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Pronunciation: /ˈhɔːrər; ˈhɒrə(r)/


  • 1 1.1 u (emotion) horror (m) I cried out in horror grité horrorizadato have a horror of sth/-ing he has a horror of spiders les tiene horror or terror a las arañas I have a horror of being alone me aterra or me da pavor estar sola (before n) [movie/story] de terror everyone has a horror story to tell about … todo el mundo ha tenido alguna mala experiencia con …
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    • But Toby doesn't react with horror or disgust or shock, instead complaining that Bree lied to him.
    • Shock, horror, disgust impinge on our sense of ourselves, creating a sense of crisis as our sense of completeness and comfort is threatened.
    • Judy gasped in shock and horror, paralyzed with disgust and unbridled rage as Sarah stormed out of the room.
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    • This is also one reason why I remain so steadfastly resolute about concentrating on fantasy, science fiction and horror film.
    • The work was a breakthrough, spawning the birth of two literary genres: science-fiction and horror fiction.
    • The science fiction and horror genres have often served as mirrors of the troubles and fears of the time.
    1.2 c (experience, event) the horrors of nuclear warfare los horrores de la guerra atómica ten die in gas blast horror [journalese/lenguaje periodístico] diez muertos en una explosión de gas horror of horrors, you'll actually have to do some work! [iro] ¡qué horror! ¡hasta vas a tener que trabajar! [irónico/ironical] 1.3 c (person, thing) [colloquial/familiar] monstruo (m) that child's a little horror! ¡ese niño es un diablillo! [familiar/colloquial]
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    • But there was another horror, one as difficult to believe.
    • Or come back later for some thoughts on how to effectively counter that horror.
    • Name your disaster, horror or tragedy, no matter how grotesque, and there will be someone making a joke of it somewhere.
  • 2
    (horrors pl)
    [colloquial/familiar] spiders give me the horrors las arañas me ponen los pelos de punta [familiar/colloquial]
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    • As in every culture, where all other Indians in the story are proud and honourable, Emiliano happens to be a horror of almost fantastical proportions.
    • He thinks Anse is a horror of a human being to throw Darl down in the public street and handcuff him and to pour concrete on Cash's leg, forever destroying it.

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