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American English: /neɪm/
British English: /neɪm/

Translation of name in Spanish:


  • 1 1.1
    (of person) nombre (masculine)
    what's your name?
    ¿cómo se llama (Ud)?
    ¿cuál es su nombre? [formal]
    my name is John Baker
    me llamo John Baker
    what name shall I say?
    (on the phone) ¿de parte de quién?
    (announcing arrival) ¿a quién debo anunciar?
    the name's Smith
    me llamo Smith
    a woman by the name of Green
    una mujer llamada Green
    the victim was not mentioned by name
    no se dio el nombre de la víctima
    one of those bullets had my name on it
    una de esas balas iba dirigida a mí
    he knows them all by name
    los conoce a todos por su nombre
    I only know her by name
    solo la conozco de oídas or de nombre
    she goes by or under the name of Shirley Lane
    se hace llamar Shirley Lane
    he writes under the name (of) …
    escribe bajo el seudónimo de …
    the house is in her husband's name
    la casa está a nombre de su marido
    he started out without a penny to his name
    empezó sin un centavo [colloquial]
    empezó sin un duro (Spain) [colloquial]
    he doesn't have a penny to his name
    no tiene dónde caerse muerto
    mentioning or to mention no names
    sin mencionar a nadie
    to take somebody's name (referee) (British)
    sacarle la tarjeta a alguien
    pedirle la documentación a alguien
    they've put the baby's name down for the local school
    ya han apuntado al niño en el colegio de la zona
    he's put his name down for a transfer
    ha solicitado un traslado
    I'll fix him or my name's not Ted Simpson
    como que me llamo Ted Simpson que a ese lo arreglo yo
    a ese lo arreglo yo o me dejo de llamar Ted Simpson
    my/her/his name is mudmy name is mud in that place
    no quieren ni oír hablar de mí allí
    allí soy persona non grata
    to call somebody names
    llamar a alguien de todo
    to name names
    dar nombres
    Example sentences
    • My maiden name has been my name for my whole life and I saw no reason to change it.
    • Before he could escort Hazel to the hospital ball, she had to submit his name for Matron's approval.
    • Every family had their own name for the plastic wedges you get as rewards.
    1.2 (of thing) what's the name of that thing there?
    ¿cómo se llama eso?
    what's in a name?
    ¿qué importa el nombre?
    she's manager in all but name
    a todos los efectos or en la práctica, la directora es ella
    in name only
    solo de nombre
    stop, in the name of the law!
    ¡alto, en nombre de la ley!
    what in God's or heaven's name is this?
    ¿qué diablos es esto? [colloquial]
    the name of the gamecost reduction, that's the name of the game
    hay que reducir los costos, eso es lo fundamental or de eso se trata
  • 2 2.1 (reputation) to give somebody/something a bad name
    darle mala fama a alguien/algo
    to have a bad/good name
    tener mala/buena fama
    he has made quite a name for himself as a designer
    se ha hecho bastante fama como diseñador
    the film that really made his name
    la película que lo lanzó al estrellato
    Example sentences
    • Different salons have acquired a name for a particular service, says a beautician.
    • She's got a family and she works and she's made a good name for herself.
    • Hitherto hopeless footballing nations suddenly emerged from obscurity and started to make a bit of a name for themselves.
    2.2 all the big names
    todas las grandes figuras
    all the famous names
    todos los famosos
    to drop names
    mencionar a gente importante (para darse tono)

transitive verb

  • 1 (give name to)
    ponerle nombre a
    ponerle nombre a
    they named the baby George
    le pusieron George al niño
    al niño le pusieron por nombre George [literary]
    a man named Smith
    un hombre llamado Smith
    to name somebody/something after or (US also)for somebodythey named her after Ann's mother
    le pusieron el nombre de la madre de Ann
    he's been named John after his father
    le han puesto John por su padre
    the city is named after the national hero
    la ciudad lleva el nombre del héroe nacional
    Example sentences
    • That posed a challenge in naming the institution.
    • The puppy was named after the post, so Das refused to tell me its name.
    • This is because a strangely named religious institution was at the heart of the scandal.
  • 2 (identify, mention) police have named the suspect
    la policía ha dado el nombre del sospechoso
    the victim has been named as John Brown
    la víctima ha sido identificada como John Brown
    to name but a few
    por mencionar a unos pocos
    name your own price
    diga usted cuánto
    have they named a date for the hearing?
    ¿han fijado una fecha para la vista?
    to name the day
    fijar la fecha de la boda
    you name it [colloquial]you name it, she's done it
    ha hecho absolutamente de todo
    ha hecho de todo lo habido y por haber
  • 3 (appoint)
    Example sentences
    • He was just named to the position, returning to the race school where he began his career in 1993.
    • The group named him president of the new organization, a position he held for five years.
    • He was named interim dean of the college in September 1994 and appointed dean in May 1995.


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