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American English: /hæf/
British English: /hɑːf/

Translation of half in Spanish:

noun plural halves

  • 1 1.1 (part) half of the sugar
    la mitad del azúcar
    the upper half of the body
    la parte superior del cuerpo
    to break/divide something in half
    romper/dividir algo por la mitad or en dos
    it's interesting to see how the other half lives
    es interesante ver cómo viven los demás
    to do things by halves [colloquial]
    hacer las cosas a medias
    to go halves [colloquial] we go halves on the rent
    pagamos el alquiler a medias
    too … by half (British) [colloquial]she's too clever by half
    se pasa de lista [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Slice the roll in half the short way, then slice the halves in half.
    • Cut a starfish in half and both halves can recover to produce two starfish.
    • Try a biscuit crust, tortillas, flatbread such as pita, bun halves or a baguette cut in half lengthwise as bases for pizza toppings.
    1.2 (Mathematics) 1.3 (elliptical use) an hour and a half
    una hora y media
    I wear a 37 and a half
    calzo (un) 37 y medio
    you get time and a half on Sundays
    te pagan el 50% más los domingos
    it's half past ten
    son las diez y media
    the train leaves at half past
    el tren sale a y media
    the half-past train
    el tren de las y media
    … and a half! [colloquial]that was a party and a half!
    ¡eso sí que fue una fiesta!
    that's a dog and a half!
    ¡menudo perrazo! [colloquial]
  • 3 (of beer) (British) [colloquial]
    media pinta (feminine) (de cerveza)
    Example sentences
    • Seriously, get her to drink a half of stout a day as a basis for any magick she does.
    • Two airline stewardesses were sacked for drinking a half of lager each before a flight.
    • Usually we'd have a half of beer, but on this occasion someone suggested a glass of sherry, because it dried you out.
  • 4 (fare) (British) one and two halves
    un adulto y dos niños
  • 5 (spouse) [colloquial] [humorous]my/his better/other half
    mi/su media naranja [colloquial] [humorous]


  • la mitad
    I only want half
    solo quiero la mitad
    half of that money is mine
    la mitad de ese dinero es mía
    the half of it [colloquial]you haven't heard the half of it
    y eso no es nada
    Example sentences
    • When continuing a character, pull out attack cards equal to half your STR.
    • Use a complete suit for each player and a number of Jokers equal to about half the players.
    • That may sound strange for a country which faced the prospect of a nuclear holocaust for almost half a century.


  • he won half a million pounds
    ganó medio millón de libras
    half a pint of milk
    media pinta de leche
    one and a half hours
    una hora y media
    half the school knows about it already
    ya lo sabe medio colegio
    half the amount has been raised already
    ya hemos recaudado la mitad del dinero
    half my salary goes on the mortgage
    la mitad del sueldo se me va en la hipoteca
    he's half her age
    ella le dobla la edad
    the planning is half the fun
    los preparativos son casi tan divertidos como la fiesta ( or el viaje etc. ) en sí
    she isn't half the player/singer she used to be [colloquial]
    no es ni con mucho la jugadora/cantante que era
    the shirt had half sleeves
    la camisa era de manga corta
    she managed a half smile
    apenas logró esbozar una sonrisa
    to have a half share in something
    tener la mitad de algo
    Example sentences
    • Nowadays he is on first-name terms with at least half of his audience.
    • I imagine at least half the audience was completely off its gourd so God knows what he was doing to the collective psyche.
    • The emcee is desperate to get us to stay, but half the audience gets up to leave anyway.


  • the meat is half cooked
    la carne está medio cruda or a medio cocer
    the work is only half done
    el trabajo está a medio hacer
    she was half asleep
    estaba medio dormida or semidormida
    the door was half closed
    la puerta estaba entreabierta
    I half expected to find him here
    en cierto modo esperaba encontrármelo aquí
    I was only half listening
    no estaba prestando mucha atención
    she said it half jokingly
    lo dijo medio en broma
    half walking, half running
    medio caminando, medio corriendo
    half man, half horse
    mitad hombre, mitad caballo
    she is half Italian, half Greek
    es hija de italianos y griegos
    they are paid half as much as we are
    les pagan la mitad que a nosotros
    that will cost you half as much again
    le costará un 50% más
    the movie isn't half as good as the book [colloquial]
    la película no es ni la mitad de buena que el libro
    not half (British) [colloquial] (as intensifier) he isn't half clever
    es inteligentísimo
    do you like it? — not half!
    ¿te gusta? — no me gusta, me encanta
    it isn't half cold today
    hoy hace un frío de los demonios [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • In fact, I'm half inclined to start asking for Italy, just to see if I can do it!
    • A lot of money went into it when the pond was repaired and residents believe it should look half decent.
    • She jumped back slightly against the window half afraid of what he was going to say.
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