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Pronunciation: /ˈniːdl/


  • 1 c 1.1 (for sewing, on syringe, for etching) aguja (f); (on record player) aguja (f), púa (f) (RPl)
    (knitting needle)
    aguja (f) de tejer or (Esp) de hacer punto, palillo (m) (Chi) she's good with the needle se da mucha maña para coser to thread a needle enhebrar una aguja a needle of light un rayito de luz to get the needle [colloquial/familiar] (become irritated) (BrE) picarse* [familiar/colloquial] (be taunted) (AmE) he's been getting the needle lo han estado pinchando [familiar/colloquial] to give sb the needle [colloquial/familiar] (taunt) (AmE) pinchar a algn [familiar/colloquial] (irritate) (BrE) sacar* de quicio a algn to look for a needle in a haystack buscar* una aguja en un pajar (before n) needle valve válvula (f) de aguja
    More example sentences
    • He watched her thread her needle again, her slender, graceful fingers never erring despite the inadequate light.
    • After the nurse stitched the wound with a sewing needle and cotton thread, the mother and baby were transferred and treated by Dr Valle and his colleagues at the nearest hospital.
    • She found 3 different colored spools of cloth, a few basic colors of thread, a sewing needle, a cheap pair of shoes, and a comb.
    More example sentences
    • He paid a $200 fine for possession of hypodermic syringes, needles, and other paraphernalia.
    • To give the epidural anaesthetic, the anaesthetist passes a hollow needle into a small space just below the spinal cord.
    • Examples include the use of hypodermic needles designed to protect healthcare workers against exposure to HIV from needle sticks.
    More example sentences
    • When the friend forgot to bring him his needles for the record player Chad attempted to re-enter the club.
    • The needle broke on my record player eighteen months ago and I haven't been able to get a new one yet.
    • They are something I, as a member of Parliament, have been on about, to the point of being like a needle in a cracked record, for many, many years.
    More example sentences
    • The hard zinc plate, the surgicality of the etching needle and processes involving machines resist any illusion of a veridical access to the world or one's own emotions.
    • Then the image is incised into the wax or resin layer with an etching needle.
    • In her last years she continued with her art, though she gave up etching due to her loss of the visual acuity required by the etching needle.
    1.2 (on gauge) aguja (f)
    More example sentences
    • If you place a compass there, the needle won't move.
    • What you will notice is that the compass needle swings.
    • The compass needle aligns itself with this field (perpendicular to the wire).
    1.3 [Bot] aguja (f)
    More example sentences
    • The conifers are a particularly interesting group to study as unlike cereals their leaves or needles are retained for several years.
    • Usually 1 to 2 cm thick, it is composed of needles, leaves, twigs, and is dark brown in colour.
    • A large volume of soil can thus be sampled by analyzing appropriate parts of a tree, such as twigs, needles, leaves, or bark.
  • 2 u (aggressive rivalry) (BrE) [colloquial/familiar], pique (m) [familiar/colloquial] (before n) needle match duelo (m) a muerte
    More example sentences
    • Wearsiders and Teessiders can enjoy the North East needle match, Middlesbrough v Sunderland, at the Skeldergate pub on Monday night.
    • This needle match between France and Britain dates back at least to the hundred years war.
    • Shipley's first and second teams are in the West Yorkshire Super League - and when they clash they are always needle matches.

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There are 2 translations of needle in Spanish:



  • pinchar [familiar/colloquial] he's always needling his brother siempre está pinchando al hermano [familiar/colloquial] they needled her into losing her temper la pincharon tanto que perdió los estribos what really needles me is that … lo que de verdad me saca de quicio or me fastidia es que …
    More example sentences
    • But I would rather be needled by a performer than bored.
    • So, for all those that think we are being racist by needling the French over this, I'd like to assure you of two things.
    • Throughout our conversation, as one veteran good-naturedly needles the other, all the teen-angst details come out.

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