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American English: /ˈnɪr/
British English: /nɪə/

Translation of near in Spanish:

adjective nearer, nearest

  • 1 1.1 (in position) several of the nearer constellations
    varias de las constelaciones más cercanas or próximas
    the nearest store
    la tienda más cercana
    these binoculars make everything look very near
    con estos prismáticos parece que todo está muy cerca
    Example sentences
    • Once over the top the survivors had a clear view of the building in the near distance.
    • Gardens and trees could be seen along the railway and highway, in contrast to the vast desert in the near distance.
    • From his map, he knows there is an oasis somewhere in the near distance.
    1.2 (in time)
    Example sentences
    • However, he insisted the EGM would be going ahead in the near future.
    • We are going ahead with that and there will be reserves in the near future.
    • Rudin says that a meeting with the judge who controls space allocation in Old City Hall is expected in the near future.
    1.3 (in approximation) the two shades were very near
    los dos tonos eran muy parecidos
    that's the nearest thing to an apology you can expect from him
    eso es lo más parecido a una disculpa que se puede esperar de él
    Example sentences
    • Despite my near despair, I was in my usual seat yesterday afternoon.
    • A bullock cart, the cause of the near disaster, materialized from the flurry.
    • Durrant leaned in close to his newest acquaintance and spoke in a near whisper.
    1.4 (closely related)
    Example sentences
    • A near relative is the larger and better-known Chinese water chestnut.
    • Other fossil animals may be assignable to the Vetulicolia or their near relatives.
    • Many a times, even the near relatives do not reveal the information about the boy's family.
  • 2 (British) (Motor Vehicles, Riding) the near front wheel
    la rueda delantera izquierda
  • 3 (virtual) (before noun) there was near panic when the alarms sounded
    casi se produjo el pánico cuando sonaron las alarmas
    in a state of near exhaustion
    prácticamente en estado de agotamiento

adverb nearer, nearest

  • 1 1.1 (in position) I go home for lunch as I live quite near
    voy a almorzar a casa porque vivo muy cerca
    I've got a cold, so don't come any nearer
    estoy resfriado, así que no te (me) acerques
    don't go any nearer to the edge
    no te acerques más al borde
    from near and far
    de todas partes
    Example sentences
    • Cars from near and far converged in the night to watch the mountains glow red.
    • He scares away anyone who comes near and then feels sorry for himself when he realizes he is alone.
    • After he moved in he didn't know if he would be able to sleep with her so near and not hold her in his arms.
    1.2 (in time) your birthday's getting near now
    se acerca tu cumpleaños
    we're getting near to Christmas
    ya falta poco para Navidad
    we'll have another rehearsal nearer to the actual day
    haremos otro ensayo cuando estemos más cerca de la fecha
    1.3 (in approximation) it's not exactly the same, but it comes pretty near
    no es exactamente igual pero se le parece mucho
    no es exactamente igual pero le anda cerca [colloquial]
    her work is very near to perfect
    su trabajo es casi perfecto
    the total will be nearer to $1,000 than $500
    el total va a estar más cerca de 1.000 que de 500 dólares
    this is the nearest to what you want
    esto es lo más parecido a lo que tú quieres
    1.4 (on the verge of)near to something/-ingshe was near to tears
    estaba al borde de las lágrimas or a punto de echarse a llorar
    management and unions are near to an agreement
    la empresa y los sindicatos están a punto de llegar a un acuerdo
    I came very near to hitting him
    estuve a punto de pegarle
    por poco le pego
    Example sentences
    • I near shrieked as he fell to the floor, a perfect, coin shaped hole, dotted between his eyebrows.
    • We damn near won against the most corrupt and well-oiled slime machine in history.
    • I damn near laughed at the pathetic expression on his face as he holds up his decapitated hand!
  • 2 (nearly) are you anywhere near finished? [colloquial]
    ¿ya estás por terminar?
    ¿te falta poco para terminar?
    that's nowhere near enough [colloquial]
    con eso no alcanza, ni mucho menos
    are you ready? — nowhere near! [colloquial]
    ¿estás listo? — ¡ni soñar!
    ¿estás listo? — ¡ni miras! (Río de la Plata)
    it'll cost $1,000, near enough [colloquial]
    costará 1.000 dólares, o por ahí [colloquial]
    it's near enough complete now [colloquial]
    ya está casi or prácticamente terminado

preposition nearer, nearest

  • 1 (in position) I live near the station
    vivo cerca de la estación
    the room nearest the entrance
    la habitación que está más cerca de la entrada
    don't go too near the fire
    no te acerques demasiado al fuego
    is there a pay phone near here?
    ¿hay algún teléfono público por aquí cerca or cerca de aquí?
    she won't let anyone near the kitchen
    no quiere que nadie se meta en la cocina
  • 2 (in time) we're getting very near Christmas
    falta muy poco para Navidad
    we'll discuss it again nearer the time
    lo discutiremos de nuevo más cerca de la fecha
    the Monday nearest New Year's Day
    el lunes más próximo al día de Año Nuevo
  • 3 (in approximation) damage was estimated at somewhere near $2,000
    los daños se calcularon en cerca de 2.000 dólares
    I'd say he's nearer 70 than 60
    yo diría que está más cerca de los 70 que de los 60
    the carpet is nearer orange than yellow
    la alfombra es más bien naranja que amarilla
    no one comes near her in stamina
    los deja a todos muy atrás en resistencia
  • 4 (on the verge of) to be/come near something/-ingthe project is now near completion
    el proyecto está a punto de acabarse
    we are no nearer an agreement
    seguimos sin llegar a un acuerdo
    I came very near giving up
    estuve a punto de desistir

transitive verb

  • acercarse a
    we are nearing our destination
    nos estamos acercando a nuestro destino
    he must be nearing his 80th birthday
    debe faltarle poco para cumplir los 80
    the project is nearing completion
    falta poco para terminar el proyecto
    Example sentences
    • It was nearing lunchtime when they finally arrived at the palace gates.
    • Ali is first seen in Lawrence as a tiny dot on a desert horizon that shimmers in the heat; he gradually becomes more distinct as he nears the camera.
    • As this century nears the end, we know that our priorities aren't quite right.
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