There are 2 translations of lump in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /lʌmp/


  • 1 (swelling, protuberance) bulto (m); (as result of knock, blow to head) chichón (m) a lump in one's throat un nudo en la garganta he felt a lump in his throat se le hizo un nudo en la garganta
    More example sentences
    • Some problems may be detected-and treated-early by examining your pet weekly for lumps, bumps and skin irritations.
    • I know of people who suffered the lumps and bumps of skin cancers and the inevitable dire consequences.
    • From March to September last year, he believed he had beaten the disease but the lump in his neck returned and on October 16 he was told the cancer had returned.
  • 2 2.1 (piece — of coal, iron, clay, cheese) trozo (m), pedazo (m); (— of sugar) terrón (m) there were lumps in the sauce había grumos en la salsa (before n) lump sugar azúcar (m) en terrones 2.2 (whole, total) in one lump de una vez, de golpe [familiar/colloquial] (before n) lump payment pago (m) único
    More example sentences
    • After everyone had eaten, she handed them each a lump of the sticky substance.
    • Alex stared down at the lump of an unknown substance currently residing on his lunch tray.
    • Michael will talk about the book and use a lump of stone and a piece of gold to illustrate themes of alchemy.
    More example sentences
    • In contrast, having them sing is like using two lumps of sugar when one will do.
    • She poured herself a cup of tea, adding three lumps of sugar since she loved sweets, and sipped it noisily.
    • Feeding him a few lumps of sugar, she was finally able to coax him into allowing her to put on his saddle.
  • 3 (person) [colloq & pej] zoquete (mf) [familiar/colloquial]
    More example sentences
    • So long as he and his fellow big lumps fulfil their obligations, Celtic will be through to the third round.
    • They were just wonderful, beyond wonderful for such a bunch of big hairy lumps, and it was great to see them playing a small-ish venue.
    • Getting stared at by a young girl still fascinated by big western lumps?
  • 4
    (lumps pl)
    (beating, punishment) (AmE) [slang/argot] to give sb their lumps darle* una paliza a algn [familiar/colloquial] he wasn't willing to take his lumps no quería llevarse los palos [familiar/colloquial]
  • 5 (BrE) [Const] [colloquial/familiar] the lumpmano de obra ilegal en el sector de la construcción

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There are 2 translations of lump in Spanish:



  • 1.1 (put up with) [colloquial/familiar] to lump it aguantarse [familiar/colloquial] if you don't like it, (you can) lump it si no te gusta, te aguantas
    More example sentences
    • But now they have got all the equipment installed, I think we are going to have to like it or lump it.
    • Democracy didn't once enter the equation and the seven counties who had meticulously crafted suitable wordings so that the issue could be debated were effectively told to like it or lump it.
    • Sometimes one longs for the days gone by, when film makers made just one good product and had sufficient confidence in their ability to leave it to the intelligence of audiences of all ages to like it or lump it.
    1.2 (place together) to lump sth together you can lump all those items together under one heading todo eso puede ir junto or agruparse bajo el mismo epígrafe they can't all be lumped together as reactionaries no se puede tachar a todos indiscriminadamente de reaccionarios
    More example sentences
    • Defense contractors, for instance, might object to being lumped in with gaming companies or brewers.
    • Hence, I don't know whether this latest release deserves to be lumped in with those earlier works.
    • The very thought that I will be lumped in with lovers of such horrid dreck makes me physically ill.

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