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American English: /ˈmeɪdʒər/
British English: /ˈmeɪdʒə/

Translation of major in Spanish:


  • 1
    muy importante
    a fondo
    she is at a major disadvantage
    está en franca desventaja
    a problem of major importance
    un problema de la mayor or de enorme importancia
    a major issue
    un asunto de gran or de fundamental importancia
    all major credit cards accepted
    se aceptan las principales tarjetas de crédito
    we're talking major bucks here (US) [slang]
    es un dineral
    es un montón de guita [slang]
    es un platal [colloquial]
    es un pastón (Spain) [colloquial]
    es un lanón (Mexico) [colloquial]
    I'm talking major disaster
    es un desastre con D mayúscula [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • One major obstacle in recruitment, however, is beyond the military's control.
    • It is the first major film the Star Wars actor, from Crieff, has made in the town where he got his first theatrical break.
    • The modern Games, and many other major sports festivals, follow a similar format.
    Example sentences
    • Since then, 48 nations have now signed this treaty, including all the major industrialized countries.
    • Dealing with change is one of the major problems in Europe, if not the major one.
    • Huge demonstrations in the capital city of his major ally would not be good for the image.
  • 2 (Music)
    B/C major
    si/do mayor
    Example sentences
    • The E-flat transposition (down a major sixth) easily can be accomplished by reading the part as if written in bass clef up one octave.
    • The tension generated throughout the work by the collision of major and minor thirds is left clearly unresolved in these closing bars.
    Example sentences
    • I can still remember the effect of his G major sonata, a decade after the concert.
    • The Symphony consists of only three movements - a pathetic Allegro in D minor, a highly original Scherzo in the same key, and a blissful Adagio in E major.
    • Brahms' Trio in B was the subject of the composer's re-write, following the composition and publication of his later trios in C major and C minor.
  • 3 (British) [dated]Smith major
    el (hermano) mayor de los Smith


  • 2 (US) (University) 2.1 (subject)
    asignatura (feminine) principal
    Example sentences
    • They are required to have a college diploma at least, and their majors in universities must be related to law or psychology.
    • The individualized major in business administration provides the opportunity for a broad survey of business subjects.
    • It is no surprise that Cornell is offering majors in disciplines so important to the wine industry.
    2.2 (student)she's a geography major
    estudia geografía (como asignatura principal)
    Example sentences
    • So I said that she had previously gone to the class for the undergraduate majors, but this one was for the graduate students.
    • All majors in honors must complete at least one semester of study abroad in a French-speaking country.
    • He's also teaching mathematics to non math majors at my old alma mater.
  • 3 (Music)the major
    la clave mayor
    in the major
    en clave mayor
    Example sentences
    • Do you want to become a trumpet major at a Canadian university or school of music?
    • In the foreground, a vast crowd marches in front of a military band led by a drum major whose face is recognizable as that of Emile Littre.
    • During the service, the Ambassador delivered a message of thanks from his country, and a pipe major played a lament at the Tomb of the Unknown Warrior.
    Example sentences
    • The first modulates from the tonic key and concludes with a cadence in a related key, usually the dominant for pieces in the major, the relative major for pieces in the minor.
    • By contrast, almost all of the melodies here are built on the major, the most boring of scales.
    • A two-bar episode leads to the soprano middle entry in the relative major.
  • 4
    also: majors plural
    (US) 4.1 (companies)
    grandes or importantes empresas (feminine plural)
    Example sentences
    • So it is that, while Faldo outnumbers him six to five in terms of majors won, it is the man from Pedrena whom history will anoint the more significant.
    • Most of the low-cost airlines leave the majority of business travelers to the majors.
    • I never thought I'd be in a position to win all four majors.
    4.2 (Sport)the majors
    las grandes ligas (esp de béisbol)
    Example sentences
    • For Rovers it was Clifford Tommy who registered majors with one in the second and then the third quarter.
    • The Cats were the only goal scorers in the second quarter with one major, sending them in at half time 17 points ahead.
    • Solly has also pushed forward on a few occasion and contributed 14 majors.

intransitive verb

  • 1 (US) (University)to major in something
    especializarse en algo
  • 2 (concentrate) [colloquial]to major in or (British) on something
    concentrarse en algo
    Example sentences
    • Madden graduated from Buffalo State University, where he majored in art education.
    • In Saudi Arabia, nearly one in five undergraduates majors in Islamic studies.
    • I also had four students who would be majoring in art education in college.
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