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Pronunciation: /ləʊ/

adjective/adjetivo (-er, -est)

  • 1 (in height) bajo to fly at low altitude volar* bajo or a poca altura the dress had a very low back el vestido era muy escotado por la espalda he gave a low bow hizo una profunda reverencia a low point in his career un momento bajo en su carrera
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    • At the sunlit front of the shed, an artisan sat cross-legged on the ground, a low table before him.
    • To provide a summer screen for dustbins, or simply to increase the height of a low fence, plant Jerusalem artichokes.
    • The tables were low and a lot of the men had to hunch over to eat.
  • 2 2.1 (in volume) [voice] bajo, quedo; [sound/whisper] débil, quedo turn the radio down low bájale al radio (Latin America except Southern Cone/América Latina excepto Cono Sur) , baja la radio (Southern Cone/Cono Sur) (Spain/España) the TV's on too low la tele está demasiado baja 2.2 (in pitch) [key/note/pitch] grave, bajo
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    • His voice was low and loud, like a volcanic eruption sounds from inside the volcano.
    • Her voice is wonderfully low and husky, perfect for a night full of regret, anger and crying.
    • The voice was low and sounded somewhat familiar in that strange sort of way.
  • 3 (in intensity, amount, quality) [pressure/temperature] bajo; [wages/prices/productivity] bajo; [proportion] pequeño; [standard/quality] bajo, malo; [number/card] bajo his weight was low for a sprinter pesaba poco para un esprinter low levels of radiation bajos niveles de radiación cook on a low flame o heat cocinar a fuego lento his strength was running low se iba quedando sin fuerzas, le estaban empezando a flaquear or fallar las fuerzas a low number of voters turned out pocos votantes acudieron a las urnas student numbers fell as low as five el número de estudiantes bajó a tan solo cinco attendance has been low lately últimamente no ha habido muchos asistentes the temperature was in the low sixties la temperatura apenas pasaba de 60° Fahrenheit lower unemployment but higher inflation menor desempleo pero mayor inflación it's low in calories es bajo en calorías a low risk operation una operación poco arriesgada or de poco riesgo he has a low opinion of doctors no tiene muy buena opinión de los médicos I had low expectations of the team no esperaba mucho del equipo
    More example sentences
    • The primary reason for this was the low level of disposable income.
    • One of the main problems we have is the low level of income at which single people become liable at the top tax rate.
    • There was also a low level of disabled staff in the workforce.
    More example sentences
    • The mark up and transportation costs may overprice the product, while at the same time its quality may be low.
    • This has led to the low quality of most of this sector's products, and hence its decreased credibility.
    • But today, low quality is often presented as a justification for speech regulation.
  • 4 (in short supply) supplies are low los suministros escasean or están empezando a faltar stocks are running low se están agotando las existenciasto be low on sth we're rather low on milk tenemos or nos queda poca leche he's rather low on initiative no tiene mucha iniciativa, le falta iniciativa the film was low on action a la película le faltaba acción
  • 5 (in health, spirits) to feel low (physically) sentirse* débil (emotionally) estar* deprimido to be in low spirits estar* bajo de moral or con la moral baja, estar* deprimido
  • 6 6.1 (humble) [literary/literario] bajo, humilde of low birth de humilde cuna [literary/literario] the lowest of the low lo más bajo 6.2 (despicable) bajo, mezquino a low trick una mala jugada, una mala pasada how low can you get? [colloquial/familiar] ¡qué bajo has ( or ha etc) caído! [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • The Liberal Party has always been a mix of idealism, pragmatism, opportunism and low cunning.
    • But in the end he lacked the sagacity or the low cunning to do the one thing necessary.
    • He was the personification of the kind of low cunning to which Nixon himself aspired but could never quite achieve.
    More example sentences
    • When members of the public make a complaint, they are classed as low priority and have to wait until more serious crimes are dealt with.
    • One class of the population is too high to be reached by the preacher; and the other class is too low to be cared for by the preacher.
    • He had too much on his mind and too many things to do than get apologies from the low classes.
  • 7 (primitive) [Biology/Biología] inferior a low species una especie inferior or poco evolucionada
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    • This was a right old mishmash of high art and low culture, sport and theatre.
    • There was high art and low art, and they never met, like rail tracks.
    • There is plenty of low art around, and a huge demand for it.

adverb/adverbio (-er, -est)

  • 1 bajo to fly low volar* bajo or a poca altura plants growing low to the ground plantas (feminine plural) que crecen casi a ras del suelo to bow low hacer* una profunda reverencia get down lower if you don't want them to see you agáchate más si no quieres que te vean low down on the right-hand side of the painting en la parte inferior derecha del cuadro they're lower down the list than we are están más abajo que nosotros en la lista put the shelf lower down coloca el estante más abajo he rates low in my estimation no lo tengo en gran estima he rates the car low on comfort el coche no le parece muy cómodo he values himself too low no se valora como debería, se tiene en muy poco I wouldn't sink o stoop so low as to do that no me rebajaría a hacer una cosa así, nunca caería tan bajo to buy low comprar a bajo precio to play low (in cards) jugar* una carta baja
  • 2 2.1 (softly, quietly) bajo speak a bit lower habla un poco más bajo 2.2 (in pitch) bajo


  • 1.1 (low point) the peso has dropped to a new (record) low against the dollar la cotización del peso ha alcanzado un nuevo mínimo (histórico) con respecto al dólar inflation is at a ten-year low la tasa de inflación ha alcanzado el punto or nivel más bajo de la década relations between the two countries are at an all-time low las relaciones entre los dos países nunca han sido peores or nunca han estado tan tensas the temperature will reach a low of two degrees la (temperatura) mínima será de dos grados 1.2 [Meteorol] zona (feminine) de bajas presiones

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There are 2 translations of low in Spanish:


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