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Pronunciation: /məʊl/


  • 1 1.1 [Zoology/Zoología] topo (masculine)
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    • The fur of moles is velvety and can lie equally well in any direction, which allows easy movement in the burrows backward as well as forwards.
    • Although moles feed on beneficial invertebrates as well as lawn pests, they rarely affect the populations of either.
    • While bats are highly specialized for flight, they share anatomical characters with the Insectivora, the mammalian taxon that includes shrews and moles.
    1.2 (spy, informant) topo (mf), espía (mf)
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    • There may have been a mole planted by the security services inside the terror cells in the country.
    • What about a mole being a double agent who establishes a cover long before beginning espionage?
    • That search for the supposed mole within CIA severely damaged the careers of some CIA officers.
    More example sentences
    • For £50,000 we will finger moles within your organisation.
    • One of Asymmetrical Information's moles forwards this item from Businessweek.
    • I've good reason to believe there's a mole in our organization.
  • 2 (on skin) lunar (masculine)
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    • It's essential that people monitor their moles and skin blemishes and report any changes in them.
    • Melanoma first appears as a mole or skin discoloration.
    • Although moles do often change slightly over a lifetime, that change should not occur over months or years.
  • 3 (unit) mol (m), molécula (f) gramo
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    • One chaotic chemical system that has been well studied is a mixture of equal numbers of moles of carbon monoxide and oxygen with a small amount of molecular hydrogen.
    • In the decomposition, four moles of nitroglycerin decompose into approximately 30 moles of carbon dioxide, water, nitrogen, and oxygen.
    • The number of moles present in any amount of the solution can be calculated by multiplying the molarity by the volume.
  • 4 (breakwater) malecón (m), dique (m)
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    • The north and south moles connect to the shore and the seabed ascends from 30m to nothing along the length of them.
    • To this end, Alexander ordered his engineers to build a mole - a land bridge from the mainland to the island.
    • The moles were built to protect Lagos' valuable harbor from the fierce action of the waves and to prevent sand from entering the deeply dredged harbor on the ocean surge.

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