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American English: /ˈnætʃ(ə)rəl/
British English: /ˈnatʃ(ə)r(ə)l/

Translation of natural in Spanish:


  • 1 (as in nature)
    these animals are natural enemies
    estos animales son enemigos por naturaleza
    I'm a natural blonde
    soy rubia natural
    death from natural causes
    muerte (feminine) natural or por causas naturales
    for the rest of your natural life
    (por) el resto de tus días
    Example sentences
    • These events are unrelated, and humankind's vulnerability to natural hazards is as old as our species.
    • The natural medicine, derived from onions, is mixed with water and given to Paul through his feeding tube.
    • The challenge was to make the most of the space and improve the existing flow of natural light.
    Example sentences
    • This not only impairs the fair market order but also violates the natural rule of justice.
    • As Aquinas explained, law is natural because it is ‘a purpose implanted by the Divine art’.
    • Recently there has been a tendency to revive the rule, although it is no longer based on natural law.
  • 2 2.1 (innate)
    natural to somebody/somethingthe curiosity natural to a cat
    la curiosidad que le es natural a un gato
    Example sentences
    • She knew what ingredients went into several spells, but didn't have the natural talent that enabled her to perform magic.
    • Agreed - a certain amount of natural skill is required - but that skill needs to be properly nurtured.
    • His strength is possessing skills and natural ability that no modern-era quarterback can match.
    2.2 (born) (before noun)
    por naturaleza
    Example sentences
    • He's also a former soldier and a natural leader.
    • With tennis you need a certain amount of technique - a natural sportsman wouldn't necessarily beat you.
    • His excellent interpersonal skills and outstanding intellect make him a natural leader.
    2.3 (expected, logical)
    it's the natural thing to ask
    es normal or natural que se haga esa pregunta
    she's the natural choice for the job
    lo natural es que le ofrezcan el puesto a ella
    it is natural that
    es natural que followed by subjunctive
    it's only natural that he should want to see them
    es natural or normal que los quiera ver
    it's natural to + infinitiveit's natural for a cat to do that
    es natural or normal que un gato haga eso
    Example sentences
    • Even if McLeish claims otherwise, it would be entirely natural for him to prioritise the Champions League over the Premierleague.
    • Boasting about how swimmingly this was going, and how much upstream clout he has, is entirely natural.
    • It is entirely natural for Indians to take pride in the successes of their erstwhile compatriots abroad.
  • 3 (not forced)
    Example sentences
    • Nothing seems forced or fabricated, and the way in which they interact as families is natural and genuine.
    • It not only gives it to you raw, but its acting is flawless, very natural and spontaneous and all around very believable.
    • Perhaps this is because they mimic evolved solutions, so their behaviour seems more natural.
  • 4 4.1 (illegitimate) [archaic] (son/daughter)
    bastardo [archaic]
    Example sentences
    • He had had her legitimised as his natural daughter.
    • Fathers also had legal obligations to provide for their natural children.
    4.2 (related by blood)
    Example sentences
    • How can I stop my parents obviously favouring their natural grandchildren?
    • Hielema has a brother who was also adopted and a sister who was a natural child of the parents who raised him.
    • Due to my natural mum having psychological problems I was put into care when I was just a few days old.
  • 5 (Music)
    Example sentences
    • A flat, natural, or sharp sign can be placed above it, to indicate a chromatic inflection of the upper note.
    Example sentences
    • However, a new dynamic emerges when the natural instrument is left untreated.
    • In that way it's like playing a natural trumpet without valves.
    Example sentences
    • Perhaps it's the natural harmony in the male-female vocal.
    • A natural harmony singer, she fills that void that a single voice can often leave open.


  • 1 (person) to be a natural
    tener un talento innato
    the new policy is a natural for the Opposition's attacks
    la nueva política es el blanco perfecto para los ataques de la oposición
    Example sentences
    • Shannon's looks, which he thoroughly capitalized on, made him a natural for television.
    • For all his appeal, Spidey never seemed a natural for the screen.
    • Then project leader believes Steve is a natural for the job.


  • act natural [colloquial]
    Example sentences
    • She is German, unused to the Hollywood tradition of Barbie-esque perfection, and acts natural.
    • Ry's going to carry scars about that for the rest of her life no matter how natural she might act.
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