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American English: /ˈlɛvəl/
British English: /ˈlɛv(ə)l/

Translation of level in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1 (height) above/below the level of the window
    por encima/debajo del nivel de la ventana
    water level
    nivel del agua
    at eye/shoulder level
    a la altura de los ojos/hombros
    his window is on a level with ours
    su ventana está al mismo nivel que la nuestra
    on the level (honest) [colloquial]is it all on the level?
    ¿es un asunto limpio?
    he's definitely on the level
    estoy seguro de que es un tipo derecho [colloquial]
    estoy seguro de que es un tipo legal (Spain) [slang]
    estoy seguro de que es un tipo bien (Río de la Plata) [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • Riverside homeowners were keeping one eye firmly on the clouds today as river levels rose even higher through the night.
    • There was a slight rise in the river level of a few inches.
    • My studies also demonstrated that the rainfall, river flow and groundwater levels are increasing.
    1.2 (degree, amount) pollution has reached alarming levels
    la contaminación ha alcanzado niveles or cotas alarmantes
    a high level of literacy
    un alto nivel or índice de alfabetización
    Example sentences
    • The recession has resulted in unprecedented levels of unemployment and a dramatic increase in poverty.
    • For the first time last year, unemployment rose to an unprecedented level of 10 percent.
    • And as unemployment rose to record levels, people have stopped spending so freely, causing prices to drop.
  • 2 (rank) at ministerial/cabinet level
    a nivel ministerial/de gabinete
    a top-level meeting
    una reunión de or a alto nivel
    at national/regional/local level
    a nivel nacional/regional/local
    to be on a level with somebody/something
    estar a la par de or a la altura de alguien/algo
    this latest scandal is on a level with …
    este último escándalo es equiparable a or comparable con …
    they're both on the same level
    están al mismo nivel
    how could you sink to such a level?
    ¿cómo pudiste haber caído tan bajo?
    Example sentences
    • Though few have broken into the top echelons of power, the junior and middle management levels are full of women.
    • Important changes have also occurred in the middle levels of the class hierarchy.
    • The rest are stuck at the lower and middle levels of the managerial hierarchy.
  • 3 3.1 (of building) (Architecture)
    Example sentences
    • The first tidal wave caused damage to the bottom of the hotel, but it was the second wave, an hour and a half later, which wrecked the first few levels of the buildings.
    • Subterranean termites tunnel in moist soil to find wood, putting decks and lower levels of buildings at risk.
    • The building will be joined at many levels to the main building.
    3.2 (in mine)


  • 1
    that picture's not level a level tablespoonful of flour
    una cucharada rasa de harina
    to do or try one's level best
    hacer todo lo posible
    Example sentences
    • The surface should be level, free draining and, if possible, subject to frost prevention.
    • When we finally made it back to the gate the nice paved paths seemed an oasis of smooth level ground.
    • Assemble the table on a level surface, turn the top wheel upside down and place the seat wheel on top of it.
  • 2 2.1 (at same height)to be level (with something)
    estar al nivel or a ras (de algo)
    Example sentences
    • Bringing his eyes level with Luke, Adam surveyed him calmly.
    • Even standing, her head only drew level with my chest.
    • The kitchen has a range of eye and floor level units and is plumbed for a dishwasher and washing machine.
    2.2 (abreast, equal) the two teams were level at half-time
    al medio tiempo los dos equipos iban or estaban empatados
    as far as ability goes they're level
    en cuanto a capacidad están al mismo nivel
    en cuanto a capacidad están parejos (esp Latin America)
    average earnings have kept level with inflation
    el salario medio ha ido subiendo a la par de la inflación
    to draw level with somebody (in a race)
    ponerse hombro con hombro con alguien
    alcanzar a alguien
  • 3 3.1 (constant)
    Example sentences
    • You can choose to receive a level income, or have your payouts rise in line with inflation.
    • Shares were level from there and closed at $3.86.
    • Studios have seen level prices over the past three years with the average rental rate at €910 per month.
    3.2 (unemotional, calm)
    to keep a level head
    no perder la cabeza
    a level head is vital in business
    la sensatez es esencial en los negocios
    Example sentences
    • He speaks with the calm, level voice of a professional scientist.
    • He said it in a calm, level tone, but the icy look he gave me told me what he was thinking.
    • She returned it with a level gaze, betraying none of the anxiety she felt inside.

transitive verb (British) levelling levelled

  • 1 1.1 (make flat)
    Example sentences
    • Tap on a work surface to level the mixture, then put in the freezer.
    • The work is expected to take about a year during which time the surface will be levelled, drained and reseeded and flood lighting installed.
    • By early afternoon the ground was leveled, smoothed over and trimmed.
    1.2 (raze, flatten)
    Example sentences
    • A massive explosion in the air sent shockwaves through the town and leveled the few buildings that had survived.
    • A third house was levelled in the nearby town of Dura.
    • As well as levelling the town, the quake has also destroyed what remained of the ancient city and its sixteenth century citadel.
  • 2 (make equal) social leveling
    nivelación (feminine) social
    Example sentences
    • He levelled the scores from the penalty spot.
    • He smashed the ball to the back of the net to level the scores yet again.
    • New Zealand went close to levelling the score soon after the restart.
  • 3 (direct)to level something at somebody/something
    apuntarle a alguien con algo
    you can't level that criticism at me
    no me puedes acusar de eso
    Example sentences
    • The two grunted angrily, leveling their weapons at her.
    • The eight men were leveling their weapons at the truck.
    • The guards leveled their weapons, and everybody shut up.
    Example sentences
    • Criticism was levelled at each of the professions involved.
    • Care should be taken with the manner in which criticism was levelled at other countries' leaders.
    • This has led to all sorts of unfair and unsubstantiated accusations being leveled against me.

intransitive verb (British) levelling levelled

  • (be honest) [colloquial]to level with somebody
    ser franco or sincero con alguien
    Example sentences
    • But the image of him taking control and levelling with people in an honest and compassionate way has been burned into the American psyche.
    • You're not levelling with me, sweetheart.
    • That would require levelling with the American people about unpleasant realities and the difficult choices that lie ahead.

Phrasal verbs

level down

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object (British)
nivelar (reduciendo al nivel más bajo)

level off

1verb + adverb 1.1
2verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object

level out

verb + adverb
level off 1

level up

verb + object + adverb, verb + adverb + object
1 (make level) 2 (British) (School, Sociology)
nivelar (elevando al nivel más alto)
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