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Translation of house in Spanish:

noun plural housesPronunciation: /ˈhaʊzəz/

American English: /haʊs/
British English: /haʊs/
  • 1 1.1 (dwelling) I won't have that dog in the house
    no quiero a ese perro en casa
    come around to my house at six
    ven a (mi) casa a las seis
    the party's at my house
    la fiesta es en (mi) casa
    the man/lady of the house
    el hombre/la señora de la casa
    he's useless around the house
    es un inútil para la casa
    the house of God
    la casa del Señor
    a house divided
    (cualquier nación u organización con divisiones internas)
    to move house (British)
    mudarse (de casa)
    cambiarse de casa
    to play house
    jugar a las casitas
    a house of cards
    un castillo de naipes
    as safe as houses (British)
    totalmente seguro
    it's as safe as houses
    es totalmente seguro
    no tiene el menor peligro
    to clean house (US)
    (restore order) poner la casa en orden
    hacer una limpieza
    (lit: spring-clean) hacer (una) limpieza general
    to eat somebody out of house and home
    dejarle la despensa vacía a alguien
    to get along like a house afire or (British) on fire [colloquial] (be very friendly)
    hacer buenas migas
    llevarse muy bien
    (make good progress) we're getting on like a house afire
    todo marcha sobre ruedas or viento en popa
    to keep house
    ocuparse de or llevar la casa
    to keep open house it's always open house at the Browns'
    la casa de los Brown siempre está abierta a todo el mundo
    to put one's (own) house in order
    poner sus ( or mis etc. ) asuntos en orden
    ordenar sus ( or mis etc. ) asuntos
    to set up house
    poner casa
    (before noun) house buyer
    comprador (-dora) (masculine, feminine) de una vivienda or casa
    house owner
    propietario (-ria) (masculine, feminine)
    dueño (-ña) (masculine, feminine) de una casa
    house painter
    pintor (-tora) (masculine, feminine) de casas
    house prices
    el precio de la vivienda
    Example sentences
    • Real foxes do, indeed, sometimes make their homes under human houses and, increasingly in this country at any rate, under city homes.
    • The plaintiffs were required to carry out certain repairs by the local council in order to render houses fit for human habitation.
    • Then here were a great many houses; human habitations, full of the mysteries of life at every stage of it.
    1.2 (household) you'll wake the whole house
    vas a despertar a toda la casa
    Example sentences
    • Every creak of a floor board or an opening door seems loud enough to wake up the whole house.
    • He picked up his cell phone to call her but thought that he would be waking up the whole house.
    • I would have called you, but I didn't want to wake your entire house at seven on a weekend.
    1.3 (dynasty) the House of Windsor
    la casa de Windsor
    Example sentences
    • Mountbatten was born to a family closely related to the house of Windsor.
    • Mar decided to retaliate by raising the standard for the house of Stuart.
    • The Picts also practiced matrilineal descent - thus their royal houses all descended through the female line.
  • 2House of Commons House of Lords Houses of Parliament House of Representatives 2.1 (Politics)
    Cámara (feminine)
    the lower/upper house
    la cámara baja/alta
    the House of Representatives (in US)
    la Cámara de Representantes or de Diputados
    the House of Commons/of Lords (in UK)
    la Cámara de los Comunes/de los Lores
    the Houses of Parliament (in UK)
    el Parlamento
    Example sentences
    • At the state level, some of the legislatures are bicameral, patterned after the two houses of the national parliament.
    • The referendum has been widely adopted to protect key aspects of state constitutions, such as the governor and the two houses of parliament.
    • This introduced a national parliament with two houses for India.
    Example sentences
    • The oldest member of parliament, he served as speaker of the house when it first met.
    • Ideally, the president of the GMC would present the annual report in public, before a committee of both houses of parliament.
    • We accept that a time will come when the houses of parliament and the government will have to agree a final form of the bill that is less than ideal.
    2.2 (in debate)
    Example sentences
    • This House Would Under No Circumstances Fight For Queen And Country.
    • This house would privatise Britain's universities.

Cultural Note: House of Commons

La Cámara de los Comunes es la cámara baja del Parlamento británico o Houses of Parliament. Los parlamentarios elegidos para reunirse aquí se denominan MPs MP - Member of Parliament o Members of Parliament Member of Parliament.

Cultural Note: House of Lords

La Cámara de los Lores es la cámara alta del Parlamento británico. Su función es discutir y posteriormente aprobar o sugerir cambios a la legislación que haya sido aprobada en la Cámara de los Comunes House of Commons. La única excepción es la ley de presupuestos generales del estado que es tratada exclusivamente por esta última. Sus miembros son nombrados en su mayoría, y solo quedan 92 miembros hereditarios. Se han propuesto unas medidas de reforma según las cuales un porcentaje de los lores serían elegidos directamente por el pueblo.

Cultural Note: Houses of Parliament

Son las dos cámaras del Parlamento británico, la Cámara de los Comunes House of Commons y la Cámara de los Lores House of Lords. El Palacio de Westminster ( Palace of Westminster), que es el grupo de edificios situados en el centro de Londres donde se reúnen los miembros de las dos cámaras, también se conoce con este nombre.

Cultural Note: House of Representatives

La Cámara de Representantes es la cámara baja del Congreso Congress de Estados Unidos. Está formada por 435 representantes Representative que son elegidos cada dos años. Cada estado de EEUU tiene un número de representantes proporcional a su población. Esta cámara es la encargada de introducir nueva legislación, por lo que toda nueva ley debe ser aprobada por ella.
  • 3 3.1 (Business) finance house
    financiera (feminine)
    casa (feminine) financiera
    a software house
    una empresa de software
    drinks are on the house we get that done out of house
    eso se hace fuera
    the in-house workers
    el personal (regular)
    (before noun) the house style
    el estilo de la editorial ( or el periódico etc. )
    house white/red
    vino (masculine) blanco/tinto de la casa
    Example sentences
    • The central government plans to privatise publishing houses in a bid to open the sector and lure investment.
    • There seemed to be only a half dozen corporate publishing houses left.
    • He also appealed to business houses to help the institution with the sinking of a borehole since the school has no water supply.
    Example sentences
    • 'From the Alley to the House is like a path of ants', said Walpole.
    3.2 (brothel) (US)
    Example sentences
    • In an attempt to create Canada’s first cooperative bawdy house, a sex-work organization will submit a request to Parliament for amnesty from an anti-brothel provision within the next six months.
  • 4 (Theatre) 4.1 (auditorium) house full
    no quedan localidades
    agotadas las localidades
    to bring the house down [colloquial]that scene brought the house down
    el teatro casi se viene abajo con los aplausos que siguieron a esa escena
    Example sentences
    • Jesus, berating the money-changers in the Temple, called the building a house of prayer.
    • He also noted that it did not take into account the mosques and Muslim houses of prayer destroyed since 1948.
    • It is not right to make a fortress of Christ's church, which is a house of prayer.
    4.2 (audience) 4.3 (performance) the second house starts at eight
    la segunda función empieza a las ocho
    Example sentences
    • Since Gyan's return to the North Coast she has been performing to sellout houses.
    • It played six performances to packed houses at Sydney's Conservatorium, and attracted gratifying media attention.
    • Later it performed to packed houses at Andrew's Lane Theatre in Dublin
  • 5 5.1 (School)
    (cada uno de los grupos en que se dividen los alumnos de algunos colegios con fines competitivos etc)
    Example sentences
    • There were eight houses or forms that divided up the pupils at Bishop Luffa and Sherbourne had now become the odd one out, the unlucky one.
    • Students are divided into houses based on their special needs or interests.
    • From the very start, competition between the houses is encouraged.
    5.2 (monastery) (Religion)
    Example sentences
    • Giberti, like Sadoleto, chose to reside in his see, where he disciplined his clergy, reformed religious houses, and took the cure of souls seriously.
    • Joseph II reduced the number of religious houses belonging to the contemplative orders.
    • In England, for example, there were some fifty religious houses in 1066 and perhaps 1,000 monks and nuns.
  • 6 (Astrology)
    casa (feminine) celeste
    Example sentences
    • It is also good to have the ruler of the Ascendant and the 2nd house in mutual reception.
    • A horoscope needs to be drawn and studied and the meaning of aspects as well as the positioning of houses and planets have to be understood.
    • His seventh house contains Mars while Libra is at the Ascendant containing Uranus.
    Example sentences
    • I look further along and I see the Moon is at the top of the chart in the ninth house at 14 degrees of Virgo.
    • The angular houses represent our own ‘seats of power’, places of familiarity and control.
    • Every astrology chart is divided into houses, starting with the Ascendant line and working anti-clockwise around the rest of the chart.

transitive verb

American English: /haʊz/
British English: /haʊz/
  • 1 (accommodate)
    darle alojamiento a
    Example sentences
    • The women and children cited by Coleman in the column appear to be housed in shelters.
    • If an asylum-seeker turned up with his family I am sure they would be housed in far better accommodation than these poor people have to live in.
    • It enables vulnerable people to be housed in suitable accommodation so that they can try and turn their lives around.
    Example sentences
    • The Van Gogh museum houses the largest collection of this troubled man's masterpieces, and is definitely worth a look.
    • The experience of being inside the David and Peggy Rockefeller Building, which houses the museum's new galleries, is uplifting.
    • The Lower East Side Tenement Museum is housed in one such building, at 97 Orchard Street.


American English: /haʊs/
British English: /haʊs/
  • (British)
    ¡cartón! (Latin America)
    ¡bingo! (Spain)
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