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American English: /lɑt/
British English: /lɒt/

Translation of lot in Spanish:


  • 1 (large number, quantity) 1.1 (no plural) a lot of wine
    mucho vino
    a lot of people
    mucha gente
    he has a lot of nieces/nephews
    tiene muchas sobrinas/muchos sobrinos
    I've got a lot to do
    tengo un montón de cosas que hacer [colloquial]
    there wasn't a lot I could do
    yo no podía hacer mucho
    a lot of the book is boring
    gran parte del libro es aburrida
    I've seen a lot of her recently
    la he visto mucho últimamente
    la he visto a menudo últimamente
    quite a lot of money
    bastante dinero
    what a lot of books/photos you've got!
    ¡cuántos libros/cuántas fotos tienes!
    what a lot of fruit/cheese you've bought!
    ¡cuánta fruta/cuánto queso has comprado!
    such a lot of fuss over nothing!
    ¡tanto lío por una tontería!
    a (fat) lot of good that'll do! [colloquial] [ironic]
    pues eso sí que va a servir de mucho [ironic]
    I knew quite a lot of the answers
    yo sabía muchas de las respuestas
    Example sentences
    • "I don't think a lot is happening with that, particularly around here, " she noted.
    • We're in a lot of trouble.
    • I told you last night, I've got a lot on my mind.
    1.2a lot (as adverb) I like her a lot
    me gusta mucho
    me cae muy bien
    a lot better/worse/bigger
    mucho mejor/peor/más grande
    thanks a lot!
    ¡muchas gracias!
    also: lots plural
    [colloquial]how many seats are there left? — lots
    ¿cuántos asientos quedan? — muchos
    ¿cuántos asientos quedan? — montones [colloquial]
    I've got lots to do lots of people liked it
    a mucha gente le gustó
    there were lots and lots of people there
    había muchísima gente
    I feel lots better now (as adverb)
    me siento muchísimo mejor
    Example sentences
    • Incredibly, this second lot of inmates are even more tedious and uninteresting than the first.
    • It was inactive virtually after the second lot of partnership money was invested.
    • They are asked to fill out some forms, then bureaucrats come around and ask them to fill out more forms, so people fill out several lots of different forms.
    Example sentences
    • We had a lot of mail from you lot about the wisdom of mixing phones and petrol stations.
    • Voters are seen as a strange and volatile lot, who could turn bad at the blink of an eye.
    • There is lots of drek out there from signed bands and this lot do quite a bit with what they have.
  • 2 2.1 (group, mass of things) 2.2 (group of people) [colloquial]they're a funny lot
    son raros
    son gente rara
    come on, you lot!
    ¡vamos, ustedes!
    ¡vamos, vosotros! (Spain)
    2.3 (all) (esp British) the lotthey ate the lot
    se lo comieron todo ( or se las comieron todas etc. )
    one more story, then that's your lot!
    ¡un cuento más y se acabó!
    £2 each or £18 the lot
    dos libras cada uno o 18 libras por todos
  • 3 (at auction) he's a bad lot
    es una mala persona
    Example sentences
    • Parts of that department were now laid out in crates on the car deck, lots to be sold off in the auction.
    • It is notable, for instance, that the recent silver sale at Bonhams had just half the number of lots of the 2003 sale.
    • The second lot is a collection of 302 photographs, purchased for £2,500, from Emily Shackleton's family album.
  • 5 5.1 (for random choice) to draw or cast lots for something
    echar algo a suertes
    we'll have to draw or cast lots
    vamos a tener que echarlo a suertes
    5.2 (fate) she had a miserable lot in life
    la vida no la trató nada bien
    you can't complain about your lot
    no te puedes quejar de tu suerte or de lo que te ha tocado en suerte
    to throw in one's lot with somebody
    unirse a alguien
    Example sentences
    • She is actually very happy and content with her lot!
    • She often felt like she had been punished for a reason and that punishment was her lot in life.
    • She worked full time as a weaver to put food on the table and cared for three of us without lamenting her lot.
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