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American English: /ɡrɪp/
British English: /ɡrɪp/

Translation of grip in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (hold) he has a tight grip
    agarra con fuerza
    she held his arm in a strong grip
    lo tenía agarrado or asido fuertemente del brazo
    he changed his grip (Sport)
    cambió la forma en que tomaba la raqueta ( or el bate etc. )
    cambió la forma en que cogía la raqueta ( or el bate etc. ) (esp Spain)
    grip on somethingkeep a good grip on the bar
    agárrate bien de la barra
    he kept a firm grip on expenses
    llevaba un rígido control de los gastos
    she managed to get a grip on the match in the third set
    consiguió dominar el partido en el tercer set
    he never got a grip on the job
    no pudo con el trabajo
    get a grip on yourself!
    he lost his grip on the rope
    se le escapó la cuerda
    he has lost his grip on reality
    ha perdido contacto con la realidad
    she's losing her grip on the situation
    está perdiendo el control de la situación
    he tightened his grip on my neck
    me apretó más el cuello
    the company has tightened its grip on the market
    la empresa se ha afianzado en su dominio del mercado
    the region is in the grip of an epidemic
    una epidemia asola la región
    the country was in the grip of a general strike
    una huelga general paralizaba al país
    the blackmailer had me in his grip
    el chantajista me tenía en sus garras
    to come/get to grips with somethinghe soon got to grips with the new system
    enseguida aprendió el nuevo sistema
    I never managed to get to grips with the subject
    nunca llegué a entender del todo el tema
    she still hasn't come to grips with the situation
    todavía no ha aceptado or asumido la situación
    Example sentences
    • They had another fine opportunity to take an early lead shortly afterwards as the home side failed to take a grip on the match.
    • My nutritionist advised that in order to be in optimum health for conceiving a baby, I must take a grip on my addiction.
    • Can there be a greater temptation for politicians than to have control of an asset that may ensure they keep a grip on power?
    1.2 (of tires)
    Example sentences
    • The wheels rarely scrabble for grip even on the most treacherous surfaces.
    • It also allows for more pattern contact to improve uphill grip without reducing glide.
    • Some of my leather shoes had absolutely no grip.
  • 2 (on handle)
    Example sentences
    • The little guy managed to sidestep the front of the bike but got winged in the gut by one of the handlebar grips.
    • In keeping with the gun's modular component design, other types of buttstocks and grips can he attached if desired.
    • It had wide, angular handle bars; edgy, rubber hand grips; and fat tires with treads!
  • 4 (bag) [dated]
    bolsa (feminine) de viaje
    Example sentences
    • He has with him a grip containing clothing and papers.
    • A policeman captured a burglar yesterday afternoon just in time to prevent his escaping with a grip containing part of the $1,000 haul made at a robbery on Saturday.
    • He brought along a grip filled with a suit of extra clothing.

transitive verb present participle gripping past tense, past participle gripped

  • 1 (take hold of)
    he gripped her arm tightly
    la agarró fuertemente del brazo
    Example sentences
    • Her shoulders were straight and she was gripping her purse rather tightly, looking extremely strained.
    • He sat straight as his hands gripped the steering wheel tightly.
    • He grabbed her wrists and gripped them tightly.
  • 2 (have hold of)
    tener agarrado
  • 3 (adhere to) these tires grip the road well
    estos neumáticos tienen buena adherencia or buen agarre
  • 4 (overwhelm) he was gripped by panic
    el pánico se apoderó de él
    fue presa del pánico
  • 5 (interest) the play failed to grip the audience
    la obra no captó el interés del público

intransitive verb present participle gripping past tense, past participle gripped

  • adherirse
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