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American English: /dʒɔɪn/
British English: /dʒɔɪn/

Translation of join in Spanish:

transitive verb

  • 1 (fasten, link)
    (put together) (tables)
    to join two things together
    unir dos cosas
    I joined an extra length onto the hosepipe
    le añadí or le agregué un trozo a la manguera
    a canal joining the Rhine and the Danube
    un canal que une el Rin con el Danubio
    to join hands
    agarrarse or tomarse de la mano
    cogerse de la mano (esp Spain)
    Example sentences
    • The extension would be joined to the main offices by a link corridor.
    • The drawer fronts are normally joined to the drawer sides with lapped dovetails.
    • The sewer's original standard of design is described as ‘poor’, and it has never been joined to the public sewer system.
  • 2 2.1 (meet, keep company with) we're going for a drink, won't or will you join us?
    vamos a tomar algo ¿nos acompañas?
    Charles is joining us after he's finished work
    Charles vendrá cuando salga del trabajo
    you go ahead, I'll join you later
    ustedes vayan que ya iré yo luego
    may I join you?
    ¿le importa si me siento aquí?
    won't or will you join us for dinner?
    ¿por qué no cenan con nosotros?
    join us next week at the same time for … (Radio, Television)
    los esperamos la semana que viene a la misma hora para …
    2.2 (associate oneself with) I'd like you all to join me in a toast to …
    quiero proponer un brindis por …
    propongo que brindemos todos por …
    my husband joins me in wishing you a speedy recovery [formal]
    tanto mi marido como yo le deseamos una pronta recuperación
    we invite you to join us in condemning this attack
    los invitamos a adherirse a nuestra repulsa de este atentado
  • 3 3.1 (become part of)
    unirse a
    sumarse a
    they have joined the ranks of the unemployed
    se han sumado a las filas del desempleo
    han pasado a engrosar las filas del desempleo
    I joined the line
    me puse en la cola
    I joined the course in November
    empecé el curso en noviembre
    me uní al grupo en noviembre
    Example sentences
    • But despite such challenges, women are once again joining the ranks of the police in Afghanistan.
    • Most members join clubs for fitness, but they stay for fun.
    • Think " retention " the moment the member joins the club.
    3.2 (become member of)
    hacerse socio de
    afiliarse a
    alistarse en
    entrar en
    entrar a (Latin America)
    incorporarse a
    he joined our staff in July
    pasó a formar parte de nuestro personal en julio
    se incorporó a la empresa ( or organización etc. ) en julio
    Example sentences
    • They would like to see new members joining up - all the officer posts are up for re-election.
    • Well done to those who took the initiative and joined up - more members welcome.
    • He had been one of the Blackbury Pals, who had joined up together.
  • 4 4.1 (merge with) the path joins the road a mile further on
    el camino empalma con la carretera una milla más adelante
    this river eventually joins the Thames
    este río desemboca en or confluye con el Támesis
    where the wall joins the roof
    en la unión de la pared con el techo
    4.2 (get onto) we join the autobahn south of Frankfurt
    entramos en la autopista al sur de Frankfurt
    he joined his ship at Boston
    se unió a la tripulación en Boston

intransitive verb

  • 1

    to join (together)

    1.1 (become connected)
    Example sentences
    • For this reason, I always travelled first to Manchester and then joined up with the main group of reds.
    1.2 (unite)
    to join with somebody in -ingthey join with me in congratulating you
    se unen a mis felicitaciones
    se hacen partícipes de mi enhorabuena [formal]
    Example sentences
    • When the religious-right and the humanists join together for a common cause, no external entity can put down their efforts.
    • Community is built and strengthened as participants join together to work as the body of Christ.
    • Instead of hitting each other and bouncing off like bumper cars, the atoms join together and function as one entity.
  • 3 (become member)
    hacerse socio

Phrasal verbs

join in

1verb + adverb
tomar parte
when we get to the chorus I'd like you all to join in
cuando lleguemos al estribillo, quiero que todo el mundo cante
2verb + adverb + object
participar or tomar parte en
she doesn't join in anything we do
no participa or no toma parte en nada de lo que hacemos

join up

1verb + adverb 1.1 (enlist)
1.2 (come together)
1.3 (fit together)
1.4 (team up)
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
join up the dots
une los puntos
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