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Pronunciation: /həʊst/


  • 1 1.1 (person dispensing hospitality) anfitrión, -triona (m,f) I'm playing host to a group of exchange students tonight esta noche recibo a un grupo de estudiantes extranjeros Barcelona played host to the Olympic Games Barcelona fue la sede de las Olimpíadas the host for this year's tennis tournament will be Danvers High School el campeonato de tenis se celebrará este año en Danvers High School (before n) [country/government] anfitrión
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    • In the event of unannounced guests, the host and hostess will usually sit beside the table.
    • The Moreton children entertained their hosts with wartime songs, including Run, Rabbit, Run and the Dad's Army theme song Who Do You Think You Are Kidding, Mr Hitler?
    • The horses pulling the carriage suddenly took fright for no apparent reason, snapped the traces and bolted off, startling both the hosts and their guest of honour.
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    • Speaking of album launches, the White House Hotel in Ballinlough played host to two such events over the past three weeks.
    • St Nathy's Hall played host to the event entitled ‘Celebrating difference’.
    • As always, the courses in and around Tramore played host to the event and once again, a superb week was had by all.
    1.2 [Rad] [TV] presentador, -dora (m,f)
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    • America now has many opinionated television and talk radio hosts, who have presented their one sided and often inflammatory view of the situation.
    • In the bizarre world of conservative television pundits and talk radio hosts, loyalty means supporting the wars they support.
    • These days, she works as a daytime television presenter, gameshow host and author.
  • 2 2.1 (of parasite) huésped (m) (before n) host animal/organism animal/organismo huésped or receptor 2.2 (of transplant) [Med] receptor, -tora (m,f)
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    • There are the intelligent sows called pigoons, bred as hosts for human transplant organs.
    • Thus, the rescued eye tissues arise from the host and not the donor.
    • Nodule formation involves responses of the host in various root tissues.
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    • Parasites that manipulate the sex of their hosts are called reproductive parasites - and they are not as rare as one might like to think.
    • Thus, defenses evolved in response to one parasite can give hosts protection against other parasitic species.
    • This approach needs to be refined and extended to other associations between parasitic plants and their hosts.
  • 3 3.1 (multitude) gran cantidad (f) a whole host of difficulties gran cantidad de dificultades, muchísimas dificultades 3.2 (army) [literario/literary] huestes (fpl) Lord of Hosts Señor (m) de los Ejércitos
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    • So he merely stood on the wall above the gate, watching his army take on the host of elves.
    • If he had the ring, he could command a great army and drive away the hosts of Mordor.
    • But they all hoped he would appear at any moment, complete with a host of angels at his back, and deliver them from their captivity.
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    • It all throws up a host of memories for anyone who went to Berlin pre-1990.
    • The score also includes a host of popular Italian songs from days gone by.
    • I have a host of acquaintances, a myriad of contacts, but no one besides Lucas I can call a real friend.
  • 4the Host [Relig] la (Sagrada) Hostia or Forma, la Eucaristía to receive the Host recibir la Eucaristía, comulgar*
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    • The deacons will substitute for priests at weekend ceremonies of readings and prayers, but will not be able to consecrate the Host.
    • In response to his ‘Amen,’ I lean forward to place the Host on his tongue.
    • In the National Gallery's Mass of Saint Giles, for example, the saint elevates the Host at the moment of consecration.

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There are 2 translations of host in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (be the venue for) Washington will once again be hosting the conference Washington volverá a ser la sede de la conferencia, la conferencia volverá a celebrarse en Washington 1.2 [Rad] [TV] [show/game/quiz] presentar 1.3 [party/function] ofrecer*
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    • The event was hosted by television comedian Tony Hawks, star of Whose Line is it Anyway?
    • In the week leading up to the event, Glasgow will host fan parties, including the NFL Experience, an American football theme park in George Square.
    • Marty Whelan will again host the televised event.

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