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Pronunciation: /nek/


  • 1 [Anatomy/Anatomía] (of person) cuello (masculine); (of animal) cuello (masculine), pescuezo (masculine) the back of the neck la nuca I've got a stiff neck tengo tortícolis if you say that again, I'll break your neck [colloquial/familiar] si vuelves a decir eso te rompo la crisma [colloquial/familiar] to be dead from the neck up [colloquial/familiar] no tener* dos dedos de frente [colloquial/familiar] to be up to one's neck in sth [colloquial/familiar] she's up to her neck in work/trouble está hasta aquí de trabajo/problemas [colloquial/familiar] you're in this business up to your neck estás metido en este asunto hasta el cuello [colloquial/familiar] they're up to their necks in debt deben hasta la camisa [colloquial/familiar] to break one's neck (work hard) [colloquial/familiar] matarse (trabajando), deslomarse [colloquial/familiar] (lit: in accident) desnucarse*, romperse* el cuello to breathe down sb's neck [colloquial/familiar] estarle* encima a algn you're always breathing down my neck todo el día me estás encima or te tengo encima to get it o catch it in the neck [colloquial/familiar] llevarse una buena [colloquial/familiar] to risk one's neck [colloquial/familiar] jugarse* or arriesgar* el pellejo [colloquial/familiar] to stick one's neck out [colloquial/familiar] aventurarse, arriesgarse* to wring sb's neck [colloquial/familiar] retorcerle* el pescuezo a algn [colloquial/familiar] (before noun/delante del nombre) [muscle/injury] del cuello save1 1 1
    More example sentences
    • I grabbed the bars again, and craned my stiff neck to look out as far as I could.
    • She was breathing heavily and rubbing her sore neck with one hand.
    • She stretched her long, graceful neck out to me and I drew back a little.
    More example sentences
    • The narrow neck of the uterus is called the cervix.
    • However, results may be limited, because the bladder neck and median prostate lobe cannot be treated.
    • A common example of this is the cervical smear test, which is a biopsy of the cells around a woman's cervix, the neck of the womb.
  • 2 [Clothing/Indumentaria] cuello (masculine), escote (masculine); (measurement) cuello (masculine) a high neck un cuello cerrado the dress has a low neck el vestido es muy escotado
    More example sentences
    • I pulled the neck of my gown close about me and asked: ‘You guys sure you want to be out in this?’
    • He caught hold of the neck of the offending garment and ripped it clean to the hem.
    • Putting the logo on the sleeve or the neck is a popular, fresh approach that especially suits camp shirts.
  • 3 3.1 (of pork, beef, lamb) (especially British English/especialmente inglés británico) cuello (masculine) 3.2 (in horse-racing) cabeza (feminine) to win/lose by a (short) neck ganar/perder* por una cabeza
    More example sentences
    • Her only loss was a second-place finish by a neck in an allowance race on May 9 at Lyon-Parilly.
    • Bandari took to the front with four furlongs to go but he was pressured all the way to the finish by a group of five other horses before eventually winning by a head and a neck.
    • Kicking King edged out Monkerhostin by a neck on Monday to win the King George VI Chase at Sandown.
    More example sentences
    • For beef, good casserole cuts are shin, brisket, neck, topside, thick flank or shoulder.
    • Richard freeze-dried the head and neck and saved the meat for venison patties.
    • TODAY IS St Patrick's Day and one thing you can be sure of in Ireland is a good Irish stew, made with lamb neck, onions and potatoes.
  • 4 (of bottle, vase) cuello (masculine); (of guitar, violin) mástil (masculine); (of land, water) istmo (masculine) the neck of the womb el cuello uterino or del útero my/this neck of the woods [colloquial/familiar] mis/estos pagos [colloquial/familiar]
    More example sentences
    • Instead, she fitted a funnel attachment to the neck of the red bottle.
    • She said Gavin, then 17, had been seen waving a bottle by its neck.
    • He told the court how the man stared aggressively at him before walking over holding an empty bottle by the neck.
    More example sentences
    • After an hour's steaming they came to a channel between two narrow necks of land through which the tide rushed with the frenzy of the Severn Bore.
    • A narrow neck of land at the southeast corner of the peninsula connects it with the adjacent upland.
    • To divert Turkish attention, the Royal Naval Division would make a feint attack at Bulair, at the narrow neck of the peninsula.
    More example sentences
    • A European bowed string instrument with a neck and resonator carved from a single piece of wood.
    • D.J. steepled his fingers against the neck of his guitar, and then bent them over the chords.
    • I ran my fingers down the neck of the guitar, relishing how smooth and polished it felt.

intransitive verb/verbo intransitivo

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