There are 2 translations of lift in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /lɪft/


  • 1 1.1 u c (boost) impulso (m) the news gave her a big lift la noticia le levantó mucho la moral or el ánimo this salad needs something to give it a lift a esta ensalada le hace falta algo que le dé un poco de gracia
    More example sentences
    • ‘It has given the security department a lift and it is encouraging that there is now a serious deterrent,’ he said.
    • We want to give them a lift, encouraging the good ones to stick with it and resist the temptation to jack it all in and run off with a Spanish waiter.
    • He gave a lift and a spur to a BBC office which could often be in a state of chaos.
    1.2 u [Aviat] fuerza (f) propulsora, propulsión (f)
    More example sentences
    • Such torques are proposed to be counteracted anteriorly by lift forces generated by the head and pectoral fins.
    • Gliding works by having a gliding airfoil design that generates lift forces, keeping the animal in the air longer.
    • Any secondary school physics text or pilot licence manual will tell you that aerofoils generate lift because of the Venturi effect.
    More example sentences
    • To sustain an airplane in the air it is enough that the lift be equal to the weight, but for an airplane take off the lift must be bigger than weight.
    • Just how large is the inertial force required to oscillate a wing relative to the total lift that the wing must support?
    • Under normal flying conditions, they do not increase the lift of the airplane or materially aid the maneuverability.
  • 2 c (ride) can I give you a lift? ¿quieres que te lleve or (Per) [familiar/colloquial] te jale?, ¿quieres que te dé un aventón (Méx) or (Col) [familiar/colloquial] una palomita? we got a lift as far as Cambridge nos llevaron en coche hasta Cambridge, nos dieron (un) aventón (Méx) or (Col) [familiar/colloquial] una palomita hasta Cambridge
  • 3 c (elevator) (BrE) ascensor (m) she took the lift subió/bajó en el ascensor (before n) lift attendant ascensorista (mf) lift shaft hueco (m) del ascensor
    More example sentences
    • When the lift doors open, they emerge in futuristic silver outfits and take their places at the control deck.
    • Being the nice, considerate girl I am, I opened the lift door for him to come in, when it was already almost 90% closed.
    • The lift door opened immediately and we entered.

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There are 2 translations of lift in Spanish:



  • 1 1.1 (raise) [weight/box/lid] levantar; [eyes/head] levantar she lifted her veil se levantó el velo shall I lift your suitcase down for you? ¿quieres que te baje la maleta? I lifted the child into his chair subí al niño a la silla to lift sb out of her/his depression/poverty sacar* a algn de la depresión/pobreza he lifted his game in the third set mejoró el juego en el tercer set lift the lid off quita or saca la tapa to have one's face lifted hacerse* un lifting, estirarse la piel (de la cara)
    More example sentences
    • He also knows that whoever lifts the Border-Gavaskar Trophy in Bombay next month will know that they've been through a scrap to end all scraps.
    • It is a startling admission from the manager who ended the club's 36-year wait for a trophy by lifting the Tennents Scottish Cup two years ago.
    • The only time that a Burnley captain has lifted the famous old trophy was in 1914 and within months a World War had started.
    More example sentences
    • And for the first time that day, Valerie lifted her eyes upwards and almost gasped at where she had wandered to.
    • He paused as the woman moved away, then lifted his eyes to the ceiling again.
    • I stole fifteen minutes to go and sit on the patio, closing my eyes and lifting my face to the sun.
    1.2 [plants/crops] recoger*
    More example sentences
    • In most parts of the country, plants grown from tubers, as well as plants that have been lifted and stored over winter, should be started indoors.
    • Tender bulbs can be either treated as annuals and composted or tossed out, or they can be lifted and stored.
    • Farmers can now produce two crops of new potatoes, by re-planting when they lift the first crop.
  • 2 (end) [ban/blockade/siege] levantar
    More example sentences
    • But the government Monday lifted the ban, and said it would welcome aid.
    • It has paid lobbyists to persuade government ministers to lift restrictions on operating casinos.
    • The latest surge follows Taiwan's decision last year to lift some restrictions on investing in China.
  • 3 3.1 (take, remove) (usu pass) sacar* a sentence lifted out of context una frase sacada de su contexto 3.2 (plagiarize) [colloquial/familiar] to lift sth (from sth) [idea/sentence] copiar or plagiar algo (de algo) 3.3 (steal) [colloquial/familiar] birlar [familiar/colloquial]
    More example sentences
    • It could have been lifted straight out of the '80s.
    • The congestion charge, introduced in London on Monday, has been lifted straight out of the professor's 1951 essay.
    • It is the kind of story which could have been lifted straight from the pages of one of her fictional tales.
    More example sentences
    • He plays a high-stakes burglar who lifts the diamonds and then gets hoodwinked by a rival gang.
    • Twenty-five per cent of house burglaries are sneak-ins and almost half are offences, where the burglar lifts keys from the house to steal the car.
    • Apparently he immediately dismissed me as harmless - I wasn't going to shoplift or lift the cash register.
    More example sentences
    • He picked her up and lifted her up almost on her shoulder.
    • Feeling something crunch beneath him, he lifts himself up and pulls a crinkled plastic bag from the cushion.
    • She felt his strong arms snake behind her back, pulling her closer and lifting her up slightly so her toes were barely touching the ground.


  • 1.1 (rise) [curtain] levantarse, alzarse*; [drawbridge] levantarse, abrirse* the seat lifts (up) el asiento se levanta to lift into the air [aircraft/balloon/kite] elevarse en el aire 1.2 (clear) [mist] disiparse; [headache] desaparecer*, irse*; [gloom] disiparse, desaparecer* the clouds have lifted se han disipado las nubes, el cielo se ha despejado
    More example sentences
    • The fog was lifting, revealing a grey sky, and a metallic coloured ocean.
    • The storm clouds lift, the storm clouds descend.
    • A cloud has lifted following the change in management.
    More example sentences
    • Once, when she was in elementary school, the nun stood at the front of a church filled with children out in the pews with their voices lifted in song.
    • Contracting her abs, she keeps her chin lifted and raises her upper torso as high as possible.
    • His eye-lids lifted and he managed a quirk of a smile in greeting.

Phrasal verbs

lift off

v + adv
[rocket/spacecraft] despegar*

lift up

v + o + adv, v + adv + o
[lid/flap] levantar; [person/arm] levantar, alzar* lift me up so I can see álzame or levántame para que pueda ver lift up your hearts arriba los corazones

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