There are 2 translations of intensive in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ɪnˈtensɪv/


  • 1.1 (concentrated) [study/preparation] intensivo; [course/training] intensivo; [farming] intensivo; [fire/shelling] intensivo they made an intensive search of the building registraron el edificio detenidamente
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    • But many of these ingredients haven't been subjected to intensive research that proves this benefit.
    • A passenger whose baggage triggers an alarm might in turn be subject to intensive search procedures - and those are no laughing matter.
    • Security inside and outside the court was heavy with everyone entering the building scanned and subject to intensive searches.
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    • Nor is a return to ‘primitive’ farming practices the only alternative to factory farming and highly intensive agriculture.
    • Like intensive power production, so intensive agriculture spares the landscape.
    • The location of participation across the state, as expected, closely follows the areas of intensive commercial agricultural production.
    1.2 [Linguistics/Lingüística] intensivo
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    • Fernando Pereira emailed an anecdote about intensive use of eh.
    1.3 [Physics/Física] [property/measurement] intensivo
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    • Clearly, the intercept differences produced by the intensive properties were substantially smaller than those produced by spatial properties.
    • It is an intensive physical property of a particular material and does not depend on the amount of material present.
    • The first one is the vestibule of the channel, where the curvature of the dielectric boundary generates intensive electrostatic forces.

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