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kind 1

American English: /kaɪnd/
British English: /kʌɪnd/


  • 1 (sort, type) 1.1 (of things) of all kinds
    de todo tipo
    de toda clase
    what kind of house is it?
    ¿qué tipo de casa es?
    I like the kind with walnuts in
    me gustan las/los que tienen nueces
    it wasn't his kind of book
    no era el tipo de libro que le gusta
    the usual kind of thing
    lo de siempre
    and all that kind of thing
    y todo eso
    what kind of talk is that?
    ¿qué forma de hablar es esa?
    he has a business of some kind
    tiene un negocio de algo
    buy her chocolates or something of that kind
    cómprale bombones o algo por el estilo
    I didn't say anything of the kind
    yo no dije nada semejante
    it was your fault — nothing of the kind!
    fue culpa tuya — ¡en absoluto! or ¡nada de eso!
    Example sentences
    • It is one of those CD's that you want to keep playing and playing, the kind where you family tell you that they have heard it enough.
    • He didn't seem the kind of guy who would just get talking to a stranger.
    • We try to compensate for our natural sinfulness by performing good works of various kinds.
    1.2 (of people) she's not that kind of girl
    no es de esas
    I can't stand that kind of person o [criticized usage] those kind of people
    no aguanto a ese tipo de gente
    what kind of a fool do you take me for?
    ¿tú te crees que soy tonta?
    what kind of (a) person is she?
    ¿qué tipo de persona es?
    ¿cómo es?
    what kind of a father are you?
    ¿qué clase de padre eres?
    she's the kind of person who knows what she wants
    es de las que saben lo que quieren
    they're not really our kind of people
    no son gente como uno
    he didn't even apologize — his kind never do
    ni siquiera se disculpó — los de su calaña nunca lo hacen
  • 2 (something approximating to) she was overcome by a kind of yearning
    la invadió una especie de añoranza
    I had a kind of (a) feeling he'd be there
    presentía que iba a estar allí
    me latía que iba a estar allí (Chile) (Mexico) [colloquial]
    me palpitaba que iba a estar allí (River Plate area)
  • 3 (in phrases) in kindpayment in kind
    pago (masculine) en especie
    it's a difference in degree, not in kind
    es una diferencia cuantitativa y no cualitativa
    he repaid their insolence in kind
    les pagó su insolencia con la misma moneda
    he repaid their generosity in kind
    correspondió a su generosidad de la misma manera
    kind of [colloquial]he seemed kind of stupid
    parecía como tonto [colloquial]
    I kind of thought he would
    no sé por qué, pero pensé que lo haría
    is she pretty? — kind of, I suppose
    ¿es bonita? — no está mal, digo yo
    it was kind of interesting to watch how they did it
    fue bastante interesante ver cómo lo hacían
    of a kindthey served a meal, of a kind
    sirvieron una especie de comida, si se le puede llamar así
    three of a kind (Games)
    tres del mismo palo
    they're two of a kind
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There are 2 entries that translate kind into Spanish:

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kind 2

adjective -er, -est

  • (offer/gesture)
    he's very kind
    es muy buena persona
    what a kind thought!
    ¡qué amabilidad!
    she has a kind heart
    tiene buen corazón
    to be kind to somebodyshe's always been kind to me
    siempre ha sido muy amable conmigo or se ha portado muy bien conmigo
    life has been kind to him
    la vida lo ha tratado bien
    it's very kind to your skin
    no daña la piel
    it was kind of you to help
    muchas gracias por su ayuda or ha sido usted muy amable
    he was kind enough to drive me to the station
    tuvo la gentileza de llevarme a la estación
    would you be kind enough to o [formal] so kind as to accompany me?
    ¿tendría la amabilidad de acompañarme?
    Example sentences
    • In its most direct form, hospitality refers to a kindness to visitors: a friendly welcome and a kind or generous treatment offered to guests or strangers.
    • The Chaplain was kind and polite and tried his level best to be decent.
    • Ken, a reader and walker, has written a kind letter to me and has requested more routes south of York.
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