There are 2 translations of harvest in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈhɑːrvəst; ˈhɑːvɪst/


  • 1.1 c u (of grain) cosecha (f), siega (f); (of fruit, vegetables) cosecha (f), recolección (f); (of grapes) vendimia (f); (of sugar cane) cosecha (f), zafra (f) (esp AmL)
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    • The olive harvest falls after grape harvest, during a period of time when he'd otherwise have nothing for his workers to do.
    • For most farmers, drying the crop is the major bottleneck in the harvest process.
    • Gulfprince ripens from early to mid-May, extending the harvest period.
    1.2 c (yield) cosecha (f)
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    • The government estimates the new harvest will yield about 600000 tons of staple grains this year.
    • If those working on it can work together, the seeds sown to date can yield a bountiful harvest.
    • This followed a shortage caused by a poor winter harvest and alleged wheat market manipulation resulted in excessive exports of grain.
    1.3 (results) (no pl) to reap a harvest of hatred cosechar odios
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    • Indian theatre has produced harvests in many languages.
    • The paradox is that a search for a unifying center fails, but it has produced a harvest of insights into the riches of the Bible.
    • Inflation, shortages, and declining production were the harvest of five years of perestroika and glasnost.

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There are 2 translations of harvest in Spanish:



  • [crop/wheat] cosechar; [grapes] vendimiar; [field] realizar* la cosecha en
    More example sentences
    • The gardens are starting to look bare as the last of the root crops are harvested, and the still green cover crops are filling in the beds.
    • Each year woman, children and even competing small farmers are forced to harvest the crop on big collective farms.
    • Centuries ago when farmers planted and harvested their crops, they knew little about the science involved.

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