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labor also: (British) labour
American English: /ˈleɪbər/
British English: /ˈleɪbə/

Translation of labor in Spanish:


  • 1 uncountable 1.1 (productive work) the division of labor
    la división del trabajo
    to withdraw one's labor
    ir a la huelga
    Department of Labor (in US)
    Secretaría (feminine) de Trabajo (Mexico)
    (before noun) (dispute/laws)
    labor costs
    costo (masculine) de la mano de obra
    coste (masculine) de la mano de obra (Spain)
    labor leader (in US)
    líder (masculine or feminine) sindical
    dirigente (masculine or feminine) sindical
    the labor market
    el mercado de trabajo
    the labor movement labor relations
    relaciones (feminine plural) laborales
    labor supply
    oferta (feminine) de mano de obra
    Example sentences
    • The majority of migrant workers earn their living in the city by doing manual labour.
    • The men go off and look for casual labour during the day while women and children spend the day looking for shade.
    • These subjects were agricultural workers with varying periods of manual labour in the field.
    Example sentences
    • Fourth, the working class and labour movement, repressed, shackled, lacking independence, was no alternative.
    • Steelworkers Canadian director Ken Neumann said the merger creates a new force in the Canadian labour movement, as well as in federal and provincial politics.
    • But turning labour into a political force to be reckoned with in Alberta is a tall order, which McGowan clearly outlined in his paper.
    1.2 (workers) cheap labor
    mano de obra barata
    organized labor
    sindicación (feminine) (esp Spain)
    Example sentences
    • Today there is a growing acceptance of illegal casual labour and a strong demand for it.
    • In this society, his job was one of the few, in which people exactly performed manual labor.
    • It also aims to replace a number of full-time workers with casual and part-time labour.
  • 2
    also: Labour
    (British) (Politics) (no article) (+ singular or plural verb)
    los laboristas
    el Partido Laborista
    she voted Labor
    votó a or por los laboristas
    (before noun) (candidate/policy)
    Example sentences
    • They seem to think that the way to beat Labour is to be more Leftist than Labour!
    • South Swindon has a new Member of Parliament but the seat is still held by Labour.
    • Teresa Page was a hard-working councillor and Labour will be sad to see her go.
  • 4 uncountable (Medicine) a difficult labor
    un parto difícil
    to be in labor
    estar de parto or en trabajo de parto
    to go into labor
    entrar en trabajo de parto
    (before noun) labor pains
    dolores (masculine plural) del parto
    contracciones (feminine plural) del parto
    labor ward
    Example sentences
    • They also received 300 mg every three hours while in labor until delivery.
    • Both Lamaze and Bradley encourage partner participation in labor and delivery.
    • The drug prostaglandin is injected into the womb and this causes it to contract strongly as in labour.

transitive verb

  • to labor a point
    insistir excesivamente sobre un punto
    he did rather labor the subject
    se extendió farragosamente sobre el tema

intransitive verb

  • 1 1.1 (toil) to labor for a cause
    luchar or trabajar por una causa
    to labor at something
    trabajar incansablemente en algo
    1.2 (work as laborer) (only in -ing form) he got a job laboring/a laboring job
    consiguió un trabajo de peón
  • 2 (struggle)
    he labored up the hill
    subió trabajosamente or penosamente la cuesta
    he was laboring under the misapprehension or delusion that …
    se engañaba pensando que …
    se creía que …
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