There are 2 translations of mild in Spanish:


Pronunciation: /maɪld/

adjective/adjetivo (-er, -est)

  • 1 1.1 (gentle) [person] afable, dulce; [manner] suave; [criticism/rebuke] suave, leve; [detergent/sedative] suave
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    • It's called multiple because many scattered areas of the brain and spinal cord may be affected and symptoms can be mild or severe and come and go unpredictably.
    • In 20 percent of cases, mild flu-like symptoms are experienced.
    • In moderate poisoning, the symptoms listed for mild poisoning become more severe.
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    • From mild irritation to intense rage, anger increases the heart rate and blood pressure.
    • And just as different PC pests annoy people in different ways, so our reactions vary from mild annoyance to extreme anger.
    • The technician's face was stuck between mild agitation and intense curiosity.
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    • Biopsies can be uncomfortable and you may be given a mild sedative or local anaesthetic.
    • Hart explains that the gas acts as a mild analgesic and a sedative.
    • A range of ointments is available that contain local anaesthetics, mild astringents, or steroids.
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    • Ann was a lady of gentle and mild disposition who was very well liked in the area.
    • His voice, which was always mild and gentle, suddenly became harsh.
    • The apparently mild exterior and the guileless blue eyes mask a single-minded determination to carve out a successful career.
    1.2 (not serious or potent) [attack/form] ligero, leve a mild bout of influenza una gripe no muy fuerte 1.3 (slight) [discomfort] ligero, leve it may cause some mild embarrassment puede resultar algo or ligeramente embarazoso
  • 2 [climate] templado, benigno; [winter] no muy frío it's very mild today hoy no hace nada de frío
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    • Tropical continental air is very dry and tends to bring very warm weather during the summer and unseasonably mild weather during the winter.
    • Plants suffer most when warm / mild weather is suddenly replaced with cold.
    • October has come round again and the weather is still mild, with the cold snap we had last weekend coming as a shock.
  • 3 [cheese/tobacco] suave a mild curry un curry no muy picante or fuerte
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    • Shepherd's purse leaves, which have a mild mustard flavour, have been used as a green vegetable in many regions.
    • The effect of the hot tea bag, and still-warm mug, is to take the chill off the milk - and impregnate it with a mild tea flavour.
    • With the beef came four dips: three were mayonnaise-based - flavoured with mustard, mild curry or lime - and a tomato salsa.

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