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Pronunciation: /luːz/

Translation of lose in Spanish:

transitive verb/verbo transitivo (past tense & past participle/pasado y participio pasado lost)

  • 1 1.1 (mislay) perder* I've lost my key he perdido or se me ha perdido la llave don't lose it no lo pierdas, que no se te pierda to lose one's way perderse* they lost their way in the forest se perdieron en el bosque the government is losing its way el gobierno no sabe bien adónde va 1.2 (be deprived of) [sight/territory/right] perder* to lose one's voice quedarse afónico she lost the use of her legs quedó paralítica he'd lost a lot of blood había perdido mucha sangre to have nothing to lose no tener* nada que perder you have a lot to lose tienes mucho que perder 1.3 (through death, disaster) [wife/men/planes] perder* he was lost at sea pereció en el mar they lost 400 troops on the first day tuvieron 400 bajas el primer día
    Example sentences
    • And to those who have lost relatives and friends, be assured that you are not forgotten.
    • Many cats belong to elderly, lonely people, their only companion is their furry feline. To them the loss of their beloved friend is akin to losing a close relative.
    • Mary, like the other voluntary members of the group, has a personal interest in the fight against cancer losing relatives and friends to the disease.
    Example sentences
    • The ship had 5 officers and 33 men on board when sunk, of whom 2 officers and 24 men were lost.
    • Twelve men were lost and the ship abandoned; she later sank while under tow in the South Atlantic.
    • Her entire ship's company of 30 men were lost.
    1.4 (fail to keep) [customers/popularity/speed] perder* I've lost everything I had lo he perdido todo she's lost her figure ha perdido la silueta the pot has lost its lid se ha perdido la tapa de la cacerola the novel lost a lot in translation la novela perdió mucho con la traducción or al ser traducida I've lost a lot of my German se me ha olvidado mucho el alemán que sabíato lose sb/sth to sb/sth we have lost many clients to our competitors muchos de nuestros clientes se han pasado a la competencia we are losing our best teachers to industry los mejores profesores se nos están yendo a trabajar a la industria
    Example sentences
    • We lost the car keys before and I used the mini torch to help me find them again.
    • They are reminded of what they have been missing, what has been long lost or forgotten.
    • It's been lost, of course, in all the wanderings and dissolutions, which is sad.
    1.5 (rid oneself of) [bitterness/inhibitions] perder* to lose weight adelgazar*, perder* peso
    Example sentences
    • They need to lose that awful voiceover.
    • Oh, thank God, we get to lose that awful two-tone weave!
    • You need to lose that creep before he pressures you into more things you don't want to do.
    1.6 (shake off) [pursuer] deshacerse* de
    Example sentences
    • He ducked and dodged around the buildings, trying to lose his pursuers but they managed to stay on his tail.
    • He realised now that he would never lose such a determined pursuer in these corridors.
    • There were no more trees with which to lose his pursuers, only a stretch of stone, snow dunes, and mountainside.
    1.7 (lose sight of) perder* de vista
    Example sentences
    • So, arriving ahead of time, I lose myself for 10 minutes down a path really called Dunwoman's Lane.
    • To add to their difficulties, when they were far advanced among the hills, their guide lost the road, and was never able to regain it.
    • But at Reelsville they lost the Road. He wrote, "Not a track was to be seen on the smooth green turf beneath the tall, shady oak trees."
    1.8 (confuse) confundir you've lost me there! no entiendo, no te sigo 1.9 (cause to lose) costar*, hacer* perder their hesitation lost them the contract la falta de decisión les costó or les hizo perder el contrato
    Example sentences
    • 'Being female lost me my job'.
    • Spending time in an alcohol detox centre lost me my career with the federal government.
    • Off I went into another manic episode, one that lost me my first job as a social worker, due to my instability.
    1.10 (miss) [train/flight/connection] perder* 1.11 (let pass) [time/opportunity] perder* there is no time/not a minute to lose no hay tiempo/un minuto que perder my watch loses three minutes every day mi reloj (se) atrasa tres minutos por día
    Example sentences
    • It is certainly an issue I raised at the time, but time has passed and that opportunity has been lost.
    • Outside the project this investment opportunity may well be lost.
    • But trains would have to reverse on departure from both, so any advantage would be completely lost.
  • 2 (fail to win) [game/battle/election] perder*

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

  • 1 1.1 (be beaten) [team/contestant/party] perder* they're losing 3-1 van perdiendo 3 a 1 to lose to sb perder* frente a algn 1.2
    (losing present participle/participio presente)
    [team/party] perdedor to be on the losing side ser* de los perdedores I've been dealt a losing hand me han dado una mano que tiene todas las de perder
    Example sentences
    • New Jersey took a 21-point lead into the final period of that contest yet lost the game.
    • Something had to give in the Premiership game of the day when undefeated Aberdeen took on a Melrose team who have gone four games without losing a match.
    • The Cork side have lost all four games to date, so on all known form this should result in a Naas victory.
  • 2 2.1 (suffer losses) perder* to lose on a deal salir* perdiendo en un negocio 2.2 (be less effective) perder* the poem loses in translation el poema pierde con la traducción or al ser traducido
    Example sentences
    • Schools from deprived areas are still losing a proportion of their pupils, probably those with higher parental support and motivation and hence are even more deprived.
    • If family support disappears and a patient loses housing or a job or both, what can the clinician do?
    • But you know, the manufacturing jobs disappear, you lose control over your space.
    Example sentences
    • To the best of my knowledge it still loses money so why spend even more money breaking the company up even further.
    • For the race promoter, every single event is a gamble between losing money, earning money, or just breaking even.
    • This column has always argued that economic freedom and the opportunity to make, spend and lose money is central to a creative society.
  • 3 [watch/clock] atrasar, atrasarse
    Example sentences
    • It also depends on the constancy of its rate; meaning, that a watch gains or loses the exact same amount of time each day.
    • They gradually fell out of step, with one clock losing 5 seconds a day in relation to the other.
    • Unfortunately the watch loses 11 seconds a day.

reflexive verb/verbo reflexivo

Phrasal verbs

lose out

verb + adverb/verbo + adverbio
salir* perdiendo the company lost out on this deal la empresa salió perdiendo en este negocio they've lost out to the big supermarkets han ido perdiendo terreno frente a los grandes supermercados

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