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Pronunciation: /ˈneɪtɪv/


  • 1 1.1 (of or by birth) [country/town] natal; [language] materno his native land su patria, su tierra natal a native speaker of English un hablante nativo de inglés, una persona cuya lengua materna es el inglés
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    • He also said that the stolen properties were sent to his native village through his associate for disposal.
    • She also posed for a 1955 painting in which he depicted her wearing the native dress commonly associated with Kahlo.
    • This corps was never involved in the brutalities associated with other native police.
    1.2 (innate) [ability/wit/charm] innato
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    • Because of that freedom, you can gather the fruits of your labor, develop your native qualities, and gain the respect of others.
    • That's folk wisdom reflective of the depth of native wit and imagination.
    • Similarly, I wonder about textual and traditional derivatives that establish the personification sets/traits that we think of as native qualities of an animal.
  • 2 2.1 (indigenous) [plant/animal] autóctono to be native to sth ser* originario de algo it's native to Australia es originario de Australia 2.2 [dated/anticuado] [art/custom] autóctono, indígena to go native adoptar las costumbres de los nativos or de la gente del país
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    • The book's author is a historian and geologist who writes of the prehistory of the area, its geologic formation, and its native inhabitants.
    • What is most interesting about this movie is the gradual disappearance of native inhabitants and even of the mountain as backdrop.
    • But abstention from meat came naturally to the native inhabitants of India because of the climate.
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    • Both shrub species are native to Germany and are diffuse-porous.
    • By that criterion, more than a dozen long-nosed fly species are native to southern Africa.
    • The species is native to South Africa, but is now widespread in south-western Australia, being especially abundant on roadsides and wasteland.
  • 3 (pure) [metal/mineral] nativo
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    • Gold most commonly occurs as a pure metal called native gold or as a natural alloy with silver called electrum.
    • Other silver minerals reported were native silver, argentite, freibergite, and hessite.
    • The simplest ore minerals are the native metals in which the mineral is composed of a single element.


  • 1.1 (referring to place of birth) he is a native of Texas es natural or oriundo de Tejas she speaks French like a native habla (el) francés como una francesa or como si fuera su lengua materna 1.2 [Anthropology/Antropología] [dated or offensive/anticuado u ofensivo] nativo, (masculine, feminine), indígena (masculine and feminine) 1.3 (local) gen the natives [humorous/humorístico] los lugareños, la gente del lugar 1.4 (plant, animal) the dingo is a native of Australia el dingo es originario de Australia

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