Translation of middle in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /ˈmɪdl/


  • 1 (of object, place — center) centro (masculine), medio (masculine); (— half-way line) mitad (feminine) it stood in the middle of the room estaba en el centro or en (el) medio or en la mitad de la habitación they were playing in the middle of the road estaban jugando en (el) medio or en la mitad de la calle much of the play was confined to the middle of the field el partido se concentró en el centro del campo the industries are concentrated in the middle of the country las industrias se concentran en el centro del país in the middle of nowhere quién sabe dónde, en el quinto pino (Spain/España) [colloquial/familiar], donde el diablo perdió el poncho (South America/América del Sur) [colloquial/familiar] we cut the cake down the middle partimos el pastel por la mitad to split sth down the middle dividir algo por la mitad the party is split down the middle over this issue el partido está dividido en dos sectores de opinión sobre este problema
    More example sentences
    • If the action is in the middle, both sides are cropped.
    • Well here I have a single bed, so, my favourite side is the middle.
    • In the middle of the two sides of this are large domes built on pillars of the same height as those of the outer arcade and an upper gallery runs all round it.
  • 2 (of period, activity) in the middle of the week/month/year/century a mediados de semana/mes/año/siglo it's the middle of winter estamos en pleno invierno in the middle of the day the temperature can reach … alrededor del medio día la temperatura suele alcanzar … in the middle of the night/concert en la mitad de la noche/del concierto to be in the middle of sth/-ing I'm in the middle of cooking dinner estoy preparando la cena I'm in the middle of a really exciting novel at the moment en este momento estoy leyendo una novela muy interesante we were right in the middle of eating when the doorbell rang sonó el timbre justo cuando estábamos comiendo to knock sb into the middle of next week [colloquial/familiar] romperle* el alma or la crisma a algn [colloquial/familiar]
  • 3 (waist) cintura (feminine) the water came up to his middle el agua le llegaba a la cintura
    More example sentences
    • She was shorter than I was by a good ten inches, round about the middle, but with the firm energy that my father used to possess.
    • He was tall and broad-chested, if a bit round at the middle, and dressed much better than these other two.
    • One was slightly large round the middle, the other wearing a very short skirt and denim jacket.


  • (before noun/delante del nombre) the middle house of the three de las tres, la casa de en medio or del medio middle finger dedo (masculine) medio or del corazón she was the middle child ella era la (hija) de en medio or del medio we had reached the middle point of our journey habíamos llegado a la mitad de nuestro recorrido in his middle years en su madurez

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