There are 2 main translations of lie in Spanish:

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lie 1

American English: /laɪ/
British English: /lʌɪ/

intransitive verb 3rd person singular present lies present participle lying past tense lay past participle lain

  • 1 1.1 (lie down)
    1.2 (be in lying position)
    estar tendido
    he was lying flat on his back
    estaba tendido or acostado de espaldas
    his body lay in the coffin
    el cadáver yacía en el ataúd [literary]
    he often lies in bed until noon
    con frecuencia se queda en la cama hasta el mediodía
    lie still!
    ¡quédate quieto!
    she lay motionless on the floor
    estaba tendida en el suelo sin moverse
    I lay awake for hours
    estuve horas sin poder dormir
    she lay in a coma for three days
    estuvo tres días en coma
    to lie with somebody [archaic]
    acostarse or [arcaico] yacer con alguien
    to lie low
    tratar de pasar inadvertido
    1.3 (be buried)
    estar sepultado [formal]
    here lies John Smith
    aquí yacen los restos de John Smith
  • 2 (be)
    the papers lay where he had left them
    los papeles estaban donde los había dejado
    the snow lay two feet deep
    la nieve tenía dos pies de espesor
    the book lay open at page 304
    el libro estaba abierto en la página 304
    the tomb lay undisturbed for centuries
    pasaron siglos antes de que se diera con la tumba
    it lies heavy on your stomach
    cae pesado (al estómago)
    the factory still lay idle
    la fábrica seguía parada
    the ship lay at anchor
    el barco estaba fondeado or anclado
    will the snow lie? (British English)
    ¿cuajará la nieve?
  • 3 3.1 (be located)
    Versailles lies 18 km west of Paris
    Versalles se encuentra or está a 18 kms al oeste de París
    a group of islands lying off the west coast
    un conjunto de islas situadas cerca de la costa occidental
    3.2 (stretch)
    the vast ocean lay before them [literary]
    el inmenso océano se extendía ante ellos [literary]
  • 4
    where do your sympathies lie?
    ¿con quién simpatizas?
    the truth lies somewhere in between
    la verdad está en algún punto intermedio
    it's hard to see where the problem lies
    es difícil ver en qué estriba or radica el problema
    victory lay within his grasp
    tenía la victoria al alcance de la mano
    a new life lay before them
    una nueva vida se abría ante ellos
    what lies behind her cool exterior?
    ¿qué hay detrás de su fría apariencia?

Phrasal verbs

lie about

(British English)
lie around

lie ahead

verb + adverb
to lie ahead (of somebody/something)miles of desert/days of waiting lay ahead of us
teníamos por delante millas de desierto/días y días de espera
who knows what may lie ahead?
¡quién sabe qué nos depara el futuro!
your whole life lies ahead of you

lie around

verb + adverb
1.1 (be scattered) (usually in -ing form)
estar tirado
estar botado (Latin America except River Plate area)
to leave things lying around
dejar las cosas tiradas or (Latin America except River Plate area) botadas (por ahí)
1.2 (be idle)
estar tumbado or echado sin hacer nada

lie back

verb + adverb
lie back and relax
recuéstate y relájate

lie down

verb + adverb
1.1 (adopt lying position)
I'm going to lie down for a while
voy a echarme or recostarme un rato
1.2 (be lying)
estar echado or acostado or tendido or tumbado
to take something lying downI won't take this treatment lying down
no voy a permitir que me traten así sin protestar or pelear

lie in

verb + adverb
1.1 (sleep late)
(British English)
dormir hasta tarde
levantarse tarde
1.2 [archaic]
(pregnant woman)

lie over

verb + adverb
ser pospuesto

lie to

verb + adverb
estar al pairo or a la capa

lie up

verb + adverb
1.1 (hide)
1.2 (stay in bed)
quedarse en cama
guardar cama

Definition of lie in:

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There are 2 main translations of lie in Spanish:

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lie 2
American English: /laɪ/
British English: /lʌɪ/


  • (untruth) that's a lie!
    ¡(eso es) mentira!
    to tell lies
    decir mentiras
    to live a lie
    vivir una mentira
    to catch somebody in a lie (American English)
    pescar a alguien en una mentira
    to give the lie to something
    desmentir algo
    Example sentences
    • And I told the world that your case for the war was a pack of lies.
    • It implies that everything up until now has been a pack of lies.
    • I was appalled at the political mileage that was made out of a pack of lies told about desperate people in need.

intransitive verb 3rd person singular present lies present participle lying past tense & past participle lied

  • (tell untruths) to lie about something
    mentir acerca de algo
    to lie to somebody
    mentirle a alguien
    the camera never lies
    la cámara nunca miente
    to lie one's way out of/into something
    salir de un problema/conseguir algo a base de mentiras
    Example sentences
    • The police later lied and said he had damaged the bus.
    • If we do, that would be tantamount to lying, deceit or unprofessionalism.
    • At every stage he has lied, prevaricated and obstructed this process of disarmament.

Definition of lie in:

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