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Pronunciation: /ˈɪʃuː; ˈɪʃjuː; ɪsjuː/


  • 1 c (subject discussed) tema (m), cuestión (f), asunto (m) she was trying to evade the issue estaba tratando de escaparse por la tangente, estaba tratando de eludir or soslayar el problema to face the issue enfrentarse al or afrontar el problema let's not cloud o confuse o fog the issue no nos vayamos por la tangente, no desviemos la atención del verdadero problema we are campaigning on the issues nuestra campaña se centra en los problemas que hay que resolver at issue the matter at issue is … de lo que se trata es de … his probity is/is not at issue su probidad está/no está en tela de juicio they had been at issue over the matter for months llevaban meses discutiendo el asunto to join issue with sb enfrentarse con algn to make an issue of sth she has made a feminist issue of it lo ha convertido en una cuestión feminista I don't want to make an issue of it but … no quiero insistir demasiado sobre el tema pero …, no quiero exagerar la importancia del asunto pero … to take issue with sb/sth discrepar or disentir* de or con algn/en or de algo I feel I must take issue with you on that point creo que debo discrepar de or con usted en ese punto [formal]
    More example sentences
    • No amount of appeals to the government for education reforms will resolve the fundamental issues at stake.
    • Deploying isolated tactical security products will not solve the complex security issues facing tomorrow's Internet community.
    • Resolving the abduction issue is an urgent matter.
  • 2 c (problem) problema (m) to have an issue issue with sth tener problemas con algo
  • 3 3.1 u (of documents) expedición (f); (of library books) préstamo (m); (of tickets) venta (f), expedición (f); (of supplies) reparto (m) the date/place/office of issue la fecha/el lugar/la oficina de expedición his trousers were regulation issue sus pantalones eran los reglamentarios 3.2 u c (of stamps, shares, bank notes) emisión (f) (before n) issue price tipo (m) de emisión
    More example sentences
    • However, plans for the unit sales and bond issue remain at an early stage, he added.
    • The officials hoped that this would pave the way for issue of licence by the end of the month.
    • The two most important clauses for the purposes of the preliminary issue were clauses 4 and 13.
    3.3 c (of newspaper, magazine) número (m) July issue now on sale el número de julio ahora a la venta
    More example sentences
    • The findings are being published in this week's issue of the journal Nature.
    • The research appears in this week's issue of the Journal of Biochemistry.
    • In next month's issue of Vogue magazine Parker claims that she may move to Ireland permanently with her husband.
  • 4 4.1 u c (emergence) [formal] flujo (m) a copious issue of water/blood/pus un copioso flujo de agua/sangre/pus 4.2 (outcome, result) (no pl) desenlace (m) the issue is still in doubt el desenlace es aún dudoso to force the issue presionar (para que se tome una decisión) I'm sorry to force the issue, but I must have an answer today siento tener que presionar, pero necesito la respuesta para hoy
  • 5 (progeny) [formal] (+ sing or pl vb) descendencia (f) he died without issue murió sin descendencia
    More example sentences
    • The successful issue of the great battle increased business and made the general attitude still firmer.
    More example sentences
    • Their eldest son, another Tyringham Backwell, had died without male issue in 1748.

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There are 2 translations of issue in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (give out) [statement/report] hacer* público; [instructions] dar*; [tickets/visas] expedir*; [library books] prestar; [bank notes/currency/stamps/shares] emitir; [writ/summons] dictar, expedir*to issue sth to sbto issue sb with sth the teacher issued library cards to the pupils el profesor distribuyó tarjetas de lector entre los alumnos we can issue you with the necessary documents le podemos proporcionar or suministrar los documentos necesarios
    More example sentences
    • Any chance of you ever issuing the script for sale?
    • The inquest was told that leaflets and documents are published for parents, issuing warnings on cot deaths.
    • One of the most notable trends is a persistent drop in cases where no tax documents are issued for the sale of goods or services.
    More example sentences
    • I want the Prime Minister to issue a very reconciliatory statement at his next rally.
    • The real question is why any minister would need to issue such an order.
    • The work group is to prepare this regulation, which is to be approved and issued by the minister of justice.
    (issuing pres p)
    [house/bank] emisor


  • 1 (result) to issue from sth derivar(se) or surgir* de algo [formal]
  • 2 (emerge) salir*; [liquid] fluir*, manar
    More example sentences
    • Instead, like the earlier temple buildings, new additions were positioned to relate to the springs and the flow of the water issuing from them.
    • Spring Wood does not take its name from the season but from the many springs which issue from the highlands above the wood.
    • Eroding sand, gravel and clay, with occasional springs issuing from them, present an unstable habitat for a few plants.
    More example sentences
    • There are two sets of results issuing from the research outlined above.

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