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American English: /ɪnˈtrud/
British English: /ɪnˈtruːd/

Translation of intrude in Spanish:

intransitive verb

  • 1 (disturb)
    (interfere) inmiscuirse
    I hope I'm not intruding
    no quisiera importunar or molestar
    I wouldn't dream of intruding where I'm not wanted
    nunca se me ocurriría meterme or inmiscuirme donde no me llaman
    the noise intruded even into the furthest recesses of the house
    el ruido penetraba or se infiltraba hasta el último rincón de la casa
    to intrude on somebody
    importunar or molestar a alguien
    to intrude on somethingI didn't want to intrude on her grief
    no quise importunarla en su dolor
    to intrude on somebody's privacy
    inmiscuirse or meterse en la vida privada de alguien
    Example sentences
    • The documentary-style of the movie also lends it a necessarily gritty look, so that viewers almost feel as though they are intruding on a real life situation.
    • And if it doesn't give you a feeling of empathy and some sense of guilt about intruding on the suffering of others, why are you not ashamed of your self-flattering belief that you are an artist?
    • Hope we are not intruding on your Super wife as we are writing this letter as a Super joke really, but we would love you to write to us.
    Example sentences
    • There are some wood panels, which may not be to everyone's taste, but overall the use of plastics leathers and metals is subtle enough not to intrude on the general effect of an elegant ambiance.
    • They did not want the real effects of the war to intrude on the reality-TV version being broadcast to the public.
    • Here balances tend to be off kilter in a few places: listen, for example, to the brawny horn intrude on the lovely alternate theme in the first movement.
  • 2 (Geology)
    Example sentences
    • Clastic dykes do not exclusively intrude sediments; they also intrude granitic rock and mafic sills and are associated with lava flows in volcanic environments.
    • Numerous undated granitic and dioritic plutons intrude the Palaeozoic rocks and form large areas of Karlik Tagh and Barkol Tagh.
    • They intrude Upper Carboniferous host rocks (Westphalian B-C), but do not penetrate the Permian units.
    Example sentences
    • Upper Jurassic Fossil Bluff Group rocks are intruded by coeval, minor alkaline basaltic rocks.
    • During the middle to late Tertiary Period, dikes, sills, and small irregular bodies of mafic to silicic igneous material were intruded into the bedded sedimentary and volcanic rocks.
    • Nielsen, however, found no evidence for major faults and suggested that the igneous rocks had been intruded into and extruded onto the sedimentary units contemporaneously with basin development.

transitive verb

  • 1 (formal or literary)to intrude something on somebody
    importunar a alguien con algo
    excuse me for intruding a pessimistic note into the discussion
    discúlpenme por introducir una nota de pesimismo en la discusión
    Example sentences
    • I would not wittingly have intruded my poor presence upon such a gallant company.
    • Somehow Hamilton intruded torso between shot and net and the ball spun past.
    • Any attempt by the Labour mafia to intrude a political crony or some ‘socially inclusive’ candidate into the specialist, highly sophisticated milieu of the National Galleries would be an outrage.
  • 2 (Geology)
    hacer penetrar
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