There are 2 translations of mail in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /meɪl/


  • 1 1.1 (system) correo (m) to send sth by mail mandar or enviar* algo por correo I put it in the mail on Thursday lo eché al correo or lo despaché el jueves electronic mail correo electrónico to check one's mail mirar el correo, comprobar* el correo (before n) mail train tren (m) correo mail van (BrE) vagón (m) correo
    More example sentences
    • Buy dormant tubers in winter, either by mail from a specialty nursery or from a nursery or garden center.
    • Test grades and certificates for accreditation were returned to us by mail.
    • We sent all of the questionnaires by mail with a postage-paid return envelope.
    1.2 (letters, parcels) correspondencia (f), correo (m) he deals with the mail él se encarga de la correspondencia
    More example sentences
    • In front of our house is a seldom-used mailbox, because we receive our mail at a post office box in town.
    • Further to this, should any person need to send any mail or small parcels quickly then there are alternative services which guarantee next day delivery for a reasonable cost.
    • Buckingham Palace revealed that the Queen now sends second class mail when correspondence is not urgent.
  • 2 (armor) malla (f) a coat of mail una cota de malla
    More example sentences
    • Each Corinthian soldier wore a simple coat of chain mail beneath a set of light plate mail, complete with a helm that was adorned with a small plume of pure white fur.
    • They all wore the battle armour they brought with them; steel plate mail with high, circular collars and round shoulder pieces.
    • The twenty-five or so remaining Crimson Knights donned their plate mail and readied their weapons.

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There are 2 translations of mail in Spanish:



  • (esp AmE) to mail a letter echar una carta al correo or al buzón to mail sth to sb mandarle or enviarle* algo por correo a algn
    More example sentences
    • Yeah, the postmark definitely can trace to the post office where they mailed the letter.
    • The next day, he had two errands to run - one was to the post office to mail Laurie's letter.
    • They drove to the post office to mail the letter in case someone found it before it could be posted.

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