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American English: /hɪr/
British English: /hɪə/

Translation of here in Spanish:


here, meaning present, is not always translated: we're all here estamos todos. But: she's not here no está aquí.
  • 1 1.1
    (at, to this place) aquí
    acá (esp Latin America)
    (less precise) acá
    come here!
    ¡ven aquí!
    ¡ven acá! (esp Latin America)
    I left it right here
    lo dejé aquí mismo
    the shops around here are expensive
    las tiendas de por aquí son caras
    las tiendas de por acá son caras (esp Latin America)
    Boston is 200 miles from here
    Boston está a 200 millas de aquí
    Boston está a 200 millas de acá (esp Latin America)
    it's hot in here
    hace calor aquí
    give it here! [colloquial]
    ¡trae aquí! [colloquial]
    ¡trae acá! (esp Latin America) [colloquial]
    to be neither here nor there
    no venir al caso
    whether he intended to return it or not is neither here nor there
    que pensara o no devolverlo no viene al caso
    what you do is neither here nor there to me
    lo que tú puedas hacer me trae sin cuidado
    Example sentences
    • I notice you have a little bit of a close community going on here where you live.
    • At the moment, there are some other women living here who are near her age to keep her company.
    • Beveridge once lived near here, where he would have seen all the ills he listed.
    1.2 (in phrases) here and nowdo I have to decide here and now?
    ¿tengo que decidir ahora mismo or en este mismo momento?
    I can tell you here and now that you're mistaken
    te puedo ir diciendo desde ya que estás equivocado
    the here and now
    (this life) esta vida
    (the present) el presente
    el momento
    here and there
    aquí y allá
    outbreaks of rain are likely here and there
    hay posibilidad de lluvias dispersas
    I've had odd jobs here and there
    he tenido algún que otro trabajo
    here, there and everywhere
    por todas partes
  • 2 (calling attention to something, somebody) here's £20
    toma 20 libras
    here you are, drink this here you are or here we are sir: your shoes
    aquí tiene los zapatos, señor
    where did I put it? ah, here we are!
    ¿dónde lo puse? ¡ah, aquí está!
    here's what you should do
    esto es lo que debes hacer
    he aquí lo que debes hacer [literary]
    wait! here's the funniest part of it!
    ¡espera, que ahora viene lo más gracioso!
    I didn't go; here's why
    no fui; ya verás por qué or te voy a decir por qué
    here comes Philip/the bus
    aquí está Philip/el autobús
    ask Emily here
    pregúntale aquí a Emily
    here goes: wish me luck! here we go again! (expressing exasperation)
    ¡ya estamos or ya empezamos otra vez!
    here's to the bride and groom (proposing a toast)
    a la salud de los novios
    brindemos por los novios
  • 3 3.1 (present) were you here last week?
    ¿viniste la semana pasada?
    he isn't here today
    hoy no está
    Smith? — here! (in roll call)
    ¿Smith? — ¡presente!
    3.2 (arrived) they're here!
    ¡ya llegaron!
    ¡ya están aquí!
    winter'll be here before long
    pronto llegará or empezará el invierno
    3.3 (available) the material is here to be used
    el material está para que lo usen
    help yourself, that's what it's here for
    sírvete, para eso está
  • 4 4.1 (at this moment, point) here she hesitated
    entonces or en ese momento titubeó
    Example sentences
    • It looks like this is becoming a real trend and it finally feels like summer is here.
    • But when I read things like this, it becomes clear that the time when that can happen is not yet here.
    • Summer days are here again, and the winter woollies have finally been put in mothballs.
    4.2 (on this point) I'd like to say here that …
    sobre este punto yo quisiera decir que …
    here I disagree
    ahí no estoy de acuerdo
    many opinions are possible here
    sobre esto caben diversas opiniones
  • 5 (as interjection) here, let me do it
    trae, deja que lo haga yo
    here, you, give us a hand [colloquial]
    ¡oye tú, danos una mano!
    ¡che (vos), danos una mano! (Río de la Plata)
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