1.2 (solemn)
    he's rather grave
    es una persona más bien seria
    Example sentences
    • And their teacher: he's a tall, very urbane and rather natty man, with a grave manner.
    • So they hem and haw and appear ever so grave and thoughtful.
    • She started walking down the small hallway towards the kitchen and her parents looked at her in a grave manner.
  • 2
    American English: /ɡrɑv/
    British English: /ɡrɑːv/
    a grave accent
    un acento grave
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