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Pronunciation: /ˈmɑːrkət; ˈmɑːkɪt/


  • 1 [Busn] mercado (m); (exchange) lonja (f)
    (street market)
    mercado (m) or mercadillo (m) or (CS, Per) feria (f) (before n) market square plaza (f) del mercado the market stalls los puestos del mercado ( or del mercadillo etc) market town (in (UK) )población con mercado
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    • Science has shown that Canadian beef is safe, yet export markets remain closed.
    • But there is no reason to expect a house price boom - particularly if the labour market and wages growth remain subdued.
    • The labour market remains fairly tight and employers always have to be on the look-out for new sources of employees.
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    • And she doesn't believe there's a market for landscapers in the native-plant industry.
    • There's a market for it and it's kind of a sequel to the cassette culture of the '80s and early '90s.
    • An East Lancashire businessman who has run lap-dancing bars in towns and cities said there simply wasn't a market for it in Blackburn.
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    • Despite the rumours and the negative air in the trade, the pub market held its own during the first six months of this year.
    • With the economy slowing, and a flood of tail-end boom cars being traded in, the market is in a state of flux.
    • When any asset becomes that valuable, the market usually responds by trading the asset.
    More example sentences
    • As part of the general transition to a market economy, privatization laws for land have been introduced.
    • The nature of the market economy is that there are fluctuations in flows of income and expenses.
    • It turns out that the market economy operated much more efficiently than most observers had expected.
    More example sentences
    • When you invest in a foreign market, you compound the normal risk of a stock fund with currency risk.
    • It's very well established that the U.S. stock market often leads foreign markets.
    • Be very careful of backing any companies that need to raise money in the public markets by selling shares.
  • 2 2.1 (trading activity) mercado (m) the property/oil market el mercado inmobiliario/del petróleo the wholesale/retail market el mercado al por mayor/al por menor the export market el mercado de la exportación if you were to buy it on the open market si tuvieras que pagar el precio de mercado to be on/come on (to) the market estar*/salir* a la venta to put a product on the market lanzar* un producto al mercado we put the house on the market at $320,000 pusimos la casa en venta en $320.000 they're in the market for semiconductors están buscando semiconductores a buyer's/seller's market un mercado favorable al comprador/al vendedor (before n) market economy economía (f) de mercado market forces fuerzas (fpl) del mercado market making creación (f) de mercado market opportunity oportunidad (f) de mercado market order orden (f) al mercado market penetration penetración (f) de mercado market potential potencial (m) de mercado market price precio (m) de mercado market rent alquiler (m) según la demanda market resistance resistencia (f) del mercado market study estudio (m) de mercado market survey encuesta (f) de mercado market trend tendencia (f) de mercado market value valor (m) en el mercado 2.2 (area of business) mercado (m) the Japanese market el mercado japonés (before n) a market leader un líder del mercado or de su sector en el mercado market share cuota (f) de mercado 2.3 (demand) they have created a market for their products han creado un mercado para sus productos the market for steel la demanda de acero

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There are 2 translations of market in Spanish:



  • (AmE) to go marketing ir* a hacer la compra or (AmS) las compras, ir* a hacer el mercado (Col, Ven)

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