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American English: /lif/
British English: /liːf/

Translation of leaf in Spanish:

noun plural leaves

  • 1 countable (of plant, tree) the trees are not in leaf yet
    los árboles no tienen hojas todavía
    the oak is coming into leaf
    el roble está echando hojas
    al roble le están saliendo hojas
    to shake or tremble like a leaf (before noun) leaf bud leaf spinach
    hojas (feminine plural) de espinaca (sin picar)
    Example sentences
    • The female Thrypticus deposits an egg in a water-hyacinth petiole - the stalk that attaches the leaf to the stem.
    • Shoots of M. micrantha were separated into stems, leaves, and reproductive organs.
    • The egg-sacs are deposited in twisted leaves or may be directly attached to a leaf.
    Example sentences
    • To provide a backdrop to this foliage-ruled leafscape, use climbers to link together canopies of leaf.
    • She kept her eyes straight ahead as she flew over the rest of the clearing and then into a dense forest, her bare feet racing and leaping over stone and leaf.
    • Providing you prepare the soil well, and top dress every year with more compost, you can plant climbers quite densely, two or three feet apart, for a wealth of leaf, colour and scent.
    Example sentences
    • This type of smokeless tobacco comes in loose leaf, plugs or twists.
    • In other words, tobacco used to be a herbal medicine but public experimentation led to the smoking of the tobacco leaf.
    • So I got some tobacco leaf, mixed it with water and gave it to the baby.
  • 2 countable (page, sheet) to take a leaf out of somebody's book
    seguir el ejemplo de alguien
    to turn (over) a new leaf
    hacer borrón y cuenta nueva
    Example sentences
    • There stood my ‘sister’, and a small box containing a single leaf of paper.
    • With stifled sobs, she unfolded the single leaf of paper from within and began to read the rigid, soldier-like writing.
    • He went over to her and took the book from her hand; still keeping the page he then marked the page with a small leaf of paper.

intransitive verb

  • (US)
    echar hojas
    Example sentences
    • But if you prune back hard or after the tree leafs out in spring, it may be slower to come into bloom that year.
    • Ash trees were leafing up, the hedges were thick.
    • Most trees are leafing out already; some have made significant progress.

Phrasal verbs

leaf through

verb + preposition + object
Example sentences
  • You can turn the pages as though leafing through the book.
  • Next to that is another device - a page turner that automatically leafs through any book placed on a raised platform, operated at the touch of a button.
  • He approached it on tip toes, leafing through a pile of papers on the surface.
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