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American English: /moʊst/
British English: /məʊst/

Translation of most in Spanish:


  • 1 (nearly all)
    la mayoría de
    la mayor parte de
    most daily newspapers have crosswords
    la mayoría or la mayor parte de los diarios traen crucigramas
    most people would agree
    casi todo el mundo or la mayoría de la gente estaría de acuerdo
    you'll find me there most days
    estoy allí casi todos los días
  • 2 (as superlative) who eats (the) most meat in your family?
    ¿quién es el que come más carne de tu familia?
    the winner is the person who answers the most questions correctly
    gana la persona que más preguntas acierta or que acierta el mayor número de preguntas


  • 1 (nearly all)
    la mayoría
    la mayor parte
    all of the houses have central heating and most have garages
    todas las casas tienen calefacción central y la mayoría or la mayor parte tienen garajes
    most of us/them
    la mayoría de nosotros/ellos
    most of the wine has been drunk
    se ha bebido casi todo el vino
    I read most of it
    lo leí casi todo
    most of my experience has been in sales
    casi toda mi experiencia ha sido en ventas
    Example sentences
    • Tom attended most of the monthly fairs in Belmullet and most days had a few ponies for sale.
    • A good starting point would be the mother, who is the major influence for most children up to age three.
    • The bugs are only a few thousandths of a millimetre across and lack the cell walls which most bacteria have.
  • 2 (as superlative) she ate the most
    fue la que más comió
    comió más que nadie
    which of your employees earns (the) most?
    ¿cuál de sus empleados es el que gana más?
    it is the most we can offer you
    es todo lo que podemos ofrecerle
    at (the) most
    como máximo
    a lo sumo
    you'll be cautioned at (the) most
    como mucho te amonestarán
    two days at the very most
    como máximo or a lo sumo dos días
    to make the most of something
    aprovechar algo al máximo
    sacar el mejor provecho or partido posible de algo
    you won't get another chance, so make the most of it
    no vas a tener otra oportunidad, así que aprovéchala al máximo
    Example sentences
    • I would be of the view that managers with an open mind are the ones that have most success.
    • Seven celebrities with the most votes are guaranteed a place in the Academy.
    • Economic liberalism appears to be the approach with most success in practice.
  • 3 (people)
    la mayoría


  • 1 1.1 (to greatest extent) what I like/dislike (the) most about him is …
    lo que más/menos me gusta de él es …
    I'd like to thank most of all my wife
    quisiera darle las gracias sobre todo a mi esposa
    I enjoyed the last act most of all
    el último acto fue el que más me gustó
    Example sentences
    • What his video game reminds me of most of all, though, is the very dawn of computing.
    • I look forward most of all to arranging my library and my writing space when I move out.
    • These are the things which I value most of all; blogging comes secondary to all of them.
    1.2 (before adj or adv) which is the most expensive?
    ¿cuál es el más caro?
    he was the most friendly of the people I spoke to
    de toda la gente con la que hablé, él fue el más simpático
    it is our eldest son who comes to see us (the) most often
    es nuestro hijo mayor el que nos viene a ver más a menudo
    Example sentences
    • The event took place on the day of North Korea's most important national holiday.
    • The most important thing to remember with respect to this film is that it is not a documentary.
    • Fresh garlic contains several compounds, the most important of which is allicin.
  • 2 (as intensifier) what happened was most interesting
    lo que sucedió fue de lo más interesante
    it was most kind of you
    fue muy amable de su parte
    most certainly
    con toda seguridad
    most probably or likely
    muy probablemente
    His Most Serene Majesty
    Su Serenísima Majestad
    Example sentences
    • That is now no longer a fair representation of their view, and it most certainly is not of mine.
    • It most certainly was not a life-changing experience, but it did provide amusements.
    • History will most certainly exact a heavy price from them for being such imbeciles.
  • 3 (almost) (US) [colloquial] she ate most all the food
    se comió casi toda la comida
    Example sentences
    • When this song came out, most everyone listened to it on the verge of laughter.
    • I imagine most everyone who has gone through schooling has experienced a fairly similar situation.
    • She does have a few fears, but they are unknown by most everyone because of her toughness.
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